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Legend, The

original title: Fong Shi Yu


  • US Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Sep 07, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened US Version and the uncut HK DVD.

- 26 differences
- Length: 612.2 sec (= 10:12 min)

The entertaining action comedy Fong Sai Yuk was rereleased on the US market after Jet Li's worldwide successful movies like Romeo Must Die. The rerelease ic called The Legend and contais a completely new score, an English audio track and approx. 10 min were cut out. This version was available on both the old US DVD by Buena Vista and the rerelease by Dragon Dynasty.
With the addition of a removed shot of a falling horse, this version was also released in the UK. In 2011, the German fans had the pleasure to get this version as well. While the old German VHS Version only lacks a musical number in the middle of the movie, the rerelease by Splendid does contain a much shoirter version instead of an Uncut Version...

The most likely reason is the fact that Splendid releases the movies on both BD and DVD and an uncut HD master is only available in the US so far. The German audio track has been modified to the new version so that a lot of German dialogs from the VHS are missing on the recently released German DVD.

Most of the missing scenes celebrate the HK-typical humor. Jet Li's musical number, which is also missing in the Old German VHS Version, is one of them and the ridicolous scenes with the mother are often missing, too. Odd is a little censoring in a fighting scene at the beginning. Apart from that, some scenes have just been tightened a bit.

Besides the shortened US Version on the German DVD, three different DVDs have been used for this comparison.
- HK-DVD rerelease by Universe: contains two mini cuts. Click here to read the detailed comparison. Due to the fact that this DVD contains English subs, it's probably the most popular one which is why it has been used as useful alternative to the actual comparison and it's also the source of the subs for this comparison.
- French DVD by Metropolitan: full uncut and outstanding image quality. The screenshots were taken from this DVD. Unfortunately the DVD only contains French subs plus there's no BD available of this version.
- German VHS Version on disc 2 of the new German DVD release by Splendid: at least, the release contains the Old German VHS Version as bonus on disc 2. Unfortunately it's not remastered and full screen. Has been used to list the dialogs from the cut scenes in the New German DVD Version even though a German audio tracks exists.

Many thanks to Mr. White for the different DVDs to make the comparison!

Time index refers to
US Version on the New German DVD in PAL / HK DVD in NTSC.
The length of the missing footage are in PAL.

Please note: the dialogs from the old German VHS are in German. To make it easier to compare, the German dialogs have been retranslated into English because reported speech would be too confusing here.

Different company logos and credits at the beginning.
By using the Metropolitian logo, the French DVD contains one more logo than the HK DVD.

German DVD (US Version) 25.8 sec longer than the HK-DVD

US VersionFrench Uncut DVD

04:38 / 04:23-04:26

A little montage with fast cuts of the guy getting skinned. Further guys come closer.

2.8 sec

20:25 / 20:53-21:10

Shot of Fong's mom Miu Tsui Fa dancing in slow motion to her husband's poem. The US Version goes on with the shot of her standing quietly to the wall.

16.6 sec

21:07 / 21:54-24:10

After the residents recognized Tiger Lui's new banner, the US Version lacks a longer scene. Barely noticable because the US Version continues with Lui's speech to the crowd immediately.

Lui shows up with his assistant who says about the hung up banners: "Master, how is my writing? Once it is hung out, see, so many people are gathered around it."

Ting Ting arrives: "I don't want to select my husband through the kung-fu competition."
Lui: "Stop bothering me."
Ting Ting: "If you force me, I will run away."
Lui: "Shut up, or I will beat you to death. Damn it!"
Siu Wan interferes: "Maybe you should deal with Ting Ting in gentler way."
Lui replies to her: "When I am talking, you shut up. I do this to impress the local people. If I don't get better status here. Do you understand?"
Someone in the crowd starts laughing and Lui angrily asks: "Why are you laughing? I am not play acting! Damn it!"

