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Phenomena (aka Creepers)

original title: Phenomena


  • R-Rated
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 31, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana, Victor, DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US VHS by Media (R-Rated) and the German Uncut DVD by Dragon (not rated).

In the US, approx. 30 from Dario Argento's "Phenomena" were cut out to get an R-Rating. Beside some removed violent and plot scenes, a lot of shots are shortened plus there's a bit alternate footage in it. It's very likely that most of the cuts were made to reduce the length.

Running time US VHS (credits excluded): 1:20:10 NTSC (= 1:16:53 PAL)
Running time German Uncut DVD (credits excluded): 1:48:18 PAL

273 differences = 1877.72 sec or 31 min 18 sec

I tried to mention all conspicuous (and inconspicuous) cuts and differences. But there are still many little frame cuts which couldn't be listed. These frame cuts sum up to 7 sec.

Many thanks to magiccop who made the R-Rated Version available, otherwise this comparison wouldn't have been realizable.
The Uncut Version begins with a black screen. The beginning of the movie, when the bus drives around the bend, is missing in the R-Rated Version as well.
14.04 sec

Extended shot of the bus leaving the bus stop. The beginning of the following scene with the Danish girl running after the bus is also missing.
7.68 sec

Extended shot of the girl. She takes her bag in hand.
5.44 sec

The credits of the US Version are in English, the credits of the Uncut Version in Italian. Furthermore the images of the R-Rated are mirrored and the movie titel is "Creepers".
no difference


Right after the opening credits, the US Version lacks two shots of the shack in the woods and the beginning of the following shot of the girl.
4.56 sec

Extended shot of the girl walking down the street.
0.72 sec

The scene of the girl looking around is interrupted by a close-up of the shack in the R-Rated Version. The Uncut Version sticks with the girl.
1.12 sec

A longer scene of the girl cutting along the way is missing.
9.64 sec

Extended shot of the girl turning around at the house.
2.12 sec

Extended shot of the girl through the window.
4.72 sec

Additional shot of the girl in the R-Rated Version when someone tries to get rid of the chains.
+0.8 sec

Now the same shot in the Uncut Version, but longer.
2.76 sec

Extended shot of her when she recognizes muffled noises in the house.
1.76 sec

Again an extended shot of her turning around when hearing noises.
1.44 sec

Missing shot of the girl walking to the stairs after the second chain was torn off the wall.
5.76 sec

Extended shot of the girl on the stairs.
2 sec

The beginning, when she's walking down the stairs, is also missing.
2.68 sec

Ske keeps on walking through the house, walks up to a door and calls for the owner. The R-Rated Version continues when h´when he turns around.
5.56 sec

The R-Rated ends when the girl's hand is being stabbed with scissors. The screaming girl is missing and so is the scene when the scissors are being pulled out of the hand.
6.28 sec

Extended shot of her cutting along the river.
1 sec

Extended tracking shot.
1.16 sec

Extended shot of the girl running up the stairs.
0.84 sec

Same here.
1.2 sec

Extended shot of the girl in front of the entrance before the close-up of the scissors in the murderer's hand.
1.12 sec

Extended shot of the scissors stuck in the victim's belly. Subsequently the murderer pulls them out, shot of the bloody blade. The girl holds her belly, shot of her bloody hand. The beginning, when the girl's head comes closer to the window, is also missing.
4.96 sec

The US Version lacks the shot of the falls and the beginning of the tracking shot of the rocks in the water.
4.8 sec

The Uncut Version also contains the water reflection of the body being dragged away. Stopping down to a black screen, then a tracking shot above the trees.
14 sec

Professor McGregor's chimp longer in front of the door, then he leaves. A long conversation between the Professor and the cop is missing. McGregor starts talking until Inspector Geiger interrupts him. The Professor reminds Geiger that he came to McGregor when he didn't know what to do in the murder case. Inge comes in with a scalpal in her hand. The Professor takes it away and demonstrates its edge on a magazine. He tells her once again that she's not allowed to take it. The chimp arrives with the Professor's medicine. The he starts explaining the seperation of the group of insects and that, based on the different groups, the exact TOD of a dead body can be determined. In the meantime, he takes uncovers a glass case with half-decayed human head, cluttered with maggots and larvas. He explains the person was dead for 8 months and 15 days. The shot when Geiger isolates the exact date is also in the US Version.
186.6 sec = 3 min 7 sec

