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Straight Outta Compton


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 07, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
52:32 / 57:46-58:27

After the news report, an entire scene in the tour bus is missing: DJ Yella is watching porn plus there is a little discussion.

From his sleeping cabin, someone of the entourage takes a peek at Yella in front of the TV: "Yella."
DJ Yella: "Hmm?"
The guy goes on: "You in there watching porn with the door open?"
DJ Yella: "Yeah."
When the guy returns to his cabin, MC Ren, who has been sitting next to Yella with a note pad all along, adds: "Yo, that's what I said, man."
The others look at him with scepticism: "What the fuck?"
MC Ren recognizes the weirdness of the situation and explains: "No, it's not even like that... Fuck y'all, man. I'm back here tryin' to write. Fuck y'all, man."
Someone makes a snarky comment: "Oh, you tryin' to write..."
MC Ren goes to the sleeping cabins and starts shaking them: "Fuck y'all sleep."

40.4 sec

52:59-53:01 / 58:54-59:07

While the Theatrical Version contains the shot of Dre's brother without any interruption, the Director's Cut cuts to Dre resp. the phone conversation is longer plus a different shot of Tyree follows.

Dre: "Hey. Hold on. Hold on. So, look, how Mom doing now?"
Tyree: "She good. But, nah, you know her, constantly working, man. Every day, man."
Dre: "Make sure you take care of her, a'ight?"

Director's Cut 11.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

55:46 / 61:54-62:19

After the concert, a conversation between Eazy-E and Jerry about the incredible record sales follows.
Jerry: "You're flying up the Billboard 200 albums chart. R&B and hip-hop charts too. You have any idea how many records we're selling? Ruthless has arrived, Eric. We're fucking huge."
Eazy-E: "That is dope, Jerry. That's dope."

Subsequently, a short TV report with national judgements about the bad album:
- "The combined law enforcement associations of Texas today called for a halt to sales of the album."
- "I believe that the rap music promotes violence against authority and, consequently, violence against law enforcement."

The following shot begins a few frames earlier in the Theatrical Version (no screenshots).

Director's Cut 25.3 sec longer

58:53 / 65:25-65:37

Before the guys passing by in the background, there is a shot of a TV with a warning of N.W.A. on it: "For the sake of our children, I implore each of you to be unyielding and inflexible in your opposition to drugs."
Jerry's warning to Eazy-E about him doing groupies all the time starts a little earlier: "'Cause another one called me and told me she's pregnant by you too."

11.6 sec

60:26-60:33 / 67:09-67:24

Their conversation ends slightly alternate.

In both versions, Eazy-E (different take) asks for another round. Only in the Director's Cut, Jerry says (while pooring more bubbly): "At some point, you just gotta trust somebody. You know? You gotta trust somebody.

Director's Cut 7.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

62:05 / 68:56-69:40

Extended shot of Cube taking a seat next to Dre, giving him a pep talk. Also, Eazy-E's own death in the family starts earlier.

Ice Cube: "I never told y'all this. But when I was 12, my sister got killed. Her own husband killed her, then killed himself."
Eazy-E: "This dope gang took my cousin too. Shot him in the trunk of a car."

43.7 sec

75:50-75:57 / 83:25-83:45

After Cube says goodbye to Dre, the scene ends differently.

The Theatrical Version shows Dre longer. Then, Cube gets in the car and Dre catches his breath.

The Director's Cut on the other and shows Dre's mom next to Cube's car and Dre instantaneously goes to her.
Dre: "Mom."
Mother: "I missed you."
Dre: "How you doing?"
Mother: "I'm good."
Dre: "Good."
Mother: "Come on. Let's get home."

Director's Cut 14.4 sec longer

77:12 / 85:01-85:21

Ice Cube's performance of The Nigga Ya Love to Hate is longer.

19.4 sec

In the following (identical) shot of MC Ren in the car, another part of the song is audible - obviously.

77:49-77:53 / 85:57-86:32

More slow motion shots of Eazy-E's Wild & Wet party.
The identical conversation between Eazy-E and Jerry begins during an aerial shot while it begins on-screen in the Theatrical Version.

Director's Cut 31.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

80:20-80:30 / 89:00-89:22

In the Theatrical Version, Cube leaves in the same shot and Bryan helplessly says "Cube..."
The Director's Cut shows Cube leave from a different angle and then remains with the wall for a brief moment. Bryan does not say a single word.