Audio track German VHS:

Assistant: "Look, Master. How do you like your banners? Since there up, the people gather."
Ting Ting: "Father, I don't want to choose a husband that way."
Lui: "Stop bothering me!"
Ting Ting: "I'm gonna run if you make me to!"
Lui: "Shut up brat, or else! Ungrateful sewer rat!"
Siu Wan : "Master, you should treat Ting Ting more friendly."
Lui: "When I speak, you're silent! That's the only way for me to impress the people. I need to enhance my standing, do you get that?"
He reacts to the laughing: "Why are you laughing? I'm not your class clown! Black-headed gull!"

Then a shot of Miu. She's doing her hair but a little incident with the glow pencil happens - her head's temporary on fire.

Sai-Yuk sneaks into the room and asks his mother about the hot pencil: "Can you stand it?"
Miu: "Sure! I can still stand it."
Sai-Yuk: "Really? Alright. I'll try again."
He handles a huge glowing pencil in her hair. To be more specific: he tries to curl her hair.
Miu: "Son, does it work? What's wrong? Isn't it alright? It's like barbecue!"
Sai-Yuk: "Sure, I saw foreigners do this."
Miu: "Do this to my eyebrow later, alright?"
Sai-Yuk: "Sure, anywhere can do."
Miu: "It's awful! Would your dad like and recite poem to me?"
Sai-Yuk: "He will love it! May be he will recite an English poem."
Miu: "English poem? May be, I would be more excited. How is English poem?"
Sai-Yuk: "I know, say, 'Wonderful...'"
Miu: "How do you know it?"
Sai-Yuk: "I am taught by Josephine Siao."
The father from the off: "Sai Yuk..."
Miu panics: "Hurry up, your dad is back. Quick! Shit! My hubby!"
Sai-Yuk reaches for the pencil, which is still way too hot, and puts it on the hair without cooling down before. Smoke goes up.
Father: "What are you doing?"
Miu: "Honey, don't come in. I want to show you something nice."
Sai-Yuk: "Mom, sit down, don't move."
Again the father from the off: "Sai Yuk!"
Miu: "Wait, don't come in. I'll be pretty soon."
Now the smoke turns into a flame and clueless Sai-Yuk says: "Shit..."
Miu: "What is it?"
Sai-Yuk: "It's on fire. On fire!"
Sai-Yuk lows out the fire with water. As a result of that, Miu's hair is ruined. The father comes in at that exact moment: "What happened?"
Sai-Yuk comes up with an excuse: "None of my business. I'm going to study."
Father: "I am going to town, what do you want to buy?"
Miu doesn't react and he leaves her alone with a sighing.
Miu swears to herself: "It's such a nice hairstyle! Damn it!"

Audio track German VHS:

Sai-Yuk: "Mom, you certain you gonna make it?"
Miu: "Course I am."
Sai-Yuk: "All right, I'm gonna continue!"
Miu: "Good. You doing it right? It's supposed to look terrific. At least it smells awful."
Sai-Yuk: "The long noses' wives do it the same way."
Miu: "Then you take care of my eyebrows."
Sai-Yuk: "Fine. You want me to curl them?"
Miu: "The smell's terrible! What dou you thing Fong Sai-Yuk? Is your father gonna read another poem for us?"
Sai-Yuk: "He's so delighted he's gonna read an English poem."
Miu: "An English poem, how exotic. What English poetry sounds like?"
Sai-Yuk: "They say it's wonderful, romantic and powerful."
Miu: "How do you know?"
Sai-Yuk: "Well..."
Father from the off: "Fong Sai-Yuk!"
Miu: "Your father calls. Hurry up. Chop-chop! He's coming."
Father from the off: "What are you doing in there?"
Miu: "Wait, just wait sec. You gonna be surprised."
Sai-Yuk: "Hold it! Don't you move!"
Father from the off: "Fong Sai-Yuk!"
Miu: "We gonna be finished in a sec. You gonna be surprised when you see this."
Sai-Yuk: "Ah, help! Fire, you're on fire!"
Miu: "What's up? Fire, ahh!"
Father standing at the door: "What happened here?"
Sai-Yuk: "I don't know either. I have to learn."
Father: "I'm gonna go in town. You need anything?"
Miu: "Ah, I had such a nice haircut."

130.7 sec in total

21:25 / 24:29-24:36

Lui adds: "If anybody can defeat my wife, Lee Siu Wan, he can marry my daughter, Lui Ting Ting."

