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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 16, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Owen Peadman (Jason Mewes) is a talented barkeeper from Minnesota. He travels to Los Angeles, where he wants to participate in a contest. He could use the money in order to save his father's bar. However, the corrupt jury gives the prize to someone else.
This means that he has to get the money some other way. His homosexual uncle Earl (David Keith) comes up with a plan to become paparazzi and follow Hollywood's high society around. They sneak after the up and coming actor Hayden Field (Brian Hallisay) hoping to uncover a scandal they can blackmail him with, but it becomes complicated when Owen starts developing romantic feelings for Hayden's girlfriend Lisa Mancini.

Does this movie need a Director's Cut? We will rather not comment on that... As it is, the Director's Cut does not offer anything new anyway. The only thing that was added are a few more shots showing some naked skin and mostly fake bodyparts.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (DVD) and the Director's Cut (DVD).

Running times:
theatrical Version: 84:21 Min. PAL (incl. ending credits)
Director's Cut: 85:45 Min. PAL (incl. ending credits)

Total difference in running time: 1 minute and 24 seconds
Extended Scene:
Uncle Earl and Lisa can be seen entering the night club longer, just at that moment a girl is showing her breasts to Hayden Field.

6 sec.

Extended Scene:
There are some more breasts to be seen during the following party.

2 sec.

The same scene:
And breasts again.

28 sec.

The same scene:
When Hayden asks him how he is, Owen answers that he does not like the party that much.

3 sec.

Extended Scene:
Opening the wrong door results in the group walking in on a couple having sex.

11 sec.

Extended Scene:
The next morning. Everybody is hung over, only Nick appears in a good mood and with a voluptous blonde. He talks about his idea to have sex on a live web site. Again, breasts can be seen.

34 sec.