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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One


The Saint

Age of Consent

Shrunken Heads Remastered

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.03 Shadow of Malevolence


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 23, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the Director's Cut (both released by Warner Home Video).

Runtime TV = 21:41
Runtime DC = 22:22

In the box-set for the first season of "The Clone Wars" the producers included special "Director's Cut" versions for 7 episodes. These versions are probably just the original unedited versions which had to be shortened in order to fit in the correct time limit for the TV channel.

Just as in the previous episode about the Malevolence the Director's Cut only includes a few minor alterations.
TV: 00:11
DC: 00:11

During the initial words of wisdom the word themselves was replaced by ego.


TV: 01:08
DC: 01:08

After Anakin reveals the targets of the attacks (destruction of the ionic gun as well as general Grievous) the clones start to mumble.

2.88 sec

TV: 01:20
DC: 01:23

The briefing is a little longer. Anakin wants to know if anybody has any questions. Matchstick and Broadside stand up and let everyone know that they're ready. Anakin calms them down a little.

12.88 sec

TV: 02:18
DC: 02:33

The Malevolence shoots a little longer at the spaceship.

1.6 sec

TV: 02:22
DC: 02:39

A closer shot of the battle.

3.2 sec

TV: 02:29
DC: 02:50

The tracking shot towards the Malevolence's control room is slightly longer.

0.2 sec

TV: 02:38
DC: 02:59

After the droid said that the last transporter flees it also adds that they scared them away.

1.52 sec

TV: 02:42
DC: 03:04

After the shot of the escaping freighter the general goes to the droids and says that they won't get far. The following sentence can also be heard in the TV version.

2.6 sec

TV: 07:31
DC: 07:56

The transition to the Malevolence in hyperspace is different for both versions. In the TV version the dissolve looks like curtains that open up while the DC slowly fades to the spaceship.

0,52 sec
1 sec

TV: 13:50
DC: 14:16
An additional frame of the Malevolence arriving from hyperspace.
0.04 sec

TV: 14:03
DC: 14:28

After the droid announced that Skywalker's squadron arrived General Grievous' face is shown longer.

0.16 sec

TV: 21:04
DC: 21:19

The credits were slightlys accelerated for the TV version. During the display of the Lucasfilm logo you don't see R2-D2.

TV: 37.4 sec
DC: 52.64 sec