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  • R-Rated
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Release: Jun 02, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The pretty shallow and slow thriller "Poison Ivy" was released in two versions in the USA, one rated R, the other unrated. Both cuts are featured on the US-DVD. As expected, the erotic-scenes were censored in the R-rated version, but there were also other changes made. The film only exists to lure in some audience who were driven by voyeurism with drawing card Drew Barrymore anyway, so the R-rated version misses any raison d'Ítre due to the erotic-scenes having been cut.

The censored R-rated version has been compared to the uncensored and unrated version, both contained on the US-DVD by New Line.
The R-rated version misses a scene after Ivy and Sylvie returned from the Tattoo-studio. A small part of the conversation is featured as a voice-over during the previous scenes (Sylvie leans on a tire in the wagon's cargo deck) - only in the unrated version, of course.

Sylvie: Maybe I should bleach my hair, change my life, you know? Platinum.
Ivy: Ah, I think youíd look like a little scangie ho.
Sylvie: Iím a geek.
Ivy: Youíre beautiful.
Sylvie: Really?
Ivy: I promise.
Sylvie: Do you think Iíll ever have big tits? I mean, girls with curly hair usually have big tits, donít they?
Ivy: Well, late bloomers always turn out best anyhow.
Sylvie: Donít patronize me, Ivy.
Ivy: Iím not patronizing you. Iím loving you.
Sylvie (laughs sceptically): You love me?
Ivy (turns Sylvie's head to her): I love you.
Sylvie (hardly serious): Well, I love you, too.
Then Icy kisses Sylvie's mouth slightly and softly (probably the main reason this scene is missing).
Sylvie: Letís go
60.5 Sec.

R-Rated: 0:36:10
Unrated: 0:36:35
The R-rated version also misses a rather long plot scene. At night, Ivy meets Sylvie's father in the hallway. He doesn't wear his hairpiece. They talk a little:
Ivy: Whoa. Phenomenal.
Father: I, uhÖ
Ivy (interrupts him and touches his head): Can explain?
The father takes the hand off his head and laughs.
Ivy continues: I like fuzzy things, like peaches and kiwis and hostess snow balls. I like you like this. I think it makes you lookÖ
Father: Ivy, Iíve--
Ivy (interrupts him again): More like a person. You know, when I first met you, I thought Iíd be intimidated by you. I never met anybody on TV before. But nowÖ Youíre more real. See?
Then Icy strokes the plaster on the father's hand and kisses it. Then she continues to flatter him.
Ivy: I bet whoever bandaged it forgot to do that.
Then she leaves.
70.4 sec.

Alternative footage
R-Rated: 0:46:36
Unrated: 0:46:35

The shot showing Ivy stroking the crotch of Sylvie's father with her foot is interrupted in the unrated-version by another shot in which he strokes her thighs. The R-rated version on the other hand shows the foot in the crotch all the time. The unrated version misses 12 frames of this shot. The unrated version is much longer due to the cut to Ivy's thighs, though.

R-Rated: 0.5 sec.
Unrated: 4.1 sec.


R-Rated: 0:46:40
Unrated: 0:46:43
The R-rated version misses another shot of Ivy's thighs and also one more shot of her foot in the crotch of Sylvie's father.
8.6 sec.

R-Rated: 0:47:07
Unrated: 0:47:19
Several shots of Ivy having her head fall back in excitement and Sylvie's father putting his head between her thighs (only hinted subtly) are missing. Ivy excitedly grabs his hair and below his shirt.
25.3 sec.

Alternative footage
R-Rated: 1:00:10
Unrated: 1:00:41
In the unrated version, the shot of Sylvie's father and Ivy kissing on the hood in the forest is being interrupted by a shot of her naked belly. Sylvie's father then moves his hand below her shirt and strokes her breasts.

The R-rated version on the other hand only has this one shot of the two kissing. The unrated version misses 20 frames of this shot, all in all it is much longer, though.

R-Rated: 0.8 sec.
Unrated: 12.7 sec.


R-Rated: 1:20:12
Unrated: 1:20:06
In the unrated version, Sylvie flees longer out of the hospital. She runs down a long corridor and then runs up the steps leading outisde.
16.2 sec.

Alternatives Bildmaterial
R-Rated: 1:21:53
Unrated: 1:22:15
Different footage is shown as Sylvie busts her father and Ivy having sex. Specifically, the part in which she speechlessly walks toward the two was changed.
In the unrated version, the shot in which Sylvie walks toward them interrupted by another shot in which you see her father and Ivy blurred in the foreground. This shot is not featured in the R-rated version at all. Here, the shot of Sylvie walking towards them is shown without interruption, which is why the unrated version misses some frames of this shot.

R-Rated: 7.2 sec.
Unrated: 8.1 sec.


Alternative footage
R-Rated: 1:21:59
Unrated: 1:22:24
Here, the R-rated version is much more harmless than the unrated one:

The unrated version shows several shots of Sylvie's father, standing very well visible behind Ivy and having intercourse with her. Several edits to staggered Sylvie take place as well as inserts to the father and Ivy. Finally, Ivy's hand on the father's thigh is shown. Her leg, spread open and leaning on the piano as well. The father puts his hand on hers.

In the R-rated version, Ivy and the father are only shown completely blurred and vaguely shown in the foreground as Sylvie walks towards them.
Then, a shot of Ivy's hand on the father's thigh is shown, too. This shot is an alternative one as well - especially noticable because you cannot see Ivy's spread leg on the piano.

R-Rated: 19.6 sec.
Unrated: 32.1 sec.