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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: May 21, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB


Compared are the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Version (both availableon the US Blu-ray by Paramount).



Clay Vanstone's branch starts struggling when his sister shows up before Christmas and announces that the company is going to be shut down and the employees are going to get fired. In cooperation with chief of the development department Josh Parker and programmer Tracey Hughes, Clay comes up with a plan to convince the influental client Walter Davis of their latest product. Part of said plan is a huge office party to which Walter is being invited as well. But things go wrong fast and one of the reasons is the employee Nate who has hired an escort to pretend to be his girlfriend. The escort does not waste any time resp. she is slinging dope and giving handjobs. But when psychologically unstable pimp Trina shows, it is up to Josh, Tracey and Carol to save the company.



An R-rated comedy about an exessive office party is not really innovative (Sisters already did that for instance). Office Christmas Party has a nice cast, such as Jennifer Aniston or Jason Bateman, but contentwise, it is not exactly the cream of the crop. The characters are stereotype (the badass CEO, the buddy-like boss, the nerd hacker etc.) and the plot is not really new either. A "Fuck" here, a sleazy gag there, add some nudity and you have the gist of it. The fact that it is Christmas does not really matter because this might as well take place at any other time of the year. In addition to that, Clay's abduction does not really fit in. A fistful of gags are quite well, like Clay's discussion with the pimp when they figure out their jobs have more in common than they thought or the party montage to Dio's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". Even though one can't shake the feeling to have it all before, one does not get bored at least.



Being rated R in movie theaters, the Blu-ray contains the Unrated Version with approx. 5 additional minutes. A few things are rather redundant though - probably cut for length reasons. Even the additional footage of the orgy during which the girl in a sheep costume plays a significant role does look like it was cut in order to get the R-rating because nude breasts, sex on desks or genitals printed in 3D are also in the Theatrical Version. That being said, there are outtakes of a scene that is only in the Unrated Version. In addition to that, there are also outtakes of a scene that is in neither of the versions. Basically, one should rather watch the Unrated Version. However, by watching the Theatrical Version, one does not really miss much.



Running Times:



Theatrical Version: 105:21 min

Unrated: 110:47 min


Theatrical Version:

Josh keeps walking. The caamera pans up and the title pops up on the screen.


Josh passes a group of caroler without making a donation. For that reason, the boy flips off Josh who is surprised by it. The camera then pans up and the title pops up.

Theatrical Version: 9 sec
Unrated: 17 sec


The gag whether or not all religions are being pictured on the sweater continues: On a rotating basis, Jeremy and Maghan are asking about Mormons, "Jews for Jesus", Scientology, Mysticism, Shintoism and Satanism.

Unrated: 10 sec


Theatrical Version:

Clay stands up.


Alternate footage of Clay getting up. He then shows Josh a picture of rhino he bought recently. They talk about the meaning of this but Josh rather wants to be brought up to speed on the Data City deal.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec
Unrated: 36 sec


Clay tells Allison to hold all calls because he is about to go Christmas shopping with Josh. Allison wants to know what she was supposed to do with the pizza that had already been ordered.

Unrated: 9 sec


In the Theatrical Version, Christmas decoration is being carried accross the office.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec


The Unrated Version shows two employees arguing. Jeremy films the entire thing and yells "Finish him!".

Unrated: 8 sec


Josh walks by Meghan and another employee. They enjoy not having to talk about work and take a sip of their drinks. Josh encounters a group of guys and lets them know about thee free food and beverages. The guys from the sales department mention their rivalry with the legal department. Josh calms the situation and tells them to grab some food.

Unrated: 43 sec


Meghan and her co-worker are in the ladies room. They mention that they still think about work, even at the party, and they would not sleep with any of their male co-workers. Allison explains she would sleep with someone from another department. Meghan hands out prescription pills, Allison does not want any.

A shot of Fred at the party.

Unrated: 54 sec


Two co-workers are talking. One them says Jenna had ordered "To kill a Mockingbird" and they could discuss it with her. The other one explains he had hacked several e-mail accounts of the other eymployees. He gets some details about Nikki's family and her appreciation for The Big Bang Theory but when he starts talking to them, their drinks end up in his face. He says he should have picked another subject.

Unrated: 46 sec


One of the party guests approaches the DJ and wants him to play Huey Lewis. The DJ explains the guests were falling asleep but the guy insists on playing Huey Lewis.

Unrated: 14 sec


Theatrical Version:

Walter is walking across the hallway when Josh calls for him.


Nate explains to Savannah, the escort how the two had meet when he had saved her from an approaching train. Mary shows up. Savannah says she liked the dress Mary was wearing. Mary explains she had made it herself. Nate introduces Savannah as his girlfriend. Mary asks if it was possible that the shirt and Savannah's skirt could meet. Then a shot of Walter in the hallway.

Theatrical Version: 4 sec
Unrated: 41 sec


Jeremy dances wildly on the dance floor and kisses his opponent on the mouth.

Unrated: 8 sec


Rodney dances longer in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec


More employees are using the 3D printer to print their genitals. One of the guys gets a very small 3D model and tries to explain that the printer must be defective.

Unrated: 15 sec


Theatrical Version:

Tracey cuts her way through the crowd.


Josh gets stopped by some drunk who tells him he had saved his marriage.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec
Unrated: 8 sec


Theatrical Version:

Jeremy says almost the entire marketing department could be found in the restroom.


In the Unrated Version, the guy is having fun with someone dressed like a sheep. Jeremy enters the restroom.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec
Unrated: 7 sec


Theatrical Version:

Shot of Trina.


A hooker shows Trina the news on her cell phone: "Ten red carpet moments, that prove Jennifer Lawrence is a real sweetheart."
She asks why that was important because her bodyguard was the one bringing her money. Trina says she could not take it because she had no clue what the money was for.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec
Unrated: 24 sec


While Nate and the other are on their way upstairs, the DJ shows up and explains to Josh he had gotten several jobs from Jimmy Butler which is why he was using that alias now.

Unrated: 14 sec