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original title: Haenduae


  • International Version
  • Korean Version
Release: Apr 25, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The movie:
2004, during the devastating tsunami in south-east asia, Yeon-Hee's dying father asks Man-sik to care for his daughter.
2009, Man-sik has complied to the wish and tries to help Yeon-hee whereever he can. Both develop a deep affection for each other, but Yeon-hee doesn't know that Man-sik is partly responsible for her father's death.
The lifeguard Hyung-sik saves Hi-mi in a special way. Hi-mi, not easy to handle, keeps him quite busy and a little romance starts to develop. The geologist Kim-Hwi is afraid there could be another big tsunami and thinks this is a big threat to Busan. But no one takes him serious, especially because the Haeundae cultural exhibit is about to start. His ex wife, Yoo-Jin, is co-administrating the exhibit.

The movie takes quite a while until the catastrophe unfolds and contains quite a lot of humor. In the end it wasn't really surpprising that quite a few parts had been removed for the international release, mainly parts of the first hour. A major part of the baseball game, the begging scene with Seung-Hyun, the food intoxication, the first saving by Hyung-sik and the reconciliation between Man-sik's mother and Yeon-hee are missing in the cut version.

There is said to exist a, so far unreleased, Director's Cut that contains 9 more minutes of running time. Considering the on the Korean DVD viewable deleted scenes (all in all about 12 minutes) it is probable that those are mainly story extensions. The UK-DVD only features the international Version. The US-DVD will be released on 5.11.10 and will most likely contain the international version too.

Cut Report:
The cutting times have been rounded and the spelling of the names is taken from the Korean DVD's subtitles.

All Korean signs have been removed on the DVD when no Korean was spoken. The English scenes haven't been subtitled in contrast to the short Japanese moment.


The Korean version features several small overlays telling something about the shown locations or the time. Those have been removed from the movie and are nun shown as subtitles.
However, those subtitles aren't complete. Mainly in the frist hour most of the overlays are missing.


IV: 0:00:00
KV: 0:00:00
At the beginning the Korean DVD shows the black screen longer.
KV +1,5 sec

IV: 0:13:00
KV: 0:13:35

In the middle of the boat trip there is a cut to Dong-choon (Kim In-kwon) and Seung-hyun (Cheon Bo-geun). Dong-choon prepares the kid for begging.

Dong-choon: „A real man can never be shy. About anything! It's your guts that will get you through life. It's your what?“
Seung-hyun: „Guts!“
Dong-choon: „That's right my boy! Guts! Like a bad-ass spirit! What kind of spirit?“
Seung-hyun: „Bad-ass spirit!“
Dong-choon: „That's right! Now, from now on, you do what I say.“

Seung-hyun is supposed to sing a song, but he doesn't know one so Dong-choon gets angry and threatens to kick him.

Dong-choon: „First, I want you to sing!“
Seung-hyun: „Huh?“
Dong-choon: „You don't know any songs? A nursery rhyme or something.“
Seung-hyun: „I don't know any.“
Dong-choon: „Come on, you rascal! Just sing anything!“

Now the kid remembers the theme song of the "Pororo" series.

Seung-hyun: „Pororo.“
Dong-choon: „What's that?“
Seung-hyun: „Animation.“
Dong-choon: „All right, that's good. One-Two-Three-Four.“

With this song they go on the street, there Dong-choon kicks Seung-hyun because he doesn't sing loud enough.
Both are discovered by Ji-min (Kim Yoo-jeong), who talks to her mother Yoo-jin (Uhm Jung-hwa). Yoo-jin now. without further looking, gives 10 000 Won to her child.

Seung-hyun (sings): „Playtime is the best time. Gather up your friends. It's always so much fun. Trickster, Pororo.“
Dong-choon: „Louder! Go!“
Ji-min: „Mommy!“
Yoo-jin: „Alright, now I could go crazy. Told you mommy's busy.“

Ji-min now gives the money to Dong-choon and their mother then drags her away from the "beggars". Dong is looking surprised and Ji-Min is happy.