The US Version stops when Inspector Geiger reads his notes to continue with the scene missing beforehand for some reason. Now the scene already shown before from the point when Inge goes to the Professor with the scalpel. The scene ends, exactly the cut before, when McGregor draws attention to the additional 15 days.
+76.68 sec

After Geiger finished reading out, the beginning of the following shot of the Professor is missing.
5.32 sec

The US Version stops when McGregor re-covers the glass case. The Professor says Greta was also on the list. The first part of Geiger's statement, which is still audible, has been moved forward to the shot of McGregor re-covering the glass case.
6.36 sec

Extended shot of McGregor talking to the Inspector. He also calls the killer a girlie killer. Furthermore the first frames of the shot of Geiger are missing.
4.92 sec

Missing shot of the car with Jennifer in it. In the US Version, she looks out of the window immediately.
8.96 sec

Extended shot of her looking out of the driving car in the Uncut Version.
5.2 sec

Extended shot of Mrs. Brückner striking at the bee.
1.68 sec

Extended shot of Jennifer. She protects the bee on her arm with her hand.
4.64 sec

The beginning of the shot of the driving car at the college is missing in the US Version.
4.96 sec

After the car stopped, the Uncut Version contains a shot of Jennifer and Mrs. Brückner getting out of the car. Moreover the chauffeur opens the trunk.
17.08 sec

Mrs. Brückner explains to Jennifer the historical background of the college and forbids her to enter the ruinous areas of the building.
10.6 sec

The US Version ends when Mrs. Brückner walks up the stairs. Jennifer stands around there, then she peeks to the directress through the window. In the US Version, she's at the window immediately.
5.56 sec

Again, Jennifer is shown longer just before she goes up the stairs.
1.92 sec.

Jennifer tells her inmate Sophie that she didn't really eat for 2 days now.
8.04 sec.

Jennifer looks at the jars of baby food and then picks one of them.
7.64 sec.

Jennifer tells Sophie that she's a vegetarian. She asks for a spoon but the other girl doesn't have one.
6.64 sec.

Jennifer goes to her bed a little longer.
0.56 sec.

She opens her purse.
1.48 sec.

When Jennifer pens the jar, the R-Rated is missing out on a shot of Sophie. Then you see Jennifer eating some ot the porridge.
6.88 sec.

Jennifer is shown longer. Then, Sophie asks if they already came across the directress. In that moment, she enters the door. Sophie hides her cigarette inside her nightstand. The first few frames when she enters the door are missing as well.
5.16 sec.

Jennifer tells the directress that the plane was delayed due to the bad weather conditions. Then she offers her some baby food.
5.36 sec.

The beginning of the scene where Sophie lights a cigarette was cut out of the US VHS.
2.16 sec.

You see Jennifer lying in her bed a little longer when they talk at night.
1.56 sec.

In the uncut version, the two of them talk a little langer while lying in the bed. Then, Jennifer says that her mother ran off with her lover on Christmas Day. The telephone rang and her mother answered. It was her lover and after the conversation, she left the house never to return. At that time, Jennifer was 8 years old.
73.84 sec.

Sophie is shown longer when she thanks Jennifer for coming around.
0.76 sec.

Sophie is shown longer.
0.6 sec.

Just before Jennifer says that she thinks about her father before falling asleep she is shown a little longer.
2.32 sec.

Sophie asks if Jennifer would mind if she watched a little TV. Jennifer says that that would be no problem. Then they say good night.
15.04 sec.

A panning shot from the TV towards Sophie's bad and her face.
13.32 sec.

In the uncut version you see Jennifer twisting and turning while sleeping.
3.36 sec.

While the young girl is chased, there's a missing panning shot over the stairs. In the background you can hear "Flash of the Blade" by Iron Maiden. The girl slowly moves along and lights a candle. She goes to another room. A flashlight shines in her eyes, so she starts to scream and drops the candle. The murderer puts the speer-like weapon's parts together while the girl runs away. Then the movie cuts to the two girls' room. The camer apans from the TV to Sophie. When Jennifer is shown lying in her bed, the R-Rated version continues.
70.8 sec.

Jennifer twists and turns a little longer in her sleep.
6.28 sec.

Again, she's shown longer in her bed.
2.6 sec.

Jennifer's eyes are shown longer in a close up shot. She blinks.
1.48 sec.

When the sleepwalking Jennifer arrives at the roof of the boarding school, she's shown longer in the uncut version.
2.48 sec.

