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Sixteen Candles

Project A

original title: 'A' gai wak


  • US Version
  • HK Version
Release: Nov 22, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened US Version (US-DVD by Echo Bridge / Miramax) and the uncut Original Version (UK-DVD by Hongkong Legends)

- 9 cuts
- Difference: 472.4 sec (= 7:52 min)

Like so many other HK movies, this classic from the glory days of the trio Jackie Chan / Sammo Hung / Yuen Biao is cut and got a new score in the US. The approx. 8 minutes shorter version mainly lacks ridiculous comedy scenes. The abduction of Samo Hung is missing as well because Mahjong is not necessarily reasonable for a Western audience.

Time index refers to

The length of the cut scenes is in PAL.

The US-DVD also contains a Dimension logo at the beginning.

+ 8.7 sec

Alternate / Credits
00:30-01:08 / 00:20-00:56

The original credits have been completely replaced. The pathetic animations have some standard pirate racket as background music.

The subsequent first shot lacks the flash in the US Version. The US-DVD is part of the so-called "3 Film Collection" (the other movies are "Project A Part 2" and "Dragon Lord") and the aspect ratio is incorrect because it's zoomed in. The single release is supposed to have the correct aspect ratio though. At least the rest of the movie doesn't miss any information on the bottom. The missing flash in this scene is probably the reason why the aspect ratio lacks even more information here.

no difference

US VersionOriginal Version (UK DVD)

07:01 / 06:35-08:12

The US Version lacks footage of the bar brawl between sailors and cops. When one of the woman wants to interfere comes the cut. When Jackie trips someone up, the US Version continues.

The woman (Isabella Wong) asks around whether they felt on the streets. She's unitarily advised to be silent. After that, two of the sailors (Tai Po & Mars) get on a table and strike up a song that makes fun of the cops. The other sailors join in. Tai Po gets a plate of noodles in his face, a little brawl breaks loose. But Jackie can calm them down. He wishes to drink alltogether instead, so he grabs the mug to make a start.

95.9 sec

08:52 / 09:58-10:07

One of the sailors slides across the room and ends up at the grammophone. Tai Po wants to avenge the previous noodle take: he's got a plate with noodles in his hand and searches for the cop who tossed the noodles in his face earlier. But at first, he just hits his head.

9.1 sec

09:47 / 10:59-11:14

Tai Po again. Looks like he's found his opponent. When Tai Po wants to approach, a table is being moved from the side so that he reluctantly ends up at the other side of the room and the noodles end up in one of the women's face.

14.4 sec

10:29 / 11:54-12:08

And again the noodle guy: this time, Tai Po's got an entire sheet of iron full of noodles in his hand. He claims he knew the badge number of the cop. When he starts speaking the badge number out loud, the delinquent surprisingly shows up underneath him and he feels called. Bottom line: the noodles end up in Tai Po's face again. As a result, Tai Po is close to give up.
The first shot of the following scene is also missing.

14 sec

16:30 / 17:54-20:57

The complete introduction of Sammo Hung is missing in the US Version. He plays Mahjong and seems to do well. He can also beat off his opponent (Wu Ma) when he tries to bluff it out. But then a fight starts at the next table. Sammo can saves his stones, also against manipulation attempts of his competition (one of them tries to lift up the table but Sammo can stop him with his feet) and also against other people who smash the table. Finally, Sammo can demand his winnings. But it doesn't actually come that far because twi henchmen show up with the intent to take Sammo to their boss. They grab his arm, he drops the stones, the opponents vanish instantly. Sammo expresses his anger about the lost money by hitting of the henchmen in the face.

183.6 sec

21:44 / 25:59-26:00

Close-up of Tai Bo repeating his comment.

1.3 sec

22:30 / 26:44-28:28

After Tai Bo went back to sleep, a further scene at night and another one at the following morning follows.

The sound of a horn is audible. That's the signal for everyone to group at night. Instead an emergency, Yuen Biao only tells them they had had too much soup and Jackie was going to take them to the facilities for that reason. Even though Jackie seems confused about it, he takes them with the appropiate order to attack. The next morning, it's time to hit the showers. While the sailors only have 10 seconds each, as a result they return wet with soap on their bodies, Yuen Biao smoothly hits the shower. But there's no ladle anymore because the sailors took them all to cover their naked bodies. After Yuen Biao screamed angrily several times, all the sailors toss their ladles at him simultaniously.

103.6 sec

23:09 / 29:05-29:24

Yuen Biao reaches for something to drink and turns around from the sailors who play a trick on Jackie (possibly just because they're scared of the handgranate): each and everyone steps backwards to make it look like Jackie stepped forward. As a result, Biao addresses him. Jackie reacts confused and makes a step backwards so that the formation is in order again.

18.8 sec

24:08 / 30:20-30:52

The second scene with Sammo Hung is missing, too: the two henchmen take him out of the gangster club. He witnesses Jackie and the others consulting with each other, then they enter the club.

31.7 sec

94:45-97:51 / 98:36-100:57

Certainly, the US Version has its own end credits on a black background. Annoyingly enough, all the outtakes actually shown during the original credits are missing because of that.

US Version 37.9 sec longer

US VersionOriginal Version (UK DVD)