Yoo-jin: „Are you happy now?“
Ji-min: „Thank you, mom.“

At the end of the movie Ji-Min asks Seung-hyun if they had already met. Without these scene the question doesn't really make that much sense.

total cut length: 85,5 sec

IV: 0:15:35
KV: 0:17:41

Yeon-hee (Ha Ji-won) gets Man-sik (Seol Kyeong-gu) something to drink after he brought her vegetables. Man-sik sits down and discovers a drawing by Seung-hyung. The drawing shows Seung-hyun, Yeon-hee and Man-sik drinking from a bottle.

Yeon-hee: „Wait, I'll get you something to drink.“

Man-sik gets his drink and asks where his son is.

Man-sik: „Was Seung-hyun here?“
Yeon-hee: „Yeah. What's that? Did Seung-hyun draw that?“
Man-sik: „Looks like it. Where is he anyway?“
Yeon-hee: „He was gone when I got back. I thought he went home.“
Man-sik: „He didn't show up at the house.“
Yeon-hee: „Then where did he go?“

After the last sentence Man--sik's cell phone starts to ring and they learn that Seung-hyun is at the police station.

Man-sik: „Hello. The police station?“

Now they go to the station where Dong-choon and the crying kid are interrogated.

Police man: „You'd better just tell us straight, you scumbag.“
Dong-choon: „I just tried to make a little money on the side! Do I look like a fraud? Stop crying and tell him the truth!“
Police man: „Is he really your uncle?“
The crying Seung-hyun confirms.
Dong-choon: „He said it's true. He's my brother's son, like I told you!“

Man-sik and Yeon-hee run into the room and Dong-choon is so startled that he falls off his chair. He tries to sneak away when Man-sik goes to his room.

Man-sik: „Seung-hyun!“
Seung-hyun: „Daddy!“
Man-sik: „Seung-hyun! Are you okay? Who did this to you?“

The kid points at Dong-choon.

The angry father runs towards his friend and leaps at him. Several officers are needed to seperate them.

Man-sik: „You son of a bitch! How could you do that to a child? You wanna die?“

Eventually Yeon-hee joins them.

Yeon-hee: „Man-sik! Stop it!“
Dong-choon crying: „My head, my head!“
Yeon-hee to Man-sik: „You can't do that here. Kick his ass outside if you want to.“
Yeon-hee to Dong-choon (while hitting his head): „How could you do this?“

The last part of this cut contains the dinner at Yeon-hee's.

Man-sik: „All I'm saying is he's a bastard! I've known it since we were young!“
Yeon-hee: „Eat up!“
Seung-hyun: „Okay.“
Man-sik: „Maybe it's because he's my boy, but take a look at him! Here it comes again. Whenever he takes a test, he always gets a perfect score. Just to make others feel better, he should at least get one wrong. He still needs to learn his manners. Learn some manners, okay?“

Man-sik's talk is interrupted when Hyung-sik comes in.

Hyung-sik: „Yeon-hee! I'm starved!“
Seung-hyun: „Uncle!“
Yeon-hee: „Come inside. You finished this late?“
Hyung-sik: „Yeah.“
Yeon-hee: „Haven't eaten yet, have you?“
Hyung-sik: „No, give me anything.“
Man-sik: „Hey. Where was I again?“
Seung-hyun: „That I have no manners.“
Man-sik: „That's right! You've got no manners. What do we call an ill-mannered boy? You little scoundrel.“
Hyung-sik: „Why don't you take it easy with the alcohol?“

Out of the background the guy from the other table asks whether that was Man-sik's son because he looked a lot like his mother.

Guest: „Is that your son? He's handsome. Looks a lot like his mother.“
Seung-hyun: „She's not my mom. She's my older sister and he's my uncle! My mom's left us.“

total cut length: 173,5 sec

IV: 0:19:04
KV: 0:24:13

After Man-sik's mother (Kim Ji-yeong) ended the meeting at Yeon-hee the scene in which Joon-ha (Yeo Ho-min) and his friends come to Yeon-hee in order to eat. Jeon-hee isn't really happy with this location and he tells his friends about it.