Audio track German VHS:

"The one of you who can defeat my wife, the adorable Lee Siu Wan, gets my beautiful daughter Ting-Ting."

6.8 sec

23:10 / 26:25-26:36

The profile shot is longer. Sai-Yuk's friends also ask: "Sai Yuk, what should we do?"
Sai-Yuk: "Well... Keep on studying."
The friends can't accept that: "Are you kidding?"
Sai-Yuk: "My dad is in. If he knows that, he'll kill me."
The following shot lacks its beginning with Macu showing up in the background.

Audio track German VHS:

Friend: "Sai-Yuk, you want to take part in the fight as well?"
Sai-Yuk: "Well, I'm gonna keep leraning."
Friend: "What? You gotta be kidding me."
Sai-Yuk: "My father watches me carefully. I'm gonna be in serious trouble if I leave."

10.6 sec

24:55 / *28:26-28:34*

Unfortunately, the HK DVD is cut here which is why the comparison of this scene has been made with the German VHS and the French DVD - the missing scene from the HK DVD follows immediately.

In the Uncut Version, Lui says after Sai-Yuk's introduction: "No bad-looking boy, but first my wife must put you to the test."
Sai-Yuk replies: "I'll try!"

Audio track German VHS:

Lui: "I heard about you. You don't look unlikable either. But are you good enough to fight my fight my wife and win?"
Sai-Yuk: "I'll try!"

10.1 sec (French DVD)

Missing scene on the HK-DVD
*24:55-25:00* / 28:34

Lui's first comment to Sai-Yuk was in it but Sai-Yuk's reaction is missing (also missing in the US Version). Furthermore the last shot of Lui, which is in the US Version, is also missing. He challenges his wife: "Siu Wan, run against him!"

+ 7.3 sec (French DVD)

30:59 / 34:48-35:03

The scene continues. Miu meets a guy who bets on the fights. He's the one who makes her aware that Sai-Yuk has just lost the fight.

The guy doesn't believe her: "You're exaggerating!"
The boy replies: "That's why I have some extra customers."
The guy gives him some money before he sends him away: "I want to make another bet. Let's see who will be the final winner."
Miu interferes: "If you want to win, get my son to fight."
A second guy intervenes: "It's useless, Fong Sai Yuk just lost. How dare he claim himself the Outstanding Youth in Canton. I think you are no longer number one here."

Audio track German VHS:

Guy: "So you do take bets?"
Boy: "Yes. You still got the chance to win big time."
Guy: "Good. Then I bet one more thaler and now I'm outta here."
Miu: "You wanna win, my son needed to step up for you."
2nd Guy: "That can only be a bad joke. Fong Sai-Yuk has just lost and he calls hmiself "Big hero of Canton". Your family is done here forever."

14.2 sec

31:37 / 35:43-35:52

The reaction to Miu's question for the mother-in-law's name is shorter.

The crowd clamors: "Don't fell shy."
Siu Wan: "I am Mrs. Lui, the mother of Lui Ting Ting. If you can defeat me, I'll be your mother-in-law."

Audio track German VHS:

No crowd but Siu says: "I'm Tiger Lu's wife and Ting-Ting's mother. You beat me in a fight, I'm gonna become your mother-in-law."

9 sec

31:52 / 36:08-36:14

The beginning of the shot has been removed. Miu reacts to Luis' comment: "Damn it! Read my lips, it should be... D-A-M-N I-T!"

Audio track German VHS:

"You there, watch your mouth! If you think you can chase us, you're barking up the wrong tree."

5.8 sec

32:03 / 36:25-36:28

Lui keeps nagging: "Is your Kung-fu powerful...?"

Audio track German VHS:

"Why all the talking? Show us that you can fight."

3 sec

32:29 / 36:55-36:57

A missing comment of Miu's during the fight: "Madam, why did you hold my leg?"

Audio track German VHS:

"Havin' fun holding the leg?"

1.6 sec

33:56 / 38:28-39:07

The scene is longer: Miu gets forced to get her "prize".

