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Demoniacs, The (aka Curse of the Living Dead)

original title: Les Démoniaques


  • US DVD (Redemption First Edition)
  • NL DVD
Release: Nov 04, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US DVD by Redemption (not rated) and the NL DVD by Encore (rated 16).

The Demoniacs is a characteristic Jean Rollin horror / erotic movie. Like most of his movies without much dialog but with marvelous shots and erotic scenes. But then again the movie lacks a reasonable screenplay and decent actors.

Besides some film tears, the US DVD by Redemption contains a bigger cut. But it's very likely that the reason for that cut is a further film tear because it's no censoring. Morover the end of the movie (the scene when the woman gets molested) contains alternate footage. There are also some deleted scenes with extended erotic scenes in the bonus material of the Encore DVD. The scene mentioned in the comparison is part of the bonus material but only partially. So the bottom line here is that the Encore DVD is based on a master that was considered lost which unfortunately got censored afterwards for this release.
Besides the listed scenes, the US Version contains some film tears with a length of less than 1 second. Actually not really worth mentioning but I wanted to inform the readers anyway. Just for the record, so to speak.

00:00 The US DVD starts with a long label logo.
+ 67.5 sec

51:41 After one of the woman drew a skull in the sand, the US Version lacks the scene with the bearded guy talking to the two women. Intercuts to the women and the female clown.
The bearded guy tells them it was their call to take revenge, the one who was supposed to be dead in the coffin was being hold captive in the ruins, he could only be freed by innocent victims of evil, he was going to call for them the following night, he knew it was them, they had the choice whether they intended to free him or not, only he could give them the power to take revenge and find peace. He explains he was a black angel, a demon and continues who freed him also freed his dark powers that were locked away during the last century. He continues the locked up creature could be really dangerous because the evil had taken possession of him. He also says the one behind the door was kind of double faced, one either found peace or death, it was up to them, he was going to call them the following night.

64 sec

88:49 When Bosco attacks one of the woman, either of the versions contain different footage. The NL Version is shorter but more detailed.
US Version = 22.5 sec
NL Version = 5.5 sec

US VersionNL Version