Hyeong-cheol: „You serving dinner?“
Yeon-hee: „Of course. Have a seat!“
Hyeong-cheol: „What's good here?“
Yeon-hee: „Pollack soup's fresh today. Wanna try that?“
Hyeong-cheol: „Give me some of that. And a plate of raw fish too.“
Yeon-hee: „Got it.“
Jin-soo: „Don't make faces. You're dying from eating here.“
Joon-ha: „Of all the restaurants, why does it have to be here?“

He asks for a lighter and receives the one with the huge flame that already threw Hi-mi (Kang Ye-won) off the yacht. Being shocked, Jin-soo (Kim Yoo-bin) throws the lighter at the floor.

Joon-ha: „Light!“

total cut length: 25,5 sec

IV: 0:21:18
KV: 0:26:58

During the baseball game we don't see how Lee Dae-ho prepares himself to strike and the commentators say that it wasn't his day (because of the strike out in the first inning and the double play in the third inning).

Commentators: „Lotte is down 2 to 1 in the 5th. It's one out, a runner at first, and No.4 LEE is in the batter's box. He doesn't look like he's in good condition today. In the 1st inning, he strike out, and in the 3rd he hit into a double play.“
(Short explanation: Lotte stands for the Lotte Giants, Busan's baseball team.)

11,5 sec

IV: 0:22:02
KV: 0:27:55

Hi-mi fetches her savior and they go to the baseball field again. Yeon-hee gets back to her place and asks Seung-hyum where his father was. Seung points to the safety net where Man-sik tries to climb up and tries to provoke Lee Dae-ho.

Yeon-hee: „Where's your Dad?“
Seung-hyun: „Over there!“
Man-sik: „Hey, Mr. Double Play!“

Yeon makes a grimace and walks to the net, where she tries to calm Man-sik down by hitting him softly.

Man-sik: „Lee Dae-ho! Come on! Jerk! You want me to come?“
Yeon-hee: „Are you insane? Stop it now!“

The whole situation is being watched and commented by Dong-choon's group.

Striped shirt: „Damn! He's not gonna be easy to brush off.“
Yellow shirt: „As a pair, they're out of control...“

total cut length: 28 sec

IV: 0:23:11
KV: 0:29:35

the international version now stays with the couple and follows them from the restaurant to I-gi-dae, the Korean one switches back to the stadium where Man-sik continues to insult Dae-ho. Dae-ho looks up to him but tries to concentrae on the game.

Man-sik: „You pig! Son of a bitch! You funny?“
He shortly joins the „Garcia, Garcia“chants before he gets back at Dae-ho.
Man-sik: „You son of a bitch! Lee, Dae-ho!“

19 sec

IV: 0:24:44
KV: 0:31:30

There is a small continuity error in the international version. After the rendez-vous between Hi-mi and Hyung-sik it instantly shows Man-sik's mother thanking Eok-jo (Song Jae-ho). He says she shouldn't worry about him and that *he* would be released soon. However, in this version it isn't really clear what they are talking about.
A longer part from the stadium scene is missing in which Man-sik pushes it too far and is being arrested (so he's that one that is supposed to get out soon).

This is missing in the IV: Man-sik has put a bag on his head and looks into the Giant's box. There he sees Dae-ho and starts insulting him once again. Dae-ho stays calm for a while, but then he leaves the box. His teammates try to calm him down.

Man-sik: „Hey, Dae-ho! You ain't a no.4 batter. You make double play records today? What are you looking at? You think you're batter? Go to hell, asshole!“
Dae-ho: „Hey! Can't stand this anymore! You just wait, I'm gonna kill you.“

The commentators now perceive the situation and comment the arrest of Man-sik. Seung-hyun cries, Yeon-hee swears, a successful evening.

Commentators: „A man in the audience is stirring up a commotion. I think he's had too much to drink. There's a child watching all this. It's not a good example. Korean baseball culture has made such a progress and we don't appreciate those audience, neither do the Giants fans.“
Man-sik: „Money makes the mare to go!“

total cut length: 67 sec

IV: 0:25:43
KV: 0:33:38

Eok-jo leaves Man-sik's restaurant and the UK DVD ends the scnee after Eok-jo's comment about Man-sik not bowing down properly in front of his uncle. The Korean version continues with him kicking a dog and his mother beating him on the shoulder.

