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  • Italian VHS
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 24, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Italian VHS released by Avofilm and the US-DVDR released by Something Weird Video.

One night, four schoolgirls are raped by a gang on their way home. Since they completely lost all trust in the justice system, they decide to take the law into their onw hands. After being trained in Kung Fu and shooting they form the Black Alley Cats. From then on, the girls wear masks and sneak through the nights to find their tormentors to take revenge. Additionally, they also fight other crime and injustice.

"Black Alley Cats" is a small, yet interesting grindhouse flick from 1973 which mainly focuses on sex. Almost all male characters want to have their way with the girls. The evil rapists, the lesbian principle, the greasy doctor and his wife, you name it. On top of it there are excessive shower and cat fight scenes. This might make one look past the fact that the movie is - contentwise - humbug and the overall timing is rather dull. By the way - the movie includes Uschi Digard in a minor role.

The Italian VHS by Avo Film includes an alterative cut of the movie. Some erotic scenes were cut out, while some new material had been included. Mainly, this material revolves around a car ride through New York, however, there is also a new party scene. It is unlikely that the new material was filmed later on; instead, it probably stems from an entirely different movie.


Italian VHS : 70:43 min. (PAL)
US DVD: 79:34 min. (NTSC)

During the opening credits, the Italian VHS shows scenes that probably come from a different movie.

The US DVD instead shows the gang a little earlier.

Italian VHS: 7 sec.
US DVD: 1 sec.


The Italian VHS misses out on a few sequences of the rape scene.

US DVD: 44 sec.


The Italian VHS misses out on the title card.

US DVD: 5 sec.


After the robbery, the Italian VHS shows a car ride through the streets of New York.

Italian VHS: 16 sec.


The fight under the shower was shortened for the Italian VHS.

US DVD: 22 sec.


Dr. Kincade watches his wife having some fun with Pam.

US DVD: 43 sec.


Dr. Kincade and his wife have sex with Pam.

US DVD: 1:00 min.


The Italian VHS shows some more shots of the streets of New York.

Italian VHS: 46 sec.


Rufus puts away his jewelry; afte that we see the Black Alley Cats a little earlier.

US DVD: 14 sec.


Three women pleasure Rufus.

US DVD: 43 sec.


Again, Rufus enjoys the foursome a little longer.

US DVD: 38 sec.


Only the Italian VHS shows some more shots of New York.

Italian VHS: 1:13 min.


The entire orgy in Dr. Kincade's house was cut out.

US DVD: 4:17 min.


The Italian VHS shows a band that plays a gig in a bar. In between there are a few cuts to a pinball machine.

In the US DVD we see the men gambling a little longer.

Italian VHS: 1:07 min.
US DVD: 8 sec.


The Italian VHS shows a few men bowling.

Italian VHS: 12 sec.


The Italian VHS misses out on the gangsters' poker game.

A few short shots of this were already shown during the bar scene on the Italian VHS (see [00:49:39][00:58:18])

US DVD: 1:31 min.


The Italian VHS shows shots from New York by night.

Italian VHS: 1:30 min.


A few missing shots of Dr. Kincade's and Joanna's sex scene.

US DVD: 37 sec.


The Italian VHS shows a few scenes of the previous cut.

On the US DVD Dr. Kincade and Joanna are shown again.

Italian VHS: 9 sec.
US DVD: 12 sec.


Film tear: Dr. Kincade goes to the door.

US DVD: 3 sec.


The Black Alley Cats drive away.

US DVD: 29 sec.


The Italian VHS now shows the scene of the Black Alley Cats driving away. Subsequently we see a the letters "Fine".

The US DVD instead shows "The End".

Italian VHS: 33 sec.
US DVD: 4 sec.