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Release: Oct 12, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version and the Unrated version, both released by MGM.


Shayna is going to marry soon. However, her fiancé doesn't know that Shayna makes her money as a prostitute in a bordello. The movie begins when Shayna leaves the "Ranch" and leaves her friends behind. Over the course of the movie elaborates on all the different characters. Velvet (who is a new arrival) absconds from her brutal pimp. Both Kim and the barkeeper david have feelings for Emily, while Taylor tries to reconcile her job with a life with her daughter. For Shayna there arises the question wheter or not she should tell Evan about her past.


Originally, the plot about a group of women who earn their living in a bordello in Nevada was intended to be a television series - the movie that is presented in this report was meant to be the pilot episode. Apparently, neither the producers nor the audience were satisfied with the end-product, therefore the series never saw the light of day. For the movie, this resulted in a lot of stories and destinies that were addressed but over the course of the movie left unresolved. Therefore, the interested viewer who cares more about the plot than naked woman is left out in the cold and has to live with an open ending.

Unrated Version

The unrated version of the movie shows what many people might expect from the movie: bare skin and vulgar language. The R-rated version, which was probably intended for being aired on television, neither includes nudity nor swear words.

About this Report

The report is split into two parts. The first part shows the additional or alternative scenes that distinguish the unrated version from the R-rated version.
The second part then shows all the linguistical differences which sum up to 62 changes. For the R-rated version, sentences that included vulgar language were re-dubbed to make them more PC - you can clearly recognize this by the different voices in the R-rated version.

Run Time and Cuts

R-rated version (without credits): 1:23:27 min. (NTSC)
Unrated version (without credits): 1:28:26 min. (NTSC)

23 points, where the unrated version is longer.
1 point, where the unrated version uses alternative footage that is longer than the scene in the R-rated version.
2 points, where the unrated version uses alternative footage without any difference in time.
62 points, where the scenes were re-dubbed (no difference in time).
= 298 sec. resp. 4 min. 59 sec.
Inex for time designations: R-Rated / Unrated

At the beginning of the R-rated version, the "Showtime"-intro is shown before you see the MGM logo.
+14.96 sec.

In the unrated version, a scene where Shayna has sex with a customer was inserted. The man finishes pretty fast which obviously bores Shayna.
22.52 sec.

While you see different shots of the people inside the bordello, in the unrated version you additionally see a short part where a dancer makes a headstand at the pole. After this, you see a man.
3.64 sec.

After a new customer sat down, in the unrated version there's a short sequence where the women all stand in line in front of the customer.
2.67 sec.

When Rickie Lee leaves with the customer, the next scene where Emily and Janey approach the camera starts earlier.
Furthermore, Emily's bra was blackened, so you can't see her breasts.
2.3 sec.


Rickie Lee flips her slandering colleagues off.
1.53 sec.

After Rickie Lee asked her customer what he wants, he actually says it - but only in the unrated version.
13.48 sec.

When Rickie Lee has sex with the man, the scene begins earlier in the unrated version - they can be seen in a total view. Then follows a zoom to Rickie Lee. The R-rated version begins in the middle of the scene.
6.47 sec.

Rickie Lee talks to velvet and says:
R-Rated: "I do something great."
Unrated: "I do fucking great."
No difference in time.

In the unrated version she then says: "Stupid bitch, Emily, with the tattoos, thinks her little pussy's made of gold. I book twice as much as she does."
5.6 sec.

Before velvet comes to the pool, in the unrated version you see Kim sitting around by the pool with her feet in the water. She shortly talks to Taylor. The r-rated version continues when Velvet comes to them.
10.81 sec.

After Velvet asks Taylor if she reads the specialized book just for fun, in the unrated version Kim then goes to Velvet and talks to her. You can see Taylor laughing.
4.64 sec.


The conversation between the three girls was cut differently for both versions and in the unrated version is much longer.
To display this a little better, the conversation is split into three parts.

The beginning of the conversation between Kim, Taylor, and Velvet is longer in the R-rated version. However, Kim is naked in the unrated version. The R-rated version only shows Taylor's and Kim's faces.