Man-sik: „You son of a dog! Get out of here!“
Geum-ryeon „What? Grow up!“
She hits him.
Man-sik: „It hurts! It really hurts!“
Geum-ryeon „Why you'd have to kick that dog?“
Man-sik: „My skin's going to peel off.“

Switch to Joon-ha's group. Hyeong-cheol is in the hospital, suffering from a food intoxication.

Arzt: „It's food poisoning.“
Joon-ha: „What?“
Arzt: „You said he Was fine before dinner, right?“
Joon-ha: „Right.“
Arzt: „What did you guys have for dinner?“
Jin-soo: „Raw fish?“

total cut length: 24,5 sec

IV: 0:26:12
KV: 0:34:33

The longest cut in the movie. Yeon-hee discovers Man-sik's gift and reads the small card, then the international version fades out.

Dong-choon takes the card out of curiosity and Yeon-hee tries to get it back.

Dong-choon: „What's this?“
Yeon-hee: „Give it back to me! Give me!“
Dong-choon: „That crazy suck!“

Joon-ha and Jin-soo arrive and want to take Yeon-hee to the police because they think the food poisoning was her fault.
Joon-ha pushes Dong-choon away and grabs Yeon-hee by the collar. Dong-choon stands up again and asks what the matter was. Joon-ha's fist serves as an answer.

Joon-ha: „Come with us!“
Yeon-hee: „What are you doing?“
Joon-ha: „You're in big trouble. Do you know who I am?“
Yeon-hee: „How am I supposed to know that?“
Dong-choon: „Hey! What do you think you're doing?“
Joon-ha: „You know what's the worst thing in the world? It's those bastards who play with their food. You need to get a proper taste of life in a cell.“
Yeon-hee: „I don't know what you're talking about.“

As Dong-choon stands up again he is hit one more time. Joon-ha now lets Yeon-hee go and starts kicking Dong (who is still on the floor). Jin-soo also starts doing it. Yeon-hee tries to stop them, but isn't successful in doing so.

Dong-choon: „Hey, son of bitch! Shouldn't get someone when they're off guard.“
Joon-ha: „Crazy son of a bitch!“
Dong-choon (lying on the floor): „Are you out of your mind? Calm down, calm down.“
Joon-ha: „Son of a bitch!“
Yeon-hee: „Dong-choon! Stop it!“

Hyung-sik happily walks home after the evening with Hi-mi and sees the fight.

Yeon-hee is now being forced by Joon-ha to come with them. Hyung-sik helps her by pushing Jin-soo away and giving Joon-ha an uppercut. To prevent further violence Yeon-hee holds Hyung-sik back.

Joon-ha: „Follow me.“
Hyung-sik: „Yeon-hee!“
Dong-choon: „Hyung-sik!“
Jin-soo: „What's this?“
Hyung-sik: „You son of a bitch!“
Yeon-hee: „Don't!“
Hyung-sik: „Get up you bastards! Why the fuck are you drunk and stirring up shit? I'll beat you to death!“

Man-sik has a hangover and is rolling in bed so his mother can't sleep. He asks her whether she has medicine in the house.

Geum-ryeon „Will you quiet down? You should learn to handle your drink.“
Man-sik: „Do you have any stomach medicine around?“
Geum-ryeon „Check the drawer.“

Man-sik crawls towards the drawer and takes liquid soap (the subtitles say shampoo) instead of the medicine.

A friend is banging at the door and tells them about the incident with Yeon-hee. Man-sik empties the box and the two men leave. Finally, there's a pan to the empty package of "medicine".

Freund: „Man-sik! We've got a big problem!“
Man-sik: „What is it?“
Freund: „It's Hyung-sik and Yeon-hee!“
Man-sik: „What?“
Freund: „Come on! Hurry! They're in a fight.“

Back to the harbor, where the police has arrived and is arresting Dong-choon.

Dong-choon: „I'm the one who got attacked! Don't you see the blood? Call the chief of police!“
Police man: „Let's just go to the station and sort it out there!“
Dong-choon: „I didn't fight back!“
The police man pushes him into his car.
Dong-choon: „Open up!“

Man-sik reaches the place and tries to convince the officer of Dong-choon's innocence but the officer refuses to listen to hi. During the chat we see the first effects of the liquid soap.

