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original title: Mie men can an zhi nie sha


  • HK Laserdisc
  • HK VHS
Release: Apr 30, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between cut Hongkong Laserdisc by Ocean Shores and the uncut Hongkong VHS by Ocean Shores

- 7 cuts
-Total cut length: 218,1 sec (= 3:38 min)

This movie can certainly be counted among the most famous and infamous Cat. III shockers and can hardly be found uncut anywhere. Only the single VHS release by Ocean Shores offers the whole movie, even other releases by same company – even with the same cover – have been cut. The same goes for any VCD, LD and DVD release. Additionally, a remastered version was published in Hongkong by Universe and in France by Metropolitan, which contains some of the footage again but was censored in other parts instead.

This comparison covers the Hongkong Laserdisc which was cut by almost four minutes and therefore more than the remastered DVD. The rapes were rather heavily altered and a major part of the missing minutes is made up by the removed scene with the whipped cream. On the other hand, however, the various approaches by the father have been cut a lot less than on the Universe DVD. The final murder of the brother is at least partially included. Interestingly, several cut shots can be seen in the trailer that follows the movie on the LD.

Thanks go to spannick, who supplied us with the rare footage!

Running times are formatted like this:
HK Laserdisc in NTSC / HK VHS in PAL

The VHS features the Ocean Shores logo and a Chinese text overlay.

22,6 sec

32:38 / 31:40-31:52

After the neighbor fell into the container with mud, Lui (no good Cat.III Film can be without Anthony Wong...) throws some of the guy’s wife’s panties down. A small joke about the panties’s smell follows.

Note: This scene can be found during a side change of the LD, which is why it cannot be said for sure that it has not been lost involuntarily.

12,5 sec

57:03 / 55:18-55:53

Fong’s slip is being pulled down violently, then her father climbs on top of her.

35,5 sec

77:37 / 75:37-77:17

After her father raped her again, the first shot is the close-up of a rope. When the camera pans down, it can be seen that Fong has been tied naked in the middle of the room. Her father throws some whipped cream on her and licks her completely body, talking about a pie made of human flesh. Fong whimpers, but this only makes him smile.

99,6 sec

77:46 / 77:26-77:36

More beer is being poured over Fong’s body.

9,6 sec

77:59 / 77:48-78:30

The rape starts and Fong’s father sings "Row your boat!"

42,7 sec

78:16 / 78:47-79:13

Again the father and the shocked Fong after her sister Ling just went back to the room. Then the rape continues and the LD only features the last thrusts.

26,1 sec

82:00 / 82:48-82:52

On the LD, Fong stabs her brother four times. Originally, the shot starts earlier and there are fourteen stabs in this shot altogether.
The final four stabs in a different shot can be seen again.

4,6 sec

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