She reacts casually to Luis' complaints first: "Read my lips. I DON'T WANT HER!"
Suddenly she's surrounded by sisters and Lui says: "You joined the competition, you must marry my daughter. Or I will ask the governor to arrest you!"
Miu: "Damn!"
Lui: "Damn what?"
Miu: "Don't touch my face! If you ruin my face..."
Lui is up to sth. else. He pushes her against the table and puts her fingers on the contract: "I want you finger print. So you won't deny the deal. Press on it."

Audio track German VHS:

Miu: "Look at me: I don't want a wife."
Lui: "You won here today. So you're either going to marry my gaughter or I's gonna arrange your arrest."
Miu: "Go to hell!"
Lui: "Why to hell? What am I supposed to do there?"
Miu: "Please don't carve my face. If you carve my face...."
Lui: "Gimme your thumb! I need you to sign."

37.6 sec

34:58 / 40:12-40:20

Lui reminds two of his henchmen, who are standing in front of a door, at the beginning of the seacrh: "I told you to search, what are you looking for? Go search!"

Audio track German VHS:

"I said you should look for it! What are you going there? Get lost, fast! Stupid infantry!"

8 sec

35:18 / 40:41-40:46

Luis' first reaction to the so-called accident is missing: "What? At least there is corpse."
Miu: "It's burnt."

Audio track German VHS:

Lui: "What accident? And where's the body?"
Miu: "It's burned."

5 sec

38:35-38:36 / 44:11

The HK DVD is based on a flawed master.

+ 1.2 sec

38:56 / 44:32-45:09

Siu Wan also speaks about her past which explains why she admits to having feelings for Sai-Yuk's so-called brother. The remaining part of the scene after the last sentence is in the US Version as well.

Siu: "In fact, our situations are the same. I was taken as Tiger's maid at 12. I have been his concubine since I was 16. I am the same as you. I have had no romance before marriage."
Sai-Yuk: "How come? You are happy at least, you are willing to marry him."
Siu: "I am forced to do so. These 20 years, I think I am happy. I married a rich husband, and have a good daughter. After seeing your brother on stage. I realize that I am cheating myself."

Audio track German VHS:

Siu: "We're in a similar situation. I got hired as servant by Tiger when I was 12. I became his concubine when I was 16. It's just the same with you and me. He didn't ??? for me."
Sai-Yuk: "I see a difference. You loved your master and intended to get married. I got forced into the marriage."
Siu: "The last 20 years I thought I was happy. I was happy to have a rich husband and an adorable daughter. But when I met my brother, I realized sth. important was missing."

36 sec

39:40 / 45:56-48:15

The scene at night is longer. Tiger Lui arrives at Sai-Yuk's.

Sai-Yuk mumbles: "Actually, my brother is..."
Lui arrives and scares / interrupts him. 'He says: "I know you are better than your brother."
Sai-Yuk replies: "Oh, it's you! What do you want?"
Lui: "Nothing, I just want you to know that, I, Tiger Lui is a man of virtuous persuasion. I don't want to make you to be my son-in-law by force. We should explore each other's merits. Maybe, we shall find we have many common interests."
Sai-Yuk: "Common interests? Really?"
Sai-Yuk shakes him while saying that, then he leaves.
Lui mumbles to himself: "Virtuous persuasion. Virtuous persuasion..."

Audio track German VHS:

Sai-Yuk: "Actually my brother's..."
Lui: "Yeah, I'm well aware of your being a much better fighter than your brother."
Sai-Yuk: "Tiger Lui, what do you want?"
Lui: "I want nothing. You should just know that I'm a man with lots of persuasive power and as result of that I'm not gonna force you into becoming my son-in-law. At first we should get to know each other better. Exchange our interests. Perhaps we gonna figure out we have common interests. What do you think?'"
Sai-Yuk: "You believe we had common interests? Really?"
Lui: "I'm gonna convince you as well."

Then the scene also missing in the Old German VHS Version follows: the next morning, Sai-Yuk is singing an annoying song for his new father-in-law. He also makes noises with a pot. Lui responds by hitting a gong and singing louder. Siu Wan and the other employees try to not hear the noises until the two finally give it up.