Dong-choon: „Man-sik!“
Man-sik: „What's going on here?“
Dong-choon: „Bro!“
Police man: „He made the report.“ (points at Joon-ha)
Man-sik: „What report?“
Police man: „Yeon-hee sold him spoiled food and Hyung-sik beat him up. It's hard to know exactly what happened.“
Dong-choon: „Look at my eyes, bastard!“
Man-sik: „Can't we just settle it here?“
Police man: „When a report's been made, we've got to go to the station.“
Man-sik: „Can't we work this out?“
Police man: „No!“

The cop car drives to the police sation and Man-sik slumps down.

Friend: „Are you sick or something?“
Man-sik: „I'm dying!“

The following shot consists of hospital floors featuring a suffering Man-sik.

Friend: „Hang in there!“
Man-sik: „I'm dying, man!“
Friend: „Hold on, we're almost there.“

In the emergency room the nurse asks which injuries Man-sik has and reveives the answer that he has a food poisoning.

Nurse: „Where's he hurt?“
Paramedic: „It's stomache poisoning.“
Nurse: „What did he eat?“
Paramedic: „Shampoo!“
Nurse: „Shampoo?“

The people around try to force a hose in Man-sik's mouth.

Nurse: „Stay calm! Lie on your side! Stay calm!“

The international version starts with the clogged toilet in the hotel, but the first sight of the toilet has been removed.

total cut length: 197,5 sec

IV: 0:27:43
KV: 0:39:26

Hyung-siks boss isn't amused about the arrest and sends them to a quiet place.

Hyung-sik: „I'm very sorry.“
Boss: „Apology doesn't get you off. When things are running smoothly, you go and piss someone off. The report's gone to the top so there's nothing I can do about it. Go to a quiet place and stay there for a few days.“
Hyung-sik: „A quiet place?“

The quiet place happens to be the pediatric ward. The British DVD also shows the station, but there we instantly see the interrogation of Ji-min.

total cut length: 27 sec

IV: 0:32:19 (0:33:57)
KV: 0:44:40 (0:47:44)

The second date of Hyung-sik and Hi-mi has been moved behind the dinner of Man-sik, Yeon-hee and Dong-choon.


IV: 1:20:55
KV: 1:35:18

After the explosion of the freighter the first attempt to rescue Joon-ha follows. He and Hyung-sik are being dragged onto the helicopter, but when Joon-ha regains his consciousness he panics and is falling back into the water.

Hyung-sik: „Hold still! Don't move!“
Joon-ha: „Help!“
Hyung-siks colleague: „Stupid bastard! The victim has fallen down! The victim has fallen down!“

Hyung-sik thinks and then decides to try the rescue again (against the advice of his colleague and Hi-mi).

Hi-mi: „No, don't go.“
Hyung-siks colleague: „Hey! It's so dangerous!“
Hyung-sik: „I'll be back soon!“
Hi-mi: „No! No, Hyung-sik! No, don't!“

total cut length: 50,5 sec

IV: 1:37:15
KV: 1:53:10

After the mourning Dong-choon we see Man-sik's aunt, where his mother and Yeon-hee reconciliate.

Aunt: „Eat up.“
Man-sik: „Thank You, aunt.“
Geum-ryeon „It would be great if things always turned out like we want them to, but sometimes couples hate each other, and think 'How can I be living with this kind of a person'.“
Man-sik: „Mom, we're not like that.“
Geum-ryeon: „Shut your mouth! But remember there's no special man or woman out there. Just take good care of each other. When you get old it's only your spouse that you can depend on. You know what I mean?“
Yeon-hee: „Yes, mother. I will do my best. Thanks for accepting me despite all my flaws and troubles.“
Geum-ryeon: „No, no. Come here, Yeon-hee.“
Yeon-hee: „Thank you, mother.“
Geum-ryeon: „You've had some hard times. I understand.“

Man-sik tries to comfort his future wife.

Man-sik: „Yeah, indeed. You had hardtimes, Yeon-hee.“

But his mother pushes him away and he falls down to the floor.

Man-sik: „It hurts.“

total cut length: 90,5 sec