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International NES Version
Region: Worldwide

Japanese NES Version
Region: Japan

Release: Jul 04, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Tony Montana
The game "Faxanadu" is an absolute classic of the NES era and could easily keep up with Zelda. It is an adventure / RPG in which a city of elfes needs to be saved. Their food and water supplies have become low. So our hero goes on a journey outside the city walls in order to fight monsters and beasts. Several merchants and spells he gains during the journey make it easier for him. Being on his trip, our hero enters a church in order to get some priestly advice. This This detail has been altered in any available NES Version worldwide (except for Japan of course). As a result, any Christian symbolism has been removed.

Long story short, the alterations affects any churches and crosses in the entire game. Since they all look the same, here is an exemplary comparison. Some of the Christian crosses have been removed, others replaced by a huge X. A Jeses cross in the background including a hanging figure is entirely missing. The shot of the Priest lacks a close-up.
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