133.2 sec

40:13 / 48:49-49:06

Extended shot of talking Miu who reveals a pretty devilish stupid plan: "I will save you tonight. Then, we will burn our house. They will think that both of us are dead, right? Then we will go to town for your dad. Let's cheat them for the rest for their live. We'll never come back. No one will know anything."
In the end, she laughs maniacally.

Audio track German VHS:

"I'm gonna free you tonight. Then we gonna torch the house to make fake our own death, you got it? We never return. No one's ever gonna look for us..."

16.4 sec

44:06 / 53:08-53:18

Extended shot of Sai-Yuk running around. She realizes via off: "If I leave like this, I can never seen Miss Chan again."
He yells pretty loud: "Fong Sai Yuk is here, come and get him. Fong Sai Yuk is here, come!"

Audio track German VHS:

"I leave now, I might never see you again. Guys, Fong Sai-Yuk is here! He's expecting you! Fong Sai-Yuk is here, hello!"

8.7 sec

44:36 / 53:49-55:13

After Lui's conversation with the Governor, a goofy scene with Miu who tries to free Fong with a trick is missing. She patched herself up and claims her husband was beating her up but she fails. But her wish is going to be answered when she threatens to hurt herself in front of Tiger Lui's eyes. But due to an accident, she gets hurt anyway.

Miu knees down: "Help me!
Lui: "What?"
Miu: "My husband returned from town yesterday. He did not see his son and got angry with me. He punished me. Look, he beat me up. He burnt my hand. Alas! Poor me!"
Lui: "None of my business!"
Miu: "I just want let Sai Yuk meet his dad, just one day will do, one day only."
Lui: "If Mr. Fong really misses his son, he may come and visit him. Or, come and live here...for as long as you like."
Miu: "You are too cruel. Well, I will kill myself in front of you. Where is the wall? Where is the wall?"
Siu Wan holds her back: "Don't do that!"
Then she turns to her husband: "Master, just let Sai Yuk come back for one day."
Lui: "I don't believe she will bump her head against the wall. Let her try. I'm sure she won't."
Miu: "Okay, I will die in front of you. Tai Yuk... Tai Yuk...? Tai Yuk, mom is going to die. Master, you are man of virtuous persuasion, aren't you?"
Mentioning Tai Yuk brings Siu Wan to the scene. She holds her tight and her husband retreats.
Lui: "A man of virtuous persuasion, right! Take him home now, bring him back tomorrow."
Siu lets Wan go while saying that and Miu barges against the wall. Due of the bang, the participants look around and find damaged Miu hanging on a tree.

Audio track German VHS:

Miu: "Please help me, Mr. Lui."
Lui: "How am I supposed to help?"
Miu: "My spouse returned from town yesterday and hit me because his son wasn't home. On the head and the back and he burned my hand. It was terrible, please protect me"
Lui: "What could I do for you?"
Miu: "Quite frankly, let Fong Sai-Yuk visit his father. Just for a day, onl one single day."
Lui: "If Mr. Fong really misses his son that much, he's warmly invited to visit him here. Our families are going to be united soon because of the marriage and he can stick around as long as he wants."
Miu: "You wanna steal my husband from me? Okay, then I'm gonna kill myself in front of your eyes. You'll see. Where's a wall I can lean at? Where's a wall?"
Siu Wan: "Please don't do this. Good spouse, let Fong Sai-Yuk go home."
Lui: "I don't believe she's gonna beat her head against a stone wall. Not gonna happen. Don't worry. She wouldn't let it go that far."
Miu: "Alright, I'm gonna kill myself now. Tai Yuk! Your mother's gonna smash herself at this wall now!"
Lui: "Okay, I retreat. Please tell her it's enough."

80.6 sec

58:27 / 69:39-70:02

Between Tiger Luis's speech, Miu finds herself confrontated with the unpleasant wish that her character Tai Yuk is supposed to show up at the wedding.

Siu Wan: "Can you ask Tai Yuk to come along too?"
Miu spits her drink out / on her.
Lui says (the following distance shot starts also earlier btw): "It doesn't matter, I am a man of righteousness. I don't mind that! It doesn't matter. Let's rest now. There will be many guests coming to our party. Let's take a good rest to meet our guests tomorrow."

