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original title: Dung fong bat baai 2: fung wan joi hei


  • UK DVD (Momentum)
  • German DVD first release
Release: Jun 06, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German first edition DVD released by EMS and the reissue DVD also released by EMS (= UK DVD by Momentum)

"Swordsman 3" is the third (and also worst) part of the Swordsman-trilogy. In part 1 the leading role was played by Sam Hui while in the second movie (often considered to be the best of the three) offered Jet Li as the leading role.

The German first edition of the movie only lacked the flashback of the first part during the opening. However, the newer DVD-releases were all missing out on about 10 minutes of footage towards the end of the movie. It is not really clear why the scene is missing (it is defenitly no censorship), but the UK DVD by Momentum (which was released in 2006) is based on the exact same master and therefore lacks the same 10 minutes of footage.

Shortened Version = 83:23 min.
Uncut Version = 93:23 min.

Runtime of the missing footage = 10 min.
The following things were completely left out on the UK DVD: At first you see the Spanish ship who are still looking for the scroll. Suddenly, Asia flies towards them and introduces herself to them. When the men want to attack her with guns and canons, Asia shoots threads from her hands that destroy the firearms. She also catches those bullets which were already shot with her bare hands and pushes them back into the pistols which then explode. Asia goes on demonstrating her thoughts about Western technology by ripping several chest protectors off their owners' bodies. Then she makes fun of their religion and God and takes a sip from the priest's goblet. In the end the Spanish are at the point where they start worshipping her.

Then you see the Spanish and the Japanese ships getting closer to the one owned by General Koo - his men give the alarm. Meanwhile the Japanese get ready for the battle. The Japanese general takes his mask off and we finally see the face - it's Asia. The men are quite surprised and want to attack her, however, Asia pulls out a tablet and the men step back. Then she tells them that they should band together with the Spanish in order to get even more powerful. In the end they run up the battle flag.

Now we're back on General Koo's ship. He gets to know that the enemies are abotu to attack. Koo wonders why the Japanese AND the Spanish are attacking and also lets his men run up the battle flag. Now follows the first attack of the Spanish.

Back on the Japanese ship: after the report, Asia commands to give the Spanish a signal that they should attack Koo. Then, all Japanese canons are fired. Asia watches this and is really impressed by Koo's counterattack and commands to submerge - for this they have to run in all the canons and flags.

Koo watches all this and comes up with a plan: he lets his men pour red paint into the ocean to block the Japanese's view. Asia (on the Japanese's boat which already transformed to a submarine) gets to know about this and tells her men to use the mines to blow up all the rocks.

Back on Koo's ship. One of his men describes the actual situation. Koo commands to run into the Spanish boat. For this they lower the mast to use it as a battering ram. While Koo's ship approaches the Spanish ship, the first few mines appear. The Spanish are rammed and their ship is hit by one of the mines.

On Koo's ship: Chin asks Koo to set him free so that he can join him in the battle against Asia. Koo does so and breaks his chains. However, he adds that if Chin will survive the battle he still will be put on trial by a provost court.

On the Japanese's ship: Asia gets to know that their boat is battered. Asia replies that they're not yet defeated and in the next moment you see her flying out of teh water. She lands on the Spanish ship's mast. Koo also jumps up on the mast of his boat and now the two of them are facing each other. Meanwhile, the submarine comes out of teh water - in between there's a shot of Snow. The canons are aimed at Asia but Chin tells them not to fire, yet. Asia and Koo have a short verbal sparring match before Asia attacks him. Koo is hurled through the air. Before he hits the floor, Asia pulls on a rope; a sail is hoisted up awhich catches Koo. The shortened version continues when the canons are fired.

Overal runtime of this footage: 10 minutes