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Release: Oct 31, 2017 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Almost 30 years after the first Child’s Play movie, Cult of Chucky marks the seventh entry of the franchise revolving around the doll possessed by the ghost of a serial killer. Don Mancini, writer of the first script and director of every film since part four (Bride of Chucky) obviously still finds financing for the sarcastic and murderous doll. And that even with younger theatrical competition like Annabelle breathing down his neck.

When watching Cult of Chucky, it becomes apparent why the franchise itself does not get theatrical runs anymore. The sequel spends almost the entire runtime in an asylum where Nica from Curse of Chucky has the problem that no one believes her reports about the killer doll, not even when the killing starts again. The majority of the film is quite slow and lacks suspense, but delivers some gory kills in the last third.

Just like the two films before, Cult of Chucky also got two versions on home video. Apart from an MPAA “R”-rated version (for strong horror violence, grisly images, language, brief sexuality and drug use), the uncensored Unrated Cut is also part of the DVD and Blu-ray. As it is often the case with censored MPAA editions, the cuts of the “R”-rated version only last a couple of frames. Only the after-credits scene was completely removed and would be really noticeable, even though the reason for the omission is clearly not censorship-related.

Compared are the censored “R“-rated version and the Unrated Cut (both included on the US Blu-ray by Universal Pictures).

9 cuts = 62.72 sec. or approx. 1 minute 3 seconds

0:44:45: The Unrated shows a moment where we see a lot of blood spurting from the torso.
1.6 sec.

1:15:09: Intestines dwell out in another shot.
1 sec.

1:19:28: Two more kicks in the face happen in between and only in the Unrated.
2.12 sec.

1:21:30: A few more frames show the drill entering the head.
0.32 sec.

1:21:32: The Unrated shows a little longer how the drill comes out of the eye, as well.
0.88 sec.

1:21:34: And again a few more frames from the shot behind the head.
0.32 sec.

1:21:35: The drill does its work for a few more frames again.
0.4 sec.

1:21:38: And again.
0.52 sec.

1:30:04: The Unrated has an after-credits scene. We see the heavily destroyed, but still “living” Chucky head in Andy’s house. Suddenly, a woman appears and turns out to be Kyle (from Child’s Play 2). She says that Andy sent her and that they’re going to have a little fun. She shows pliers and judging from Chucky’s off-screen screams, we can imagine what “fun” she was referring to.
55.56 sec.