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  • BBFC 18
  • US DVD
Release: Sep 02, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the shortened UK DVD and the uncut US DVD.

- 4 differences
- No difference in time

The third part of the CKY-series was heavily cut in the UK and identical to the German version. However, the British audience was a little more lucky when it comes to the second part since this release was ALMOST uncut.

Yet, the BBFC upset those plans. Thus, a "critical" stunt with a young kid had to be cut out. Additionally, the BBFC insisted to include a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie that would warn the audience and at the same time make up for the loss of runtime. Unlike the UK Version of Don't Try This At Home - The Steve-O Video, a fireworks-stunt was not cut out, yet introduced by a warning sign.

Curiously enough, the beginning of the video collection is different, yet not with any censorship background. Maybe there was a programming error when putting together the UK DVD. Additionally it has to be mentioned that the separately placed, 17 minutes long additional bonus material (which among other things includes more footage with the "Fat Fucks", a music video for the legendary track "96 Quite Bitter Beings" and some more scenes from Iceland) as well as a one minute long scene that comes before the DVD menu (Bam waking up Jess with a guitar) were - for whatever reasons - not included on the UK DVD. Thus: stay away from this one and instead get the US DVD!

Runtimes are listed as follows:
00:59-01:27 / 00:59

After the title screen the UK DVD includes another disclaimer.

+ 28.3 sec

Alternative Scene
03:48-03:57 / 03:19-03:28

This is rather curious: When Maldonado is introduced, you in the original version see him walking around longer while combing his hair. The UK versin instead shortly cuts to a shot of Bam and Brandon while fighting (a scene which roughly half a minute ago was already shown) and then continues with the second shot of Malando on the street.

No difference in time.


39:15-39:49 / 38:47-39:21

The scene with fireworks inside the van is on the UK DVD accompanied by a pretty clear warning disclaimer.


46:32 / 46:04-46:32

After the long scene with Bam and Phil and just before the "Video after the video" starts, there is another short scene with Elle Mathesson, Bam's then-girlfriend Jenn Rivell's younger daughter from her previous marraige. She is standing on a pretty high roof and talks for a while. She already mentions that she will soon jump off from a different spot. Then she jumps down and Phil catches her.

28.4 sec

At the end there is a short scene of a minor who walkrs around naked in front of a restaurant. The scene is introduced by text that reads "This is what happens when you tell Bam you'll do anything to be in CKY". After the kid's parents sued the company and thus forbade this scene from reappearing on later re-issues, it is missing in the "Remix-Version". However, it is still included on the UK-DVD.