Jennifer sleepwalks longer.
2.52 sec.

On the US VHS, they added a short sequence where you actually see the weapon's parts being put together (+3.52 sec.). However, the following scene begins earlier in the uncut version (1.48 sec.).
+2.04 sec.

There's an additional shot of the weapon on the US VHS.
+1.2 sec.

After the girl hits through the window with her head, Jennifer is shown a little longer.
0.64 sec.

The bloodbesmeared face of the girl is shown longer as well.
0.4 sec.

There are 7 missing frames of the blade coming out of the victim's mouth.
0.28 sec.

At the end of that scene there are another 4 missing frames.
0.16 sec.

Jennifer, obviously shocked, is shown longer.
0.52 sec.

Before Jennifer breaks in, she in the uncut version can be seen walking back to where she came from.
2.92 sec.

536,24 sec.

There's a missing shot of Jennifer hanging from the balcony, held by her coat.
1.48 sec.

Ditto. She looks down.
1.84 sec.

After Jennifer fell into the bushes, she in the uncut version looks around some more.
3.36 sec.

The beginning of an additional shot where she looks around was cut out...
0.72 sec.

... and so was the ending of that scene.
1.52 sec.

After Jennifer got hit by the car, she's shown lying on the floor for 8 additional frames.
0.32 sec.

When the two men help her to get up, the R-Rated version cuts to the next scene. You don't see the men putting her inside the car. Jennifer fights back. Then they hit the road.
14.96 sec.

During the car ride, Jennifer fights back some more. The driver asks her if she can understand them.
4.16 sec.

Again, she tries to make a stand against the man a little longer.
2.92 sec.

The next sequence was shortened as well - she fights back and screams. The beginning of the following sequence is missing as well.
3.76 sec.

When Jennifer opens the car door, the last few frames are missing on the US VHS. Then you see the car in a long shot, followed by a shot inside the car. The men try to bar her from jumping out of the car.
2.96 sec.

The beginning of the scene where Jennifer falls down the hillside is missing.
1 sec.

The ending of that scene and the beginning of the next one are missing as well. The two men are standing on the street and watch her.
3.48 sec.

Again, the beginning of the scene where Jennifer sits in the bushes ...
7.56 sec.

... as well as the ending of the scene are missing. The following shot of the moon and an additional one of Jennifer were cut out as well.
8.44 sec.

In the uncut version there's a close up shot of two bugs, followed by an outside view of professor McGregor's house. Additionally, at the beginning of the next scene you see him shining in Jennifer's eyes with a lamp.
7.6 sec.

Jennifer says that she already was a sleepwalker in America. McGregor asks if she knows where she was. Jennifer says that she can't remember.
19.36 sec.

The chimpanzee is shown a few frames longer. The beginning of the next scene where you see Jennifer is longer as well.
0.56 sec.

Just before McGregor says that Jennifer reminds him of Greta, he's shown a little longer in the uncut version.
0.4 sec.

While McGregor talks, a few frames are missing.
0.36 sec.

The shot of Jennifer is minimally shorter.
0.32 sec.

Again, the first few frames of the shot of McGregor are missing.
0.16 sec.

After McGregor asks how Jennifer could know that Greta was killed by the mass murderer, the US VHS does not show Jennifer's answer. She says that he talked of her in past tense, just as if she'd died. McGregor says that Greta left a coat.
9.4 sec.

In both versions you hear McGregor say that Jennifer's probably freezing. After that, the US VHS is missing out on the sequence where the professor says that the coat would probably fit Jennifer. He tells the monkey to show Jennifer where the coat is.
In the next scene you see McGregor showing Inge (=the monkey) where to go with a point of light. The 4 sentences that the professor says (which were previously not included) can now at least be heard.
4.88 sec.

Jennifer takes Inge by the hand and they both go to the stair lift.
10.64 sec.

When they arrive at the top of the stairs the US VHS stops. We see a short shot of McGregor and then Jennifer and Inge leave the elevator. Again, we see the professor while we hear Jennifer talking to the monkey in the off.
16.88 sec.

Jennifer takes McGregor's bug on her hand. Here, the US version stops and begins again when Jennifer smells the bug. The professor talking to her is missing. He says in the coat she looks like Greta and that insects liked her, as well, but not as much as the bug seems to like Jennifer. The bug's sound, he adds, is a call and Jennifer seems to arouse it.
30.24 sec.

The beginning of a shot of Jennifer is shorter.
0.6 sec.

When Jennifer puts the bug back in the bowl, the beginning of the shot of her and the professor is missing.
2.48 sec.

When Jennifer repeats McGregor's words which are supposed to help her wake up while sleepwalking the US VHS stops. Then she says she does not need this because she she has not had an attack in a long time. She counts several reasons why she was sleepwalking that night. After that McGregor talks about the warm wind and its effect on nature, insects and how it can drive some people insane.
60.52 sec.

The long sequence of the doctor performing the EEG on Jennifer is missing on the US VHS.
The principal is angry that Jennifer left the boarding school at night. Jennifer defends herself by claiming that it only happened because of her sleepwalking and that the EEG will not be able to find the cause, as well. The doctor shares his concerns that it might develop to something serious like schizophrenia. Jennifer gets angry and wants to get up but then she agrees to prove that she is not insane. While the EEG is recorded Jennifer is having short flashbacks and the EEG shows some abnormalities. Then she jumps up. The principal says she seems to have epilepsy, after all, or she might be using drugs. Then Jennifer takes her stuff and angrily says she is neither insane, schizophrenic, nor does she have epilepsy or is using drugs. She leaves the room.
Then we see the hall of the boarding school. Sophie is on the phone while another student is knocking on the window. The camera pans to Jennifer standing in another phone booth. When she starts talking the US VHS sets in, again.
134.96 sec. = 2 min. 15 sec.

The conversation on the phone is a little longer. After she was told that Morris Shapiro could not be reached for three days the US VHS stops. The explanation for Shapiro being away is missing. Jennifer is explained that it is because of the holidays ( Passover).
7.84 sec.

The principal standing in front of the screen with the poem can be seen slightly longer.
0.64 sec.

The principal can be seen slightly longer.
0.48 sec.

The beginning of the scene in Jennifer's and Sophie's room is missing. We see Sophie lying in the bed from a bird's eye view. She is watching TV.
5.96 sec.

After Sophie has left the room the German DVD shows a tracking shot from Jennifer lying in her bed through the room to the Television set where the news is being shown.
14.08 sec.

Almost three seconds have been removed from the title "Tagesschau" (German news program).
2.84 sec.

When the news show the picture of Gisela Sulzer something is missing.
1.32 sec.

The end of the feature about family Sulzer and the beginning of the shot of Inspector Geiger are missing, as well.
1.36 sec.

The end of the feature about Geiger has been shortened, as well. After that, the beginning of the following scene is missing. We see Sophie walking across the meadow. She stops, looks around and walks on. Right in the scene the US VHS sets in, again.
12.84 sec.

The short scene of Sophie imitating Jennifer's sleepwalking is missing.
4 sec.

After a short shot of the moon the German DVD shows the trees moving with the wind. After that we see Sophie and her boyfriend kissing each other. Then he says that he has to get back to the barracks and that the drive will take him three hours.
The US VHS uses the short shot of the trees when the man says he has to go. The explanation that he has to get back to the barracks is missing on the US VHS.
5.88 sec.

Sophie looking at her leaving boyfriend is shown longer.
2.96 sec.

Sophie can longer be seen in the garden before we see the killer putting his weapon together.
4.12 sec.

Jennifer anxiously turning over in her bed is shown longer.
2.76 sec.

We see Jennifer lying in her bed longer in a bird's eye view.
7.92 sec.

Jennifer goes away from the door. The camera pans across an armchair. At her bed Jennifer puts on her nightdress.
9.32 sec.

The shot of the trees moving with the wind is missing.
2.16 sec.

The US version inserts the shots of the trees. (+2.08 sec.)
On the German DVD Jennifer is slowly leaving the boarding school over the stairs at the entrance. (10.12 sec.)
8.04 sec.

She keeps walking.
2.76 sec.

The beginning of the shot of Jennifer looking around is longer.
5.4 sec.

The beginning of Jennifer approaching the firefly is longer on the German DVD.
2.52 sec.

She follows the firefly longer. The beginning of the shot of Jennifer who is seen through the shrubbery is longer, as well.
15 sec.

Jennifer moving her hand through the thorn bush is shown longer. Jennifer is shown in an insert.
13.24 sec.

Jennifer returns from behind the shrubbery. She touches her arm where she has an injury. Then she puts on a glove that she found. When she goes back the US VHS sets in, shortly after.
21.56 sec.

