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The raunchy slapstick comedy Soul Plane touches down on DVD in an unrated "Mile High Edition" that adds five minutes of more outrageous material that should appeal to fans who queued up for this urban


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Soul Plane


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 18, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the rated US cinema version with the unrated version by MGM/UA.

A comedy taking place on a plane for most of the time, where have we seen that before? Ah yes, Airplane. But while this classic by the director-trio Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker has its rightfully deserved place among the Top 10 of the best comedies of all times, “Soul Plane“ is more likely to be found among the Flop 10. It is full with clichés about blacks, lacks a consistent storyline and features only completely annoying characters. Although the ideas with the casino and the strip-bar aboard are quite good, they have been implemented poorly indeed.

The unrated version includes several completely new scenes, e.g. Mugg trying to jazz up the business class with a casino and a strip-bar. It also expands the silly sex scenes between DJ and Cherry as well as a conversation between Nashawn and his ex Giselle.

Duration of the r-rated version (excluding credits): 1:19:53 (NTSC)
Duration of the unrated version (excluding credits): 1:25:27 (NTSC)

9 additional scenes in the unrated version
3 expanded scenes in the unrated version
1 reintroduced scene in the r-rated version
= 334,03 sec. or 5 min. 34 sec.
Timeline: r-rated / unrated

Nashawn approaches a stewardess counting her tips at the moment. When he questions her about it she directs him to another room. Nashawn draws the curtain and discovers the casino. Upon entering it, he is stopped by the bouncer who doesn’t recognize him at first. He finally walks up to Muggsy who’s standing at a roulette table.
Muggsy tells Nashawn about the cock-fight taking place in ten minutes, and a cock can be heard crowing in the distance. Nashawn then takes Muggs aside.
Nashawn: "I'm not even gonna make a scene in here. I'm goin' back to the front of the plane. When I get back here, I want this to be business class."
Muggsy: "Okay. You got it, man."
Nashawn: "You can do that for me? Thank you, Muggs."
66,86 sec.

After Mr. Hunkee asked for a glass of milk, Flame answers in the r-rated version : "Sir, that is nasty, but I'll see what I can do."
In the unrated version he points at a breast-feeding woman and answers: "Sir, that is nasty. But I do have a Puerto Rican lady who's lactatin', I'll see what I can do."
3,09 sec.


Nashawn watches Giselle and when Flame approaches him, he tells him: "I'm just you know, checkin' on things, making sure they okay, that's all."
Flame: "I know that look. I had that same look of regret after I ran into Lee-- my little asian butterfly. We had a whirlwind romance that ended in heartbreak... and stomach pumpin'. When I saw him again I tried to apologize, but I couldn't. I just felt so bad leaving him in that hospital all bloated and distended." While saying that he keeps coming closer to Nashwan and starts rubbing himself against him.
Nashawn: "Did you just grind on me."
Flame: "A little."
Nashawn: "What does that sick-ass story have to do with me? I've never left nobody in the hospital filled with nothing."
Flame: "It means, Mr. Righteous, that if you have a chance to make things right again, you should take it. Who knows what could've happened? Lee had plenty ancient secret to show me." He opens a fan while talking.
Nashawn thanks him and walks up to Giselle. Meanwhile Flame puts a funnel on a bottle of champagne and takes hold of two cans.
Flame: "Now, how much Colt .45 to Sierra Mist do you mix to get bubbly? Probably half and half."

Nashwan asks Giselle whether he could take seat, to which she responds that it’s his plane.
Nashawn: "It really doesn't have to be like this."
Giselle: "How is it supposed to be?"
Nashawn: "So who's this guy?"
Giselle: "Let's just let it go, okay?"
Nashawn: "I just came over here to talk to you."
Giselle: "You just disappeared. I didn't even hear from you."
Nashawn: "Giselle, you were 3000 miles away. I tried to get in touch with you."
Giselle: "Let's just let it go."
Nashawn gets up and leaves sadly with Giselle gazing after him. The camera then pans back from her and she can be seen through the window from outside the plane.

131,55 sec.


r-rated: 1:09 min.
unrated: 1:57 min.


The previous scene between Nashwan and Flame can now be seen in the r-rated version as well. The scene continues up to the point where nashwan thanks Flame and walks over to Giselle, the rest is only included in the unrated version.



The unrated version features a longer scene which shows how Muggs has turned the casino into a strip bar.
Muggs walks around the room, speaking into his microphone trying to animate the crowd to spend more money. Nashwan enters the room and is shocked.
Nashawn: "What is this?"
Muggsy: "It's all good up here, baby. We got Asian persuasion, butter pecan freakin', chocolate deluxe. I got all in my little shopping mall."
Nashawn: "First gamblin', now this. It's illegal, man."
Muggsy: "You with the FAA, nigga? Ain't no rules in the air."
Nashawn: "That's not the point man. It's a family airline."
At this moment two lightly clad women with a big cake appear, one of them sticks her finger with some cream in his mouth. Nashwan notices Giselle nearby and approaches her.
Giselle: "I guess there are some things you can commit to."
Nashawn: "You talkin' about this? I'm just doin' my job, that's all."
Giselle: "Yeah, looks like you're a workaholic. And here I was thinkin' I was too hard on you before. Guess you're the man now." She leaves .
Nashawn: "Wait, Giselle. What the fuck am I doin'?"

47,11 sec.

The sex scene between DJ and Cherry was expanded in the unrated version. She pulls him down to her and screams at him: "Stop your bitch-ass complainin' and give me what you promised."
5,26 sec.

A short shot a Heater dancing sexy.
2,42 sec.

Another shot of Heather, now teasing Marshall.
1,84 sec.

The unrated version expands the featured scene a bit. Billy tells Tamika to: "Get on in there, girl."
Afterwards he speaks with Chris Robinson: "Yo, Chris, I'm tellin' ya, man. We need more ass in this video, and it'd be off the hook."
Chris asks Muggsy: "Yo, Muggsy, who is this kid?"
The expanded scene ends when Chris shouts: "Roll camera"
7,97 sec.

In the unrated version the scene with Mr. Hunkee and his daughter Heather continues with her ordering a drink.
Heather asks the barkeep: "So, can I have another blow job?" and calms her father by adding: "It's a drink."
It is followed by a scene between DJ and Cherry.
DJ: "Look, baby. I'm sorry and I want to make it up to you." He kisses her neck.
Cherry: "Don't get it started because you know you're not gonna finish."
DJ: "Why you bringin' up old shit? Let me see them tits." He tries to pull her arms down and kisses her neck again.
Cherry: "Okay, okay! What's the plan?"
DJ: "Hold on one second. I'm fixin' to be right back."
Once he leaves for the cockpit this expanded scene again.
34,16 sec.

DJ tells Mack: "I'm fixin' to get her. You probably gonna see her titties and everything, man.", without realizing that Mack already passed out in a drug induced stupor.
3,75 sec.


r-rated: 22 sec.
unrated: 46 sec.


DJ tells the pilot: "[...] so we just gonna do our thing, man."
Due to turbulences the whole plane is shaking, and Mack right along to it. This makes him move his head and hand in ways that seem to signalize his approval. Cherry takes a seat and DJ knees down in front of her, Mack is featured in a short shot, the camera then pans back to Cherry. She says: "Oh, yes. I like the way you're doin' that.". The shaking plane causes Macks hand to move up and down, thus simulating masturbation.
DJ: "How's that?"
Cherry: "It's good, daddy. You the king." She looks bored and yawns.
DJ: "Tastes like chocolate puddin'."
DJ kommt wieder unter dem Kleid hervor. "Got to have you right, girl!"
Cherry jumps on DJ, both stumble backwards and fall onto Mack. (Siehe letztes Bild)


DJ tells the pilot: "[...] so we just gonna do our thing, man."
He starts kissing Cheryy, when she turns in order to have sex him. Dj responds: "No, no. Ain't that my game." Cherry sits down, a short shot of Mack is shown before the camera pans back to Cherry. Cherry watches Mack “masturbate” and tells DJ: "Oh, yes. I like the way you're doin' that. Work it, daddy.".
DJ: "I'm trying, but it's like a sauna down here." His head appears back from under her dress. "It's like a fire." Cherry pushes his head back down between her legs.
DJ: "How's that?"
Cherry: "It's good, daddy. You the king." She looks bored and yawns.
DJ: "Tastes like chocolate puddin'."
Again Mack is shown “masturbating“.
DJ emerges from her dress again: "Got to have you right, girl!".
Cherry jumps DJ, both stumble backwards and fall onto Mack. (Siehe letztes Bild)

23,44 sec.


r-rated: 82 sec.
unrated: 89 sec.


In the r-rated version Nashwan can be heard from the off, explaining what happened to everyone. Interestingly enough, both Muggsy’s and Billy’s fates are being explained by utilizing shots from the unrated version.
Jamiqua and Mr. Hunkee came together. Muggsy convinced Nashwan to open a strip-bar aboard the plane. Billy Hunkee became a director of music videos, while Nashwan and Giselle started dating again. The last shot features Captain Mack waking up again and realizing all his drugs were stolen.


The unrated version shows all members of the cast dancing in the board disco.

6,59 sec.