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Operation Wolf


Censored NES Version
Region: USA/Europe

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Apr 12, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
The game "Operation Wolf" had a long history of censorship in certain countries (for example Germany). Storywise it is about an American anti-terrorist unit which - in rail-shooter fashion - scrolls through the image and shoots down several enemy soldiers. The old arcade system was very succesful and had several sequels as well as portings to other systems. One of those was the NES Version. Even though you cannot deny that you have to shoot humans, the game did not include any blood. Still, it had to be toned down a little. The following report shows you the alterations and the missing screens.
Title Screen

Before the shooting starts, the original version shows you the civilian characters that you are not supposed to shoot. They walk through the screen and they say "Don't Kill me!". Even though the characters stayed in the NES Version, you are no longer able to hurt them, thus you don't get the intro - after all, the information is of no use.
Only in the Arcade Version

The "hits" in the Arcade Version are red. This can give the impression of blood, especially when hitting victims that are right in front of you that after the hits slump. In the NES Version you can clearly see that the hits are "harmless" and the enemies also do not slump but simply disappear after the hit.
Nintendo VersionArcade Version

In between the levels there are a few short screens that tell you how the story goes on. A few labels were changed since the story is solely about war. Thus, the assignment is no longer to free the "hostages" but the "prisoners". Another thing that had to go were the enemies' "Concentration Camps". In the Nintendo Version they are simply called "Prison Camps". Here, the enemies only try to get information. Also, the word kill was taken out everywhere. Another change is the renaming of the "Powder Magazine" to "Ammo Dump". It is unclear whether this was done due to censorship, so we decided to bring it up:
NES VersionArcade Version