Audio track German VHS:

Siu: "You gonna invite your son Tai-Yuk to the marriage, too?"
Miu: "Excuxe me..."
Lui: "Listen, that's alright. I'm a very generous man. Spitat my wife, I don't care... Okay, enough. That's it. We should all rest a bit. We expect lots of guests at the celebration. That's why we outta be relaxed to welcome them the way they deserve."

22 sec

59:19 / 70:56-71:16

Some more dialog at the table plus lame excuses from Miu.

Siu: "How about your clients? Aren't they your friends?"
Miu: "No, they aren't our friends. If not, I won't sell them bad cloth. Or I charge them with unreasonable prices. Selling cloth is more or less similar to running a brothel. If a client wants to buy, we are willing to sell. It won't do to become affectionate. So, we don't have friends. Am I right? Perfect!"
Sai-Yuk and his father agree, Lui and Siu Wan look confused.

Audio track German VHS:

Siu: "What about your business partners? Didn't you invite them?"
Miu: "Of course I do have clients but I wouldn't call them friends. I'm selling them pulpy overpriced cloth. Cloth dealers are similar to hookers in many ways. The client demands a commodity, I'm ready to sell. But feelings have nothing to do in that business so we don't have friendships with clients, right?"

19 sec

65:10-65:21 / 77:22-77:47

Some cuts were made here and the montage of the remaining footage is different as well. It takes Sai-Yuk longer to find Bo's hung up body in the Original Version. When the guards get up, the versions are equalized again.
To be more specific: further shots of walking Sai-Yuk are missing and so is one of his shocked friend Sing.

Only the Original Version contains a conversation between Sai-Yuk and Sing.
Sing: "He was beaten to death. And his corpse is hanging at the East Gate. Sai Yuk, forgive me. I am scared."
Sai-Yuk: "I won't blame you. I lost a friend, I don't want to lose you."

Audio track German VHS:

Sing: "He died from his injuries. The body got hung up the east entrance. Fong Sai-Yuk, forgive me. Forgive me, I was so scared."
Sai-Yuk: "I'm not blaming you. I lost a friend, I don't wanna lose you, too."

US Version

Original Version

Original Version 13.6 sec longer

Missing scene on the HK DVD
*71:41-71:46* / 84:23

Now the second cut in the HK Version: after injured Siu Wan sent Sai-Yuk and Ting-Ting out of the tent, a shot of them standing in the rain in front of the tent is missing.

The shot's also in the US Version.

+ 5.2 sec (French DVD)

77:54 / 90:46-90:57

Extended shot of the Governor speaking with Sai-Yuk's father.

Governor: "I ask you where are the men of the Red Flower Society?"
Father: "When there is air, there are members of Red Flower Society. How many can you kill?"
Governor: "Okay, I will kill as many as I can."

Audio track German VHS:

Governor: "I ask you what are the names of the other traitors?"
Father: "Each and everyone who breathes in China is part of it. Can you kill all of them?"
Governor: "Yes. I'm gonna kill you one after another."

10.5 sec

81:30 / 94:43-94:53

Shots of the opponents in pose. The Governor says: "I used 30% of my power last time. I think you are so gifted in kung-fu, that I want to introduce you to serve our government. But, I don't think there is a chance now."

Audio track German VHS:

Governor: "Now you know my art. But you're a worthy opponent, you'd make a good carrer in politics. Bummer, you're not gonna get the chance."

10.4 sec


The US Version contains English credits, the Original Version Asian credits.

US VersionFrench Uncut DVD

Finally an image comparison. Unfortunately the shortened US Version is the winner but the French DVD is second at least.

French DVD


New German DVD - US Version

New German DVD - Old German VHS

Cover shortened German DVD that can be flipped (US Version + Old German VHS Version):

Cover of the equally shortened old US DVD by Buenavista:

Cover of the equally shortened new US DVD by Dragon Dynasty:

Cover of the almost unncut HK DVD by Universe (rerelease):

Cover of the uncut French DVD Metropolitan: