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Get Him to the Greek


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 06, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Get him to the Greek is a spin-off of the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall from 2008. There, Russell Brand starred as British music superstar Aldous Snow for the first time and obviously the producers saw the potential for a whole movie about this character. Almost two years later, the movie is finished and even features Jonah Hill (Superbad) again, although he now plays a different role than in the previous movie.

The movie received the R-Rating (for strong sexual content and drug use throughout, and pervasive language), however, the DVD and BluRay releases in America also contain an extended Unrated version. The extensions are rather lengthy pieces and not very subtle, however it is questionable whether one really needs the additional scenes because they seem to slow the movie down quite a bit.

Comparison between the THeatrical Version and the Unrated Version.

12 differences

9 extended scenes
3 extended scenes including alternative footage

The Unrated Version is 334,6 sec. or ca. 5 min. 35 sec. longer than the Theatrical Version.
Extended scene
0:01:44: The music video for the song is longer in the Unrated Version. In the additional verse, he is singing about BJs and we can see him getting one in a limo.
"All these blowjobs in limousines, why do they matter, what do they mean, to the little African child trapped in me."
30,52 Sec.

Extended scene with alternative material
0:08:43: The reports about the party in Jay-Z's house are different. The Unrated is of course more lengthy here, but the Theatrical Version also offers some good jokes.

Theatrical Version:

Matty: "You missed a crazy party, man. I woke up with glitter on my dick."


Kevin: "Yeah, it was, man. That party was dope."
Matty: "Yeah. Dude, I used Jay-Z's bidet."
Kevin: "Yeah. We went into their bathroom. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have these two bidets right next to each other so they can sit there and hold hands while they get their bungus's cleaned out."
Aaron: "You used Jay-Z and Beyoncé's matching his and hers bidets?"
Matty: "Jigga Man's bidet."
Kevin: "Did you hear? Killtown Records just fired 80% of their employees."
Matty: "So what? I'm safe."
Jazz Man: "I'm safe. I'm in the jazz game."
Aaron: "Sergio doesn't even know your name."
Jazz Man: "Good. I'm like background noise. Just like jazz. Let me put it like this, little boys, replaceable, replaceable, replaceable, jazz."
Unrated is 42,44 sec. longer

Extended scene
0:11:14: Matty suggest a different way to get the record label running again. Although he does not really hit the nail on the head it is Kevin and not him who is being told off.

Matty: "Me first, Sergio. There's this Taiwanese phone company, TEC, it's got great valuation, it's a steal, dude. We buy that shit, we're not just selling the ring tones, we're selling the fucking hardware, bitch!"
Sergio: "Does this look like a telephone company to you? We make records here. This is not Cingular Wireless. Anybody here know anything about Cingular's wireless broadband, any of that fucking phone shit?"
Kevin: "No."
Sergio: "Well, you know something, you should. Don't be proud of your ignorance. Now tell me something good."
33,4 sec.

Extended scene
41:02: The scene in the limo is longer.

Aldous: "It was amazing!"
Aaron: "It was crazy, man. That is so fucking crazy. Oh, man."

Aldous is doing some coke and wants to get Aaron to do it, too.

Aldous: "Central Park is beautiful."
Aaron: "Are you sure you should do that, man? We're on our way to the airport."
Aldous: "Let's go jogging! Come on, join in with me."
Aaron: "No, I don't... This... You know..."
Aldous: "Please! For us, our friendship."

New scene with background music. The camera pans to the car which Aldous and Aaron get out of. They jog through Central Park and continue doing some cocaine. When they do some stretching, Aaron vomits.

The next scene in the bar starts differently as well. The Unrated lacks this dialog from the Theatrical Version:(Aaron)"That was amazing, man. I haven't heard 'The Clap' in, like, three years."
Unrated 74,4 sec. longer

Extended scene with alternative material
1:06:17: Destiny talks about her band and what music means to her. She does that in different ways, the Unrated is longer here.

Theatrical Version:

Destiny: "It's a cover band of the Pussycat Dolls. My life is music."


Destiny: "My life is music. I'm in an all-girl cover band and we do the Pussycat Doll's songs. And we're called the Pussy Kittens."

Unrated 7,32 sec. longer

Extended scene
1:07:42: Destiny is rubbing the dildo longer in Aaron's face.

Aaron: "Stop! When's the last time you Purell-d that thing?"
4 sec.

Extended scene
1:07:47: Destiny can be seen again for a short time.
0,92 sec.

Extended scene
1:11:49: Aldous calms Aaron, who is hyperventilating, down a bit longer. He is pretty good at it until he shows Aaron the beatuy of the nature with an ant which he then snorts like cocain.

Aldous: "The world is beautiful. Everything is cool. Look around us, we're... Look at that, look. Look at these. Look at this tiny, simple beauty of this tiny little ant. Isn't that lovely? See? We're at one with that. So lovely."
Aaron: "It's nice, beautiful."
Aldous: "Isn't it beautiful? And lovely, and wonderful, and pure, and... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."
Aaron: "No."
Aldous: "I'm on the Jeffrey, too."
29,6 sec.

Extended scene
1:19:38: In the Unrated, Aldous and Jackie have a debate about how big the sexual revenge will be.

Aldous: "Reason within."
Jackie: "What about a BJ? Just a quick one."
Aldous: "Will you do my balls as well?"
Jackie: "Yeah, fuck, all right."
Aldous: "Will you put your fingers up my bottom?"
Jackie: "All right, yeah. Later."
14,44 sec.

Extended scene with alternative material
UR: 1:36:50: In the Theatrical Version, Aaron fights his gag reflex and can prevent himself from vomiting, this does not work in the Unrated Version. He then says: "I fucking threw up."
Aldous: "I told you don't freak out."
Aaron: "Get that fucking arm out of my face! I fucking threw up!"
Unrated 8,28 sec. longer

Extended scene
1:44:53: Aldous introduces Naples and his mother to the audience.

Aldous: "All right. But also here is my lad. You all right, sunshine? Naples is here. You all right, mate?"
Naples: "I'm fine, Daddy."
Aldous: "Yeah. See, he still calls me daddy. He was my son for a while, but due to my complicated sex life, it turns out it's best just to think of him as a tiny associate. Also, also, he's quite mature. He's more mature than me. Do you love me?"
Naples: "Uh, yeah."
Aldous: "Don't think that long! It doesn't mean anything! See, that's the thing now, don't pause. So, all right. And my mum's here as well. You all right, Mum? You all right, darling? She doesn't know where she is. You don't know where you are, do you, darling? Well, hey, listen, I wanna...Jeez, I'm sidetracked."
48,8 sec.

Extended scene
1:46:21: During the ending credits, the Unrated shows nin very short impressions of Aldous song performance.
40,48 sec.