After Jennifer has returned to the boarding school the US VHS stops. On the German DVD the scene continues and a light is switched on on the first floor. Then we hear Jennifer scream and the lights in the other rooms are switched on, as well. Scene change. Jennifer is sitting in the mountain railway and writes a letter to her father. She tells that the police were at the boarding school and that the principal gave the officers the advice not to believe Jennifer because she is insane. Jennifer is scared that she cannot talk to anybody about what she saw. Then we see the boarding school, again. The beginning of a shot of Jennifer standing in her room holding a glove she found is missing, too.
43.36 sec.

US VHS: Here, parts of the scene in the mountain railway have been reinserted in the US version. While we see Jennifer we hear her words writing the letter. Then we see a short shot of the maggot under Jennifer's fingernail. After that a mirrored shot of the dead girl. Then Jennifer and the maggot, again. At the end we see Jennifer in the railway, once again. (+17.32 sec.)

German DVD: We see the maggot under Jennifer's fingernail, then a mirrored shot of the dead girl, then Jennifer and the maggot. After that, again the dead girl. At the end the boarding school is shown, again, and Jennifer's scream can be heard, again. The lights in the rooms are switched on. (15.76 sec.)

+1.56 sec.


Jennifer and Professor McGregor talk about the larvae in the glove. In between we see bees in a terrarium. Then McGregor mentions the notebook she left.
31.28 sec.

Jennifer claims that the insects could detect her mood. Then she adds that she was not completely sure of it. The US VHS misses the beginning of this scene. When she says the second sentence, the US version sets in. However, only the words of the first sentence can be heard.
3.56 sec.

The beginning of the shot of McGregor is missing.
1.6 sec.

A close up shot of the bees. Then the professor talks about butterflies and the connection between insects and the human soul.
34.2 sec.

After Jennifer has claimed that a firefly had led her to the glove, one can see a close up of the bees on the US VHS (no image. +2.04 sec.).
The German DVD contains a long monologue. Jennifer says that the police had been at the school and that she had not mentioned the glove because she did not want to be considered insane. McGregor calms Jennifer down and asks her to tell him about it. Hesitantly, Jennifer starts to tell. Here the US version sets in again. (47.92 sec.)
45.88 sec.

A short intercut to Jennifer and McGregor was removed at the point where the grasshopper and the spider are shown. The professor says that Jennifer had pacified the animals. The sentence can be heard earlier from off stage in the US version.
2.32 sec.

McGregor talks with Jennifer longer.
21.16 sec.

McGregor says that the insects possessed enormous telepathic powers. Then he shows her a book he has written. (10.24 sec.)
As the US version sets in again, a short shot of Jennifer was added. (No image. +1 sec.)
9,24 sec.

At the end of McGregor's sentence and the beginning of the following shot of Jennifer, a few frames are missing.
0.48 sec.

The ending of the shot of Jennifer was shortened.
0.44 sec.

The last short shot of Jennifer before the scene change is missing completely.
1 sec.

One can see Jennifer in the hallway some longer. A student makes fun of her and pokes her tongue out at her. The other girls laugh about her. Jennifer looks after them. The beginning of the next shot of Jennifer walking along the hallway is missing, too.
19.76 sec.

The beginning of the scene in which the headmistress talks to the girls is missing. The conversation itself can be heard from off stage in the US version earlier.
2.72 sec.

The first frames of Jennifer entering the room after the headmistress has read the letter are missing.
0.44 sec.

The girls turn around to the insects in front of the windows some longer. Subsequently, the exterior view of the building with the giant swarm of insects is missing.
8.88 sec.

Here a part of the previously cut scene with the swarm has been inserted on the US VHS. Then one sees a close up of the insects.
+6.8 sec.

Now one can see the close up of the insects in the uncut version. Subsequently, Jennifer is shown.
3.6 sec.

Jennifer, slowly sinking on the floor, is seen longer.
3.4 sec.

And again she is shown longer.
0.56 sec.

Another six frames of Jennifer lying on the floor are missing.
0.24 sec.

Jennifer is lying in bed longer. After that, one can briefly see the headmistress and then Jennifer again. The beginning of the next shot of the headmistress is missing, as well.
5 sec.

The beginning of the scene in which the nurse passes through Jennifer's room was shortened.
2.72 sec.

The nurse sinks into the armchair longer. Jennifer secretly watches her from the corner of her eye. The woman puts her sewing kit aside and falls asleep.
11.64 sec.

