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  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 28, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Birmingham-based Rock band "Love Meets Murder" is long past its best. While they were at the top of the charts one year ago, people now completely forgot about them. Jimmy - the band's manager - tries everything to save their careers and thus rents an abandoned music studio in the rainy middle of England. There, the band should use the silence and solitude to produce another hit album.
The music video is half-done when Jimmy suddenly has to smooth down differences between band members. Still, it looks like they will succeed and they slowly start to celebrate - until they suddenly come across the naked corpse of Julia who was tortured with a carving knife. From now on they have to be careful, since a violent killer is on the loose who decimates the young Rock'n'Roll musicians and their team. The few survivors have to fight for their lives.

Just like many other Slasher movies of the past few months, "Deadtime" faced problems when the British Board of Film Classification rated it. Due to the fact that violence which involves sexuality seems to be out of question for the censors at the BBFC, the movie had to be toned down in order to receive a rating. One scene with explicit sexual violence was replaced with alternative material.

For this report we compared the UK version (BBFC 18) with the US version (Unrated).

BBFC 18: 98:44 min. NTSC (not including credits)
Unrated: 98:49 min. NTSC (not including credits)

Overall, the UK version misses out on 5 seconds of 1 scene.


1 extended scene in the Unrated version: 5 seconds
1 scene with alternative footage without any difference in time
Additional Logo in the Unrated Version:
The logo of Midnight Releasing is not shown in the UK version.

5 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Young Julia is the killer's first victim. He kills her by thrusting the knife between her legs. While the UK version shows alternative footage of Julia's face, the Unrated version shows how the killer turns hte knife and blood splashes out of the wound.

No difference in time.

BBFC 18Unrated