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Sister Street Fighter

original title: Onna hissatsu ken


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 08, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Bensn - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened US R-Rated version and the uncut German version

Since the three-part sequel of the film “Street Fighter” was such a big success, the Japanese TOEI studios decided that it was time for something new. So they created the female counterpart of Sonny Chiba who embodied the Street Fighter movies.

In his place the cute but heavily punching Etsuko Shihomi is the one to give the bad-boys a lecture now. In this first of four “Sister Street Fighter” movies, Shihomi begins to search for her lost brother.

At this, she is being supported by Sonny Chiba among others. Although he plays only a minor role, he has been well staged regarding commercial purposes. By the way, he does not play the same role as in the Street-Fighter movies, as it is often falsely assumed.

In the US, the film had problems to be approved for a long time, just as the Chiba Street Fighter films had. Originally, the cut cinema version was supposed to be X-Rated, which would have meant, however, the commercial ruin for the film. Therefore, they decided to cut the crudest scenes in favor of an R-Rating. For a long period of time just this censored version has been available both on VHS and DVD. It was not until a few years ago, that the uncut movie was released in an unrated version. The Blu-ray which was released together with part 2 in 2008 is uncut as well.

Very kindly, Anolis Entertainment provided the uncut version for us.
Master-mistakes lasting under two seconds in the US-version are not explicitly mentioned.

00:00 The TOEI-logo is missing in the US-version.
15 Sec.

Basically, the on-screen billing is identical in both versions. However, the ANOLIS DVD uses German inserts, whilst the US-version contains English ones. Additionally, the on-screen billing of the German version is longer (ca. 31 seconds)

10:53 After Koryu has thrown back the blade with the chain attached to it (no idea how this weapon is called) toward the guy, the last part of the shot is missing In the US-version (USF), that is when he pulls the blade out of his eye again.
2 Sec.

13:40 Perhaps a Master-mistake? A camera-pan to the outside of the Fujita martial arts schools is missing. The logo looks like a mirror-inverted swastika.
7 Sec.

44:19The fight between Hibiki (Sonny Chiba) and Inabushiri is a little longer (probably a Master-mistake once more).
13 Sec.

65:29 After Mansei has been hit in the chest by the second arrow, the scene is missing in which he falls to the ground spilling liters of blood and dies afterwards. Intermediate cut toward Koryu.
17,5 Sec.

66:28Koryu looks at her dead brother. The camera zooms closely to his face.
10 Sec.

69:42 After Koryu has kicked the Bad Girl aside, a shot is missing in which she lies skewered on the ground and dies. At this, blood splatters out of the wounds on her body.
3 Sec.

70:33 Koryu kicks an enemy in the face who then spits blood. Koryu turns away.
5 Sec.

71:32 One sees the guy with the Sai in the head slumping to the ground.
7 Sec.

73:07 Koryu fights against two men, one of whom she throws off the parapet. Then the guy throwing knives attacks her again. She brings him down, grabs him by the neck and literally turns his head. The guy stands up and you can see that his face points toward his back now. Driveling blood, he descends the stairs and eventually falls to the ground. Intermediate cut toward the appalled looking Gangsters and Kory.
76 Sec.

73:19 The camera still zooms toward Koryus face. Afterwards, you can see Hibiki bringing an attacking enemy to the ground and stepping him on the chest which is accompanied by loud sounds of cracking bones. Then he challenges Kakuzaki.
14,5 Sec.

74:13 Hibiki kicks and punches an enemy until he collapses while spitting blood.
9,5 Sec.

75:01 The ending of the fight between Koryu and the guy with the cellular-shirt is missing. She batters him with the Nunchaku. Subsequently, a short fight between Emi and a Baddie, followed by a brawl between Hibiki and a fat guy, is missing. The latter of whom grabs a wooden wall and tries to attack Hibiki with it, but Hibiki rams his fingers into his belly and pulls them out again blood-smeared. Then the guy’s sticking out guts are visible and he drops dead.
35 Sec.

76:02 After Inabushiri has bumped with his head into the mirror, the shot is missing in which he turns toward Hibiki. Flinders stick inside his face and he dribbles blood. When he has dropped dead, one sees Hibiki for the last time.
16 Sec.

78:42 Kakuzaki stands up with his steel-claw sticking inside his body. Blood splashes out of him massively and hits Kuryo. Then Kakuzaki collapses and Kuryo wipes off the blood. In the end, a view onto the sea follows.
32,5 Sec.