One can see the nursing sleeping some longer. Jennifer is seen in bed.
2.28 sec.

Before Jennifer removes the hypodermic needle, one can longer see how she removes the cellotape.
5.36 sec.

The nurse is shown a bit longer again, then is Jennifer as she continues to remove the cellotape.
13.2 sec.

More fiddling around with the tape. The beginning of the next shot is missing, too.
2.16 sec.

The end of this shot is missing, when Jennifer finally manages to remove the last strip.
3.56 sec.

After Jennifer has nearly knocked over the I.V. pole, she is seen longer.
2 sec.

Jennifer packs her bag longer. Then she puts on her coat.
7.72 sec.

As the needle slides down from the nurse's lap, the intercut to Jennifer is missing.
0.68 sec.

Professor McGregor talks to Jennifer longer. He says that the killer was a devil, not her.
7.2 sec.

As Jennifer and the professor watch the larva under the microscope, the US version stops. Jennifer remarks that „Great Sarcophaga“ was a strange name.
12.04 sec.

McGregor is seen four frames longer. Subsequently, Jennifer is seen three frames longer.
0.28 sec.

Here, too, the last frames of Jennifer and the beginning of the next shot are missing.
0.52 sec.

McGregor adds that the killer was a psychopath.
3.84 sec.

McGregor is seen longer as he continues to talk to Jennifer. The beginning of the next shot of Jennifer is longer, too.
1 sec.

McGregor is seen longer as he continues to talk to Jennifer.
0.56 sec.

After the close up shot of the fly, the German version shows McGregor again. He says: "The Great Sarcophaga."
3.8 sec.

When the professor takes the fly out of the box, a cut to Jennifer is missing.
0.96 sec.

US VHS: Here a shot of Jennifer was re-inserted in the R-Rated version. (+0.92 sec.)
German DVD: Jennifer asks whether the fly could lead them to the corpses. McGregor affirms. (7.64 sec.)
6.72 sec.

The two of them are seen minimally longer.
0.28 Sek.

As the professor ssays that Jennifer only needed to follow the fly, he is shown slightly longer.
0.32 sec.

Subsequently, the shot of Jennifer was cut on the US VHS.
0.52 sec.

Jennifer says that she will find the killer.
2.28 sec.

Jennifer remarks that she was doing it for Sophie, because she was her friend.
5.88 sec.

During the scene change, when one can see Jennifer in the bus, the ending of the previous scene and the beginning of the new one each lack 4 frames.
0.32 sec.

One can see the fly crawling around in the box some longer. Then the side view of Jennifer looking out of the window is missing.
6 sec.

Again one can see the fly crawling about in the box. The bus pulls up at a bus stop and a young men says goodbye to his girlfriend. Several people leave the bus and a few get on. The bus drives on.
23.56 sec.

A brief shot of the passengers was removed.
1.24 sec.

The bus ride continues. Jennifer is shown. Then a biker overtakes the bus. Jennifer looks out of the window and then at the box in which the fly is stored. After a short scenery shot and a view of Jennifer, the R-Rated version sets in again.
14.44 sec.

The exterior shot of the bus during the ride is longer. Then a woman approaches Jennifer and asks her to shut the window. Stridently, Jennifer refuses. The grumbling woman gets up and moves to the front of the bus. Subsequently, a car following the bus is shown from the rear window. Finally, one can see the fly in the box again.
23.32 sec.

Jennifer is shown longer. The view out of the window is missing, too.
2.64 sec.

Another short shot of Jennifer looking down at the box.
1.2 sec.

The beginning of the shot in which Jennifer stands at the roadside, lifts her head and then watches the fly again, was removed.
2.32 sec.

Jennifer passes over the meadow longer.
5.36 sec.

The tracking of the fly is seven frames longer.
0.28 sec.

Jennifer is shown from a distance a little longer. Then the beginning of the close up of her tracking the fly is missing.
4.8 sec.

She is seen at the hut longer. She clings to the wall and moves on.
3.96 sec.

Jennifer makes towards the door longer.
2.36 sec.

The scene in which Jennifer enters the hut, starts much earlier on the German DVD.
12.16 sec.

The beginning of the following scene in which the camera pans over the walls and on the floor, was cut by eight frames in the US version.
0.32 sec.

The shot of the fly alighting on Jennifer's hand is longer in the German version.
2 sec.

The paper rolls on the shelf are shown in a close up. The first frames of the next shot are also missing.
1.88 sec.

