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  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 23, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened UK-DVD (BBFC18) from High Fliers and the uncut US-DVD (not rated) from Lionsgate.

- 3 Cuts
- Difference: 17.7 sec

The name America Olivo might sound familiar from projects like the Friday the 13 remake or Bitch Slap. In this torture shocker here, which was shot in 2009 and released on DVD in July 2010 in the US, she plays a nameless psycho who holds a man captive for no reason and who sells her our grandmother.

After A Serbian Film and I Spit On Your Grave [2010], Neighbor is another genre film that didn't make it uncut in the UK. But the cuts are being kept in reasonable limits, only a few violent scenes with sexual background needed to be removed. No comparison to the German Version for instance. The BBFC rating card reads:
Cuts required to remove sexualised focus on the torture and sexual assault of a man by inserting a urethral sound into his semi-erect penis causing severe bleeding.

So the UK Version lacks the penis scene, just like the US R-Rated Version does. But in comparison to the Unrated Version, the UK Version only lacks 18 sec of footage. The scene is still reasonable, only three close-ups have been removed.

Like I said, these cuts aren't good but acceptable which makes the UK Version the cheapest alternative. Who wants to watch the Unrated Version, has to get the US Unrated DVD or the upcoming DVD from Dragon Films, distributed by ILLUSIONS unltd., in August 2011 in Austria.

Time index refers to
BBFC18-DVD in PAL / Unrated DVD in NTSC

The length of the missing footage is being noted in PAL.
52:46 / 55:01-55:06

Additional shot of the girl. She penetrates the Don's glans with a stick.

4.9 sec

52:56 / 55:16-55:22

She presses it in deeper, lots of blood gushes out.

5.6 sec

56:00 / 55:26-55:33

And the last shot of it has been removed as well: she lets go of the stick which is still stuck in the glans, reaches for the penis with the other hand and suddenly moves forward.

7.2 sec