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Kingsman - The Secret Service


  • Censored Version
  • R-Rated
Release: Sep 14, 2015 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

We dedicated a very detailed news to the eccentric action comedy Kingsman - The Secret Service only a few weeks ago. However, the censorship case wasn't closed with that, because even though the German, British and US releases of the film were identical and uncensored, that doesn't mean that the much talked-about censored version wasn't out there anymore. And in the meantime, info has surfaced on which release it can be found. The Czech Blu-ray by FilmArena contains it. It also has the uncensored version but depending on the region code of the player, it chooses the censored one - without giving the consumer the choice.

Compared are the Czech Blu-ray (by FilmArena) and the US DVD (R-Rated) (by 20th Century Fox).

1 cut, 1 zoom = 288.76 sec. or approx. 4 minutes 49 seconds

1:19:03: The entire, almost 5 minutes-long church scene in which Harry fights with almost everybody and kills them in countless and oftentimes very bloody ways is completely cut out of the alternate version. The vast majority of the worldwide audience is probably familiar with the scene so that we won't go into detail describing it. Instead, we let the pictures speak for themselves.
288.76 sec.

Alternate Material
1:59:28: And here we got the famous scene with the princess at the end. It has not been cut but the usage of a zoom makes it more harmless, not showing her bare bottom but panning down on the cussion she lies on.
No time difference