Over the coruse of the conversation, Velvet sits down next to them. Again, both versions are cut differently: In the R-rated version, Taylor says an additional sentence. But only in the unrated version Kim talks about her cousin's dog who she once masturbated.


A woman comes to them and Taylor tells her that a guy is asking for her. Taylor gets up and the woman sits down. Again, both versions offer different angles of the conversation. Then, Velvet in the unrated version says something about the weather. While Kim rubs her colleague in with sunblocker, there again is some alternative footage when Kim sits up. When Kim puts some more sunblocker on her, both versions are finally synchronic again. Shortly after this follows a change of scene.


25.86 sec.

In the unrated version, you can rudimentarily see Evan's butt. In the R-rated version, the camera rather focusses on his back.
No difference in time.


In the unrated version, Evan gets dressed a little longer. The sentence he says can be heard in both versions.
1.5 sec.

In the unrated version now follows a long additional scene with Taylor and a suitor.
Taylor pours water into a bowl. Then she goes to the restroom and sits down in front of her customer. Then you see that she's topless. She takes the towel from the man and washes his genitals. They talk for a while and you get to know that he's a priest (or at least something like that), since he merries couples. When Taylor is finished, the man goes to the room next door while Taylor empties out the bowl. She looks in the mirror and then approaches her suitor. She sits down next to him and they talk some more before she begins to perform oral sex on him.
111.61 sec.

Before Mary enters Taylor's room, the oral sex scene of Taylor and the priest goes on. When Mary opens a door, the R-rated version shows an alternative shot of this scene: Mary can be seen in a close up shot.
14.91 sec.


After Mary left the room, Taylor (in the unrated version) goes on pleasuring the suitor.
1.1 sec.

Rickie Lee passes the manager's (=Mary) son. In the unrated version she rips her blouse open and shows him her breasts. The boy looks at her a little terrified.
2.37 sec.

While Scotty is with Emily, his brother glances around the suvenir shop. He takes a cap from the shelf. When he goes to the checkout, the R-rated version continues.
13.85 sec.

In the unrated version there's an additional scene with Kim and Velvet.
They kiss and stroke each other, while a customer watches them and masturbates. Then Velvet goes over to him and performs oral sex on him. Kim comes over and kisses Velvet's fanny.
39 sec.

In the unrated version Velvet says to Kim "You can talk about giving a dog a hand job, no problem... " The rest of the sentence can be seen in both versions of the movie.
5.57 sec.

While Emily talks to Kim, she in the unrated version also says:
"Actually it was a fucking disaster."
2.3 sec.

Another missing sentence that is only included in the unrated version:
"How the fuck do you have a relationship?"
0.87 sec.

The beginning of the scene is a little longer in the unrated version. One of the women dances around the customer's lap.
3.27 sec.

The ending of this scene is also longer. After that you see a close up shot of the woman moving in front of the man.
6.47 sec.

Emily is so happy about Scotty's good news (she can perform as a singer on stage) that she (in the unrated version) says: "Oh, my God, I could fuck you till the cows come home." Scotty, who is homosexual, says: "Please don't."
6.44 sec.

Austin says something different to the barkeeper after Shayna passed them.
R-Rated: "Now, that's nice."
Unrated: "Now, that's an ass."
No difference in time.

When Shayna unexpectedly bolts in the preparations of her bachelorette party, Emily in both versions says something different.
R-Rated: "Oh, shoot."
Unrated: "Oh, shit."
No difference in time.

The taxi driver in the unrated version says "damn familiar" when he talks to Velvet. In the R-rated version he says "darn familiar".
No difference in time.

Emily is already a little drunk and uses the word "fuck" while talking to Shayna.
R-Rated: "... forget them."
Unrated: "... fuck them."
No difference in time.

Peter in the R-rated version calls Taylor "witch", while in the unrated version he calls her "bitch".
R-Rated: "Were you always such a witch..."
Unrated: "Were you always such a bitch..."
No difference in time.

Taylor in both versions says something different.
R-Rated: "... giving some loser a good time."
Unrated: "... giving some asshole a blowjob."
No difference in time.

