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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Dec 24, 2014 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Tammy, who has just lost her job at a fast food restaurant, drives home and finds her husband enjoying a romantic with the neighbor. She packs her very few things and goes to her parents who live three houses away with her grandmother Pearl. Her mother refuses to make a car available in order to drive to Niagara Falls. Her grandmother on the other hand has her own car and enough cash to finance the trip. To not let her go alone, Tammy decides to take her grandmother. But the trip turns out to be tricky. On their way, Tammy finds out that her grandmother has a huge drinking problem - despite her diabetes. Tammy quickly finds herself being her grandmother's babysitter. From searching love at a bar to robbing a restaurant in order to bail her grandmother out, the audience watches Tammy stumbling from slip-up to another.

Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut (both available on the Canadian Blu-ray by Warner).

Running time:
Theatrical Version: 96:45 minutes NTSC including end credit
Extended Cut: 100:35 minutes NTSC including end credit

3 minutes and 50 seconds are missing.


3 additional scenes: 2 minutes and 34 seconds
6 extended scenes: 1 minute and 16 seconds
Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
At summer camp, Tammy is jet-skiing on the lake. In the Extended Cut, she does it a little longer.

2 sec

Tammy: "One Hand!"

Same Scene a Little Later:
A short, harmless comment has been removed from the Theatrical Version.

5 sec

Tammy: "Yeah! Enjoy my spray! Because I'm spraying you!"

Additional Scene in the Extended Cut:
After Tammy managed to wreck the Jet Ski, she has been antagonized by the person who runs the camp. Consequently, her grandmother has to pay for it. At least, one now owns an almost new but fully operational Jet Ski. In retrospect, the first stop for gas is missing.

1 min and 4 sec

Tammy: "There we go. How much you put in?"
Pearl: "Thirty bucks of gas, and we won 10 Dollars."
Tammy: "Ooh, halfsies. Hey, hang on, I wanna clean out the junk in this... On the floor. Wait a minute. There's garbage all over the floor. You're taking your old-people pills and stuff, right?"
Pearl: "Yeah. I don't need them, but, um, I'm taking them."
Tammy: "Wait a minute, let me get up all this junk."
Pearl: "We should frame this."
Tammy: "Okay, come on, get in."

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
When continuing the journey, grandma Pearl states she had to use the facilities.

6 sec

Pearl: "I have to pee."
Tammy: "Why didn't you go at the gas station? I'm gonna pull over. You can go in the woods."
Pearl: "Oh, no. No way."

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
At a roadhouse, Tammy shows her grandmother the eagle sculpture. A small part of their conversation is missing in the Theatrical Version.

21 sec

Tammy: "Do you believe that?"
Pearl: "No."
Tammy: "Right?"
Pearl: "Right."
Tammy: "It's amazing. America, huh?"
Pearl: "Really, yeah."
Tammy: "Yeah. It says he carved it with a chainsaw. Do you believe that?"
Pearl: "I do."
Tammy: "I can't believe that's possible. You do that with a chainsaw and create that kind of artwork, the end. You just... I think you should just slam that chainsaw down and be like: 'Look what I did.'"

Extended Scene including Alternate Footage in the Extended Cut:
At a bar, Tammy is trying to get some strange so she hits on two guys. In the Extended Cut, she does it more explicit plus she gives them the finger.

11 sec

Tammy: "You wanna buy me a drink and slide some parts around? Like that? Is that what you want?"
Man: "I, um..."
Tammy: "You wanna buy me some drinks and get up in this?"

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene including Alternate Footage
Shortly before Tammy robs the fast restaurant [i]Topper jack's[/i] in order to get enough money to bail out her grandma, she dances to hip hop in the parking lot. The Extended Cut is few seconds longer. But contrary to the Theatrical Version, she does not grab her crotch.

6 sec

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
After Tammy locked the two employees in the cold storage room and professionally secured it with a wooden spoon, she makes herself a nutritious cold beverage.

25 sec

Additional Scene in the Extended Cut:
Tammy intends to take her grandmother to Niagara Falls. That is why she picks up her Toyota Corolla at her parents and gets some food to go by her mom.

25 sec

Tammy: "We're gonna spend tonight at Lenore's and get up early and drive straight to Niagara Falls."
Deb: "Call me when you get to Leonore's."
Tammy: "All right, I will mom."
Deb: "Don't forget."
Tammy: "Mom, I've got it, okay?"
Deb: "Okay, great. Stay hydrated."
Tammy: "All right. Ah. Okay. Well, thanks for fixing up my car, Dad."
Don: "No problem. Just don't rob anybody in it."
Tammy: "I'm not gonna rob anybody in it."

Additional Scene During the End Credits of the Extended Cut:
There are some additional scenes during the end credits. The Extended Cut contains some more.
Tammy is working as a waitress at some restaurant and gives dietary advice to a customer.

45 sec

Tammy: "Hey, man. How are you doing?"
Gast: "Hey. Good."
Tammy: "What can I get for you?"
Gast: "I'm gonna have the iced tea and the the full rack of the pork ribs."
Tammy: "The full rack, that's a lot of sodium. You wanna think about going the half?"
Gast: "Oh. Uh, no, I'm gonna get the full rack."
Tammy: "I'm gonna say no. I'm gonna say let's, together, make a better choice. How about salmon? Give you a little cup of BBQ sauce on the side to spice it up. Betterchoice, still got zip."
Gast: "I'm gonna do the ribs."
Tammy: "How's your cholesterol"
Gast: "It's a concern. It's p there, but..."
Tammy: "Oh, Jesus. I'm gonna take away the barbecue sauce."
Gast: "Oh, man."
Tammy: "All right? Poom. You're gonna thank me later. I'm gonna fill that up for you."
Gast: "Can I?..."

Same End Credits a Little Later:
Keith Morgan, owner of a [i]Topper jack's[/i] store, canned Tammy at the beginning of the movie. During the end credits, Tammy's father Keith confronts him.

12 sec

Keith: "You have got to stop yawning so much, Charlotte."
Don: "Are you Keith?"
Keith: "I'm Keith."
Don: "Poom!"
Keith: "Help me Charlotte."

Same End Credits a Little Later:
The end credits of the Extended Cut.

8 sec