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Family Guy

9.01 And Then There Were Fewer (2)


  • TV Version Two-Parter
  • TV Version Two-Part-Episode
Release: Aug 16, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Two-Parter (First Run German Free-TV on 08/03/2013) and the Two-Part-Episode (First Run Fox on 09/26/2010)

Partial length of the two-part-episode: 23:15 min NTSC

4 differences, 1 of them with additional footage in the two-parter.
Difference: 33.1 sec

It only took 3 years for the 9th season to be aired in Germany. And since it airs around noon, cuts are to be expected. That's why it has been compared to its original US-TV Version on Fox. It turns out we're dealing with an exception here which deserves its own comparison and which is also quite interesting for international readers. So here we are.

9x01: And Then There Were Fewer aired as two-part-episode in the US. Its length was 49 minutes (NTSC) which makes it even longer than two regular episodes with a length of approx. 22 minutes (NTSC) each. As usual, the DVD contains a longer version with almost 8 additional minutes but that's not the issue here. For some reason, the German network received a third version. It's the shortest version of them all, the two-part-episode with a length of approx. 49 minutes is now a two-parter that lacks further footage (compared to the TV Version on Fox). "And Then There Were Fewer Part 1" only lacks some plot scenes, probably to reach the usual length of an episode of Family Guy.

There are less cuts in "And Then There Were Fewer Part 2". But then again, if there is a cut, it always concerns a longer scene. This time, it's been reduced to the main characters resp. two scenes with Brian / Stewie plus two further scenes with Peter.

Please note: the comparison has been made with a recording of a German Free-TV Version (as already mentioned) but a newer recording from USWPIX confirms that the German and the US Version are equal.
Two-Parter longer

The two-parter starts with a recap, the usual opening credits plus an additional exterior shot at the end.

Please note: the USWPIX recording mentioned in the intro contains a text box that reads "Previously on Family Guy", the name of the episode (third screenshot) is completely missing.

Two-Parter 83.3 sec longer

Similar to "And Then There Were Fewer Part 1", only the two-parter contains the regular blue credits while the animations remain unchanged anyway. No screens this time.


After Carl's conversation with the bear, an entire scene is missing: Peter and Lois are walking around, a fight about the lame subject of conversation starts. Subsequently, the Q-Man and Bonnie show up and Peter offers a rare app as possible solution.

Lois : "Boy, it's really raining hard."
Peter: "Yeah, well, we needed it."
Lois gibes him the evil eye and Peter reacts quite irritated: "What?"
Lois: "Peter, we've been married a long time. Why do I still get guy in an elevator small talk?"
Peter: "I don't know. You're the one talking about the weather. So... looking forward to the weekend?"
A hand is coming near Lois' shoulder. After a short moment of suspense, the Q-Man and Bonnie are facing each other.
Quagmire: "It's okay. It's just us."
Lois: "Oh, Quagmire, Bonnie, you scared us."
Bonnie: "Have you seen any sign of Muriel?"
Peter: "Oh, why didn't I think of this before? I should just check the Find A Jew app on my phone."
Peter reaches for his smart phone, once can see a map with two huge spots on the left and the right: "Huh. There's just two big clusters on each side of the country." - He recognizes a little spot at the bottom - "No, look. There's one down south." - The little dot vanishes - "Ah, they got him."

51.8 sec


Stewie is singing further advice before he explains the tune he'd been humming was originally from Dynasty. The frames before and after differ as well - no screens.

Stewie: "We're all rich and we're all at least in our late 50s, think Joan Collins. Come on, Brian, you know this. It's the middle trumpet part. It was a pretty big deal for Diahann Carroll to play a rich, black woman in the 80s."

Two-Part-Episode 18.3 sec longer


When they have gathered to a group, the groups' arrival at the tread of stairs is missing. Joe needs to be carried which causes a little debate.

Dr. Hartman: "Oh, boy, we got a problem here."
Peter: "All right, on the count of three. One, two...three!"
Together, they lift up Joe. Being a little embarrassed, he says: "Thanks, guys."
Peter is humming the Hava Nagila tune and Joe is annoyed by it: "Stop it, Peter. Peter, knock it off!"
Peter: "Okay, Jew...Uh, Joe."
Joe yells back: "Shut up! I'm not Jewish!"
Mort sarcastically: "Well, I think we've learned a little something about our friendly neighborhood policeman today..."

27.4 sec


Additional with Brian and Stewie. The latter acts vain again, then he laves in a huff.

Stewie: "You know, despite all the craziness this weekend, I feel like a lot of people were looking at me like I was really attractive. Which makes me think that I'm gonna grow up to be good-looking."
Brian just says: "What part of that statement is supposed to lure me into a conversation?"
Stewie: "I talk to you about wet tennis balls."
Brian: "Oh, come on!"
Stewie (while leaving): "We're in a fight!"

20.1 sec