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Tales of Xillia

original title: Teiruzu obu Ekushiria


International Version
Rating: PEGI 16+
Region: Europe

Japanese Version
Rating: CERO: B
Region: Japan

Release: Oct 01, 2013 - Author: Once - Translator: DaxRider123
Please note:

The alteration which will be shown below contains a major spoiler! If you have not played Tales of Xillia yet and want to experience it without any spoilers, you should probably not read this report.

Rude Gesture

For the International Version, a short gesture during a cut scene was atered. In the Japanese Version, one of the characters flips the bird. Because of this gesture's rude intentions it was altered so that you can no longer see the middle finger but the index finger.

Remark about this Report

Since the Japanese Version only contains the Japanese language we could not check for other alterations, especially concerning dialogs. We simply do not have the language skills that would be necessary to pull an in-depth anaylsis off.

For this report we compared the European Version (PEGI 16) with the uncensored Japanese Version (CERO: B).

The cut scene begins after Agria's battle with Presa.
Due to the fight, parts of the mountain collapse and the two characters are carried off as well. While Alvin was not quick enough to reach for Presa, Leia was able to grab Agria's hand. However, Agria does not want to be saved and thus pulls Leia's hand away. While she falls, she in the Japanese Version flips Leia the bird. This was altered for the International Version, where she now simply points at her.

International VersionJapanese Version