Jennifer tries to reach for the paper rolls longer. She jumps up two more times.
6.48 sec.

As she gets hold of the first roll, the R-Rated version stops. She puts the roll on the floor and tries to get the next one. When she jumps again, the chair she is standing on collapses. Here the US VHS sets in again.
7.08 sec.

Jennifer hangs on to the top shelf. Slightly extended shot of her legs trying to get foothold.
0.36 sec

Extended shot of her trying to hang on.
0.56 sec

Extended shot of the maggots-covered, chopped off hand.
0.72 sec

The end of the shot, when the BMW stops, is longer. Inspector Geiger gets out of the car. The beginning of the following shot is also longer.
13.28 sec

The end of ths shot of Geiger and the beginning of the shot of the man are missing again.
0.88 sec

Once again but the other way around. The end of the shot of the man plus the beginning of the followong shot of Geiger are missing.
1.84 sec

Same here.
3.16 sec

0.4 sec

After Geiger wants to know who used to live in the shack, the first sentence of the man, that he has to ask the agency, is missing.
2.56 sec

Missing beginning of a shot: the knife is stuck in McGregors' belly, he gasps out.
1.96 sec

The beginning of the shot of the paramedics carrying McGregors out of the house is missing.
4.44 sec

The beginning of the shot, before Jennifer starts running, is missing.
4.16 sec

The entire scene in the mental hospital has been removed. The Inspector talks to a doc in the elevator. The doc assures that all patients get tranquilized and that no one could escape. Geiger replies he was interested in the opposite, that he didn't care about the people getting out but about the people coming in. They leave the elevator. While walking in the hallway, the doc explains someone had come to the hospital voluntarily 15 years ago. They stop in front of a cell door. The man in the cell moves his head to the light. Geiger and the doc looks at him through the bars, the man some noises.
57.16 sec

On the phone, Jennifer tells Morris Shapiro that she had run away from school because they were going to put her in a looney bin.
8.04 sec

Jennifer still talks to Shapiro and says he should bring her back to America. Then she asks for the address of the bank in Zurich, where Shapiro has his account. Shot of a woman at the counter greeting someone.
15.88 sec

the end of the phone conervsation has been removed. Jennifer repeats someone had tried to kill her. The first shot of the following scene is also missing. The chimp Inge is in the woods, goes to a trash can and reaches into it.
12.28 sec

The end of a close-up is missing when Inge holds the beverage package in her hand and has a sip. The beginning of the following scene before she tosses the package in the trash can is also missing.
5.28 sec

After the bank employee informed Jennifer that there was no remittance for her. The employee checks his documents, shot of waiting Jennifer. He finally says he ccouldn't help her because he had no documents about that.
20.12 sec

Jennifer adds it was an emergency.
1.8 sec

The beginning of the shot of Jenniger before she asks if she could wait there is missing.
3.44 sec

Earlier beginning of the shot of the employee.
0.64 sec

The US Version ends pretty early when Jennifer turns around and goes to the armchair. Jennifer goes to the chair and sits down.
10.48 sec

The man turns around to Jennifer after having checked in the computer. Jennifer looks at him but she shakes her head. Again Jennifer, she crosses her arms.
12.16 sec

Uncut Version: The last frames of Mrs. Brückner leaving are missing. Furthermore the beginning of the following scene, Jennifer and Mrs. Brückner on their way to their house, are missing. (3.76 sec)
R-Rated: Now the before-removed scene with Geiger and the doc in the mental hospital. Only the first 3 sec in the elevator are missing, but the song "Locomotive" by Motorhead is also missing. (No screens. +54.4 sec)
+50.64 sec

The last frames of the tracking shot of the lake atMrs. Brückner's house are missing. Moreover the beginning of the following has been removed as well: shot of Jennifer in the house.
2.6 sec

Jennifer thanks Mrs. Brückner.
2.96 sec

The tracking shot of the mirrors end 5 frames earlier and so does the following shot of Brückner and Jennifer.
1 sec

The US Version ends after Mrs. Brückner left the room. Jennifer looks around in the room, she notices the contours of a shadow. She walks up a couple of stairs to get closer.
22.32 sec

After the shot of Mrs. Brückner in the church, the US Version contains the before-removed scene, but only the first 7 sec of Jennifer looking around.
+15.12 sec

