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Cutting Moments


  • BBFC 18
  • US-DVD
Release: Sep 06, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD (BBFC 18) and the uncut US-DVD by Image Entertainment (Unrated).

- BBFC18: 24:26 min
- Uncut: 25:33 min

- 3 cuts
- Length of cut scenes: 4,1 sec

The additional runtime difference is due to the alternative credits

The Film

Cutting Moments
in the year 1996 was the first (and probably most famous) of three short films, director Douglas Buck later united under the title of Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America.

It is about a neglected wife, who, one day, cannot stand it any more and, as a final scream for attention by her uninterested husband, mutilates herself.
Buck presents this in extremely drastic images towards the end, well-known Tom Savini was responsible for the Make-Up effects - the cover of the British DVD shows a sensational quote by him, "The sickest film I've ever seen". Nobody should expect a pure gorefest at all, because, like in Buck's other movies, the topic is primarily isolation and inability to communicate, failed family existences.
Consequently, the mood in the first three quarters of the film is very calm and nightmarish, without this excellently played beginning the bloody outburst would forfeit a lot of intensity.

The versions

In Great Britain, the controverse work was released together with four other short films by other directors, Buck's movie forms the ending and was the force behind the title of this version. One scene, though, at the behest of the BBFC, had to be cut, and thus the short close-ups as the man cuts of his wife's breasts with hedge clippers had been removed.

Only looking for the title of the here mentioned short film, one could easily assume the British DVD is the only (affordable) available DVD.
But uncut, the movie is contained on the, very advisable, US-DVD by Image Entertainment, on which the short film-trilogy by Buck was released under the above mentioned title Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America. This, as well as the contentswise similarly made sequels Home and Prologue are shown in restored and compared to the British DVD far superior quality, there is audio commentary by the director and a booklet with an essay.
For interested people most definetly the best choice.

The british version starts the movie with a knife cut through tissue (this way, every one of the five short films that are contained on the DVD are being commenced), the US-DVD first shows the movie title.

US-DVD 0,6 sec longer

Britische DVDUS-DVD


The US-DVD fades in "A Film by Douglas Buck".

3,3 sec


The clippers are being positioned at the breast.

1,6 sec


Another close-up of the breast in the pliers, after Patrick has made the respective pinch-movement.

1,2 sec


Between the view of moaning Sarah and the anew view of Patrick, who had squeezed the pliers now completely, the whole thing is shown in a close-up.

1,3 sec


You can see the little son (Joey) lying on the ground a second longer in the US-DVD - then, the first credits-editing takes place there.

In the following, you only see frames for a few seconds respectively photos of the policemen arriving at the crime scene, again traumatized Joey etc. (in the middle of it a short family video). Only in the US-DVD, after every photo there are credits-editings, that are missing completely on the British DVD like this. There, the photos are all being faded in directly one by one.

On the British DVD, each photo misses about 10 frames - but because these are rather small, subsidiary discrepancies, this was summarized in one block.

On the pictures (after the in the beginning really longer view of Joey), in extracts a few of the credits only to be seen on the US-DVD.

US-DVD 105,2 sec longer


But the British DVD subsequently features an own trailer quickly summarizing all of the five contained short films.

+ 44 sec

Concludingly, an image comparison

Britische DVDUS-DVD