Director's Cut 12.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

84:02 / 92:54-93:54

Before Cube talks to Bryan, there is footage of Eazy-E and Tomica Woods having a romantic dinner.

Tomica: "This place is nice."
Eazy-E: "You're nice. I figured I'd take you to a nice place, Ms. Record Executive."
Tomica: "Um, record executive assistant. But, damn. I didn't realize we was going on like a date date."
Eazy-E: "I don't even know how to take that. I got my collared shirt on. I brought you to this nice restaurant. Really?"
Tomica: "Okay. That is not the kind of collared shirt they was talking about. It's cute, though. And you didn't take off your hat like they asked you to."
Eazy-E: "And I'm not."
Tomica: "Oh, really?"
Eazy-E: "I ain't taking off my hat for nobody. I think they know that."
Tomica: "So what? You bring all your little females here, don't you?
Eazy-E: "The special ones."
Tomica: "Okay."
Eazy-E: "I'm playing. I'm playing. There you go getting sensitive."
Tomica: "You don't have to try to impress me. We could've went to Fatburger."
Eazy-E smiles: "Go to Fatburger?"

59.8 sec

90:09 / 100:01-100:25

After the argument at the studio, a conversation between Dr. Dre and Suge Knight follows. The latter warns Dre and offers to help.

Suge: "Yo, Dre. Hold up. Look, I did what you asked me to do. I had my people look at your contracts. It didn't look good. But you gotta watch your back."
Dr. Dre: "What you mean by that?"
Suge passes him a few files: "Look, everything you need to know is here. And you know I can help you with this."

23.9 sec

91:18 / 101:34-101:45

After Jerry got a visitor at night, we see Eazy-E contemplating in the studio. In the background, Appetite For Destruction is on.

10.5 sec

96:54 / 107:20-107:25

Eazy-E gets to the studio earlier.

4.9 sec

98:22 / 108:53-108:58

After getting his butt kicked by Suge Knight and his entourage, the shot of Eazy-E starts earlier.

4.4 sec

98:36 / 109:12-109:21

At the beginning, Jerry speaks longer to Eazy-E: "What the hell are you doing here? You can't sneak in here like that. I thought you were..."

9 sec

98:38-98:41 / 109:23-109:27

The Director's Cut sticks with Eazy-E and Jerry asks via close-up: "Oh, my God. What's going on, man? Are you okay? What happened to your face?"

The Theatrical Version continues with a shot of Jerry sitting down from another angle. Then Jerry asks (with less words): "God, what's going on, man? Are you okay?"
The subsequent shot of Eazy-E starts a little earlier as well.

Director's Cut 1.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

100:25 / 111:12-114:01

Before the production of Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang, the Director's Cut contains a rather emotional scene with Eazy-E. Feeling gloomy, he goes to bed and snuggles up to Tomica. Then Dr. Dre earlier in the studio and he does not bring his A-game: In the new studio, he does not get anything done and then talks to one of his homies about it in the car. Snoop passes him a Chronic joint which gets him in the right mood.

Tomica asks in bed: "You okay? Baby. Let me see."

In the car, someone asks: "Why you so tense, Dre?"
Dr. Dre: "No, I'm cool."
Homie: "Man. No, you're not, man. You've been in that house, what? A month now? Nigga, and not one track? I mean, what's up?"
Dr. Dre: "There's too much interference. Man, you know how they tryin' to starve me out. Playin' games with my motherfuckin' money, man."
Snoop Dogg: "That's why the house was so goddamned empty."
Dr. Dre: "Hey, come on, man."
Snoop Dogg: "I'm fucking with you, cuz. Hit this."
Dr. Dre nimmt den Joint; "All right, man, give me that shit."
Kollege: "Fuck I'm taking about."
Snoop Dogg: "Have you feeling righteously together."
Dr. Dre: "Goddamn, man! What the fuck is in this shit, Snoops?"
Snoop Dogg: "That right there, that's that chronic, cuz."
Dr. Dre: "Chronic."
Snoop Dogg: "Yes, sir."
Dr. Dre: "All right. Let's head back to the studio. I got something for this."

169.5 sec (= 2:49 min)