4 missing frames when Jennifer comes closer to the doll.
0.16 sec

The locomotive comes closer to the doll. 7 frames are missing here.
0.28 sec

Jennifer wipes the sweat off her forehead and her cheeks.
8.4 sec

Now a goof in the US Version: the beginning of the scene, when Jennifer says she didn't want any pills, is twice on the US tape.
+3.36 sec

The US Version contains an alternate shot/close-up of Jennifer when Mrs. Brückner doesn't want to let go of her. She says to Jennifer she better did as she'd been told because she was the only who was calling the shots. (No screens. +2.68 sec)
In the Uncut Version, Jennifer replies she wasn't sick. Mrs. Brückner tells her those pills were against fever and she had to take them if she said so. Jennifer yells at Mrs. Brückner to let loose. (26.12 sec)
The version are in snych again when Jennifer removes her arm.
23.44 sec

When Jennifer stands in front of the covered mirror, only the Uncut Version contains a shot of the moving cover to look over the mirror. Then she looks at the pills in her hands.
21.6 sec

Jennifer holds her stomach longer before she vomits.
4,32 sec.

Jennifer is seen longer at the sink, holding her hair back.
2,16 sec.

After a short intercut to Mrs. Brückner the beginning of the next shot is missing. Jennifer coughs in pain.
5,04 sec.

Jennifer drinks a glass of water while Mrs. Brückner calls out and bangs against the door.
11 sec.

Jennifer runs out of the bathroom.
0,64 sec.

Jennifer dials a number on he phone.
1,56 sec.

Jennifer dials the number; Mrs. Brückner interrupts her and asks who she's calling. Jennifer tells her she wants to inform Morris Shapiro that everything is fine. Both fight for the phone and Jennifer shoves her to the ground before getting back to dialing. In the background, Mrs. Brückner gets up again and leaves.
28 sec.

Mrs. Brückner screams at Jennifer after clobbering her down.
7,52 sec.

Mrs. Brücker drags Jennifer across the floor, telling her that she will kill her if she's no quiet. Then the doorbell rings. (12,32 sec.)
The R-Rated, in exchange, features a short shot of Geiger approaching the house. (1,68 sec.)
10,64 sec.

Jennifer is seen longer as she hears screaming and the phone falls off the table.
0,28 sec.

The beginning of a shot of Jennifer trying to reach the telephone cord with a hook is missing.
2,72 sec.

She pulls the phone up longer.
0,52 sec.

She's seen longer before climbing through the small window above the door.
4,6 sec.

The people at the Airport are shown earlier.
3,64 sec.

Jennifer bending down to the hole.
2,52 sec.

Jennifer crawls through the space, following the cables. When it's starting to get hot, she takes off her tie.
20,2 sec.

Jennifer is seen earlier as she dives into the corpse pond.
1,48 sec.

Jennifer dives again.
1,28 sec.

Jennifer in the pond as Mrs. Brückner enters the room.
4,68 sec.

End of a closeup of Jennifer as well as the beginning of her climbing out of the pond.
4,68 sec.

Geiger tries to get rid of the chains. Jennifer is back in the pond.
1,84 sec.

Geiger tries to break his thumb a second time.
0,92 sec.

Geiger hits his hand again.
1,04 sec.

The beginning of Geiger pulling the cuffs over his hand.
1,28 sec.

The end of it.
1,92 sec.

Geiger is seen longer and hits Mrs. Brückner.
4,32 sec.

Geiger chokes Mrs. Brückner.
3 sec.

Jennifer stops, then resumes running.
3,48 sec.

The boy is further attacked by flies.
0,92 sec.

Jennifer looks into the water.
3 sec.

Jennifer looks into the sky. The swarm of flies is shown longer in the next shot.
1,8 sec.

Jennifer in the boat, turning her head slowly.
13,2 sec.

The fire is shown longer, Jennifer is underwater.
1,08 sec.

Jennifer emerges.
1,32 sec.

A shot of the boy's disfigured face and him grabbing Jennifer's legs is missing.
1,88 sec.

She tries to shake him off.
0,92 sec.

The bloody face is shown longer.
0,36 sec.

Jennifer fights.
0,56 sec.

Jennifer looks around much longer.
16,88 sec.

The last few frames of the flying head are missing.
0,28 sec.

An additional shot of the chimp cutting Mrs. Brückner's face with a razor blade.
1,4 sec.

The chimp keeps stabbing her.
4,4 sec.

3 frames of the black screen are missing.
0,12 sec.