Another linguistic difference in both versions during Taylor's dialogue.
R-Rated: "I want our kid to have every single thing..."
Unrated: "I want our kid to have every god damn thing..."
No difference in time.

Another linguistic difference.
R-Rated: "... a freaking horse if she wants one."
Unrated: "... a fucking horse if she wants one."
No difference in time.

Taylor's statement about her ex-boyfriend is a little different in both versions.
R-Rated: "You are such a clueless blowhard."
Unrated: "You are such a clueless bastard."
No difference in time.

Velvet talks to the manager. Again, both versions differ linguistically.
R-Rated: "Lady, whose kitty are we talking about..."
Unrated: "Lady, whose pussy are we talking about..."
No difference in time.

Ditto, when Velvet talks to Rickie Lee.
R-Rated: "$400 for a BJ..."
Unrated: "$400 for a blowjob..."
No difference in time.

Another linguistic difference.
R-Rated: "But this arrogant daddy/manager..."
Unrated: "But this asshole daddy/manager..."
No difference in time.

Another linguistic difference.
R-Rated: "... those moron losers."
Unrated: "... those motherfuckers."
No difference in time.

Another linguistic difference.
R-Rated: "I watch him get happy. His thing is standing..."
Unrated: "I watch him get hard. His dick is standing..."
No difference in time.

Shayna talks to Taylor and uses the word "fucking".
R-Rated: "I'm lucky to be..."
Unrated: "I'm fucking lucky to be..."
No difference in time.

Taylor asks Shayna...
R-Rated: "Where's it, on your butt?"
Unrated: "Where's it, on your ass?"
No difference in time.

... and then says:
R-Rated: "No, wait, I've seen your butt."
Unrated: "No, wait, I've seen your ass."
No difference in time.

Taylor says:
R-Rated: "...forget that."
Unrated: "...fuck that."
No difference in time.

When Evan talks about his job, he says...
R-Rated: "Losers."
Unrated: "Assholes."
No difference in time.

Evan asks Shayna:
R-Rated: "Are you peeved?"
Unrated: "Are you pissed?"
No difference in time.

Evan says:
R-Rated: "Shoot."
Unrated: "Shit."
No difference in time.

When Mary tells Taylor that her daughter is on the phone, Taylor says:
R-Rated: "Shoot."
Unrated: "Shit."
No difference in time.

The man asks his brother Scotty:
R-Rated: "What the heck for?"
Unrated: "What the fuck for?"
No difference in time.

When Scotty is forced to pick one of the women, his brother says:
R-Rated: "I'm not even having one of them myself."
Unrated: "I'm not even banging one of them myself."
No difference in time.

After Scotty picked Emily, the brother only in the unrated verison says:
"It's your dick."
No difference in time.

Scotty says to Emily:
R-Rated: "Forget you."
Unrated: "Fuck you."
No difference in time.

Scotty also says:
R-Rated: "Yes, I'm a flamer."
Unrated: "Yes, I'm a fag."
No difference in time.

Emily says:
R-Rated: "What's the deal?"
Unrated: "What the hell."
No difference in time.

Scotty's brother talks to the barkeeper and says:
R-Rated: "Scotty's probably doing that chick pretty good by now."
Unrated: "Scotty's probably banging that chick pretty good by now."
No difference in time.

While Emily is waiting she says:
R-Rated: "Jeez, what's with the sirens?"
Unrated: "Jesus, what's with the sirens?"
No difference in time.

Taylor talks to Peter and says:
R-Rated: "She talked back to you one time, big freaking deal."
Unrated: "She talked back to you one time, big fucking deal."
No difference in time.

Peter angrily says:
R-Rated: "Just a regular Mary Poppins."
Unrated: "Regular goddamn Mary Poppins."
No difference in time.

Peter also says:
R-Rated: "And that scares the heck out of me."
Unrated: "And that scares the shit out of me."
No difference in time.

David (the barkeeper) informs Emily:
R-Rated: "I'm supposed to let you know that Mister Mits is here..."
Unrated: "I'm supposed to let you know that Mister Tits is here..."
No difference in time.

