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Dead Pit

original title: Dead Pit, The


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 22, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut R-rated version by Imperial Entertainment Corp has been compared to the uncut and unrated version by Code Red Entertainment.

Director Brett Leonard's (The Lawnmower Man, Feed) first work is a nicely bloody, dark oldschool horrorfilm from the 80s with good and partly pretty drastic splatter scenes. The German VHS-version is cut beyond belief. The US-VHS, which received an R-rating, is less mutilated. Mainly the most violent parts are affected. This version was released in lousy fullscreen, though, while the US-DVD contains the movie with very good anamorph image quality.
02:14 There are a few frames missing of one shot as Dr. Ramzi sticks a needle directly next to one of his patients' eye. The next shot is missing completely in the R-rated version (RV)
2 sec.

06:42 The unrated version (UV) shows the man's exposed brain as Dr. Swan looks at him more closely and how Swan gets sick.
5.8 sec.

07:01 Shots of the bloody corpse in the spotlight of a dangling lamp.
4 sec.

23:10 The UV shows Jane getting hosed in her dream slightly longer.
0.1 sec.

23:12 Ditto.
0.1 sec.

23:16 Ditto.
0.2 sec.

23:19 Ditto.
0.1 sec.

26:59 Ramzi stabs a needle next to nurse Robbins' eye.
2.4 sec.

27:00 Another shot of her.
0.9 sec.

40:04 As the care worker finds dead bud, a shot of the terrified looking care worker and then a shot of Bud's face are missing. A driller is stuck in his eye.
2.5 sec.

60:05 After Ramzi let Robbins' body fall to the ground, you can see her face longer. Then cut to Ramzi followed by another view of the body.
2.8 sec.

61:31 End of a view of Bud's corpse. Then, terrified looking Jane and subsequently another close-up shot of Bud's face.
3.4 sec.

68:04 A policeman's top of the skull gets ripped off.
1.3 sec.

68:06 An undead grabs into the exposed skull.
1.2 sec.

73:23 Swan looks terrified, then cut to Robbins, who walks towards Swan with Ms. Kyagr's brain in her hands.
6.4 sec.

81:14 You see two undeads "playing" with brains.
3,3 Sek.

86:32 Ramzi sticks a needle into Swan's exposed brain. He starts laughing. When Ramzi twists the needle, Swan's state of mind changes.
17.7 sec.

The R-rated version shows a shot of Ramzi here.
+ 3.4 sec.

87:04 More of Ramzi's experiments on Swan's brain are missing in the R-rated version. Swan moans at that.
22.2 sec.

88:38 Shot of the needles in Swan's brain.
2.3 sec.

96:18 Shot of Ramzi's bloody face and of him drooling blood.
1.8 sec.