After Emily heard that Austin's house burned down, she says:
R-Rated: "Shoot."
Unrated: "Shit."
No difference in time.

During Kim's dialogue, for some reason the word "God" can't be heard in the R-rated version.
R-Rated: "Bless them..."
Unrated: "God bless them..."
No difference in time.

Taylor says to Kim:
R-Rated: "Not me, I never even finished high school."
Unrated: "Fuck me, I never even finished high school."
No difference in time.

Taylor talks about her qualifications; her dialogue is about a second longer in the unrated version.
R-Rated: "I give excellent BJs."
Unrated: "I give excellent head."
0.77 sec.

Taylor closes her laptop and says:
R-Rated: "Joke."
Unrated: "Fucking joke."
No difference in time.

Carlos says to Velvet:
R-Rated: "You didn't think my other girls were going to give you up?"
Unrated: "You didn't think my other bitches were going to give you up?"
No difference in time.

Carlos threatens Velvet with a knife:
R-Rated: "I will really kill you."
Unrated: "I will fucking kill you."
No difference in time.

Only in the unrated version, Carlos calls Velvet "bitch".
R-Rated: "Come on."
Unrated: "Come on, bitch."
No difference in time.

Carlos shouts at Mary after she shot her gun.
R-Rated: "You totally crazy!"
Unrated: "Fucking crazy!"
No difference in time.

Velvet looks at herself in the mirror after her argument with Carlos and says:
R-Rated: "Damn."
Unrated: "Fuck."
No difference in time.

She also says:
R-Rated: "A punk rat from the first day I met him."
Unrated: "A bastard from the first day I met him."
No difference in time.

Velvet asks Kim:
R-Rated: "Even with you being gay?"
Unrated: "Even with you being a dyke?"
No difference in time.

Velvet says to Kim:
R-Rated: "I don't mean that stuff before,..."
Unrated: "I don't mean that shit before,..."
No difference in time.

During Shayna's and Beth's argument, Shayna says:
R-Rated: "His mother thinks if you're a stewardess you're a tramp."
Unrated: "His mother thinks if you're a stewardess you're a whore."
No difference in time.

Emily and David sit by the pool. During ther conversation, Emily says "fuck".
R-Rated: "What do they call it?"
Unrated: "Fuck, what do they call it?"
No difference in time.

Emily also says:
R-Rated: "I guess "don't spit where you eat" didn't sound classy enough."
Unrated: "I guess "don't shit where you eat" didn't sound classy enough."
No difference in time.

Taylor asks:
R-Rated: "Does she say that her mother's a stupid whore?"
Unrated: "Does she say that her mother's a fucking whore?"
No difference in time.

Emily during the fitting of the dress asks Boris:
R-Rated: "Does it push my rack up enough?"
Unrated: "Does it push my tits up enough?"
No difference in time.

Rickie Lee says to Emily:
R-Rated: "I'll just pull a rabbit out of my skirt."
Unrated: "I'll just pull a rabbit out of my snatch."
No difference in time.

Immediately after this, Emily angrily replies:
R-Rated: "Forget I even asked."
Unrated: "God, forget I fucking asked."
No difference in time.

Also, Emily insults Rickie:
R-Rated: "Selfish witch."
Unrated: "Selfish bitch."
No difference in time.

Rickie Lee says to Emily:
R-Rated: "You think I give a damn?"
Unrated: "You think I give a shit?"
No difference in time.

Emily counters:
R-Rated: "I don't think you give a damn about anything or anybody..."
Unrated: "I don't think you give a ahit about anything or anybody..."
No difference in time.

Now follow some more insults. Rickie Lee calls Emily a...
R-Rated: "... wart-face."
Unrated: "...twat-face."
No difference in time.

Rickie Lee says to Emily:
R-Rated: "If some loser wants to do a little girl..."
Unrated: "If some asshole wants to fuck a little girl..."
No difference in time.

Taylor talks to Mary:
R-Rated: "Men do me, and then they pay me..."
Unrated: "Men fuck me, and then they pay me..."
No difference in time.

Only in the unrated version, Taylor from off-camera says:
"The power of the pussy, right?"
No difference in time.