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Lady Frankenstein - Blu-ray


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Lady Frankenstein

original title: La Figlia di Frankenstein


  • Swedish VHS (Esselte)
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 24, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Swedish VHS (by Esselte) was compared to the uncut version. Both are on the UK Blu-ray by Nucleus Films.

Together with his assistant Charles, Baron Frankenstein is working on creating a human being. He uses body parts, which the greasy grave robber Lynch gets for him. Shortly before the completion of his work, his daughter Tania appears, who has completed her surgical studies. Frankenstein would not like to involve her in his experiments, but Tania is curious. One thundery night the moment has finally come. The monster created by Frankenstein comes to life, but since its brain is damaged, the creature turns against its creator and travels murderously through the area. Frankenstein dies, but Tania wants to continue his experiments. She wants to transplant Charles' brain into the body of the well-built but simple-minded herdsman Thomas. Meanwhile, the citizens are increasingly displeased by the crimes committed by Frankenstein's creature. Inspector Harris tries to get behind the secrets that happen at Frankenstein Castle.

Mel Welles, better known as the (supporting) actor, shot the film Lady Frankenstein, which was originally planned as Lady Dracula. As it turned out, producer Harry Cushing did not have the rights to the script, which was sold to Germany and so Lady Dracula was made with Evelyne Kraft. The script for Lady Frankenstein was written at short notice within two weeks, as the sets and actors for the original film had already been rented. The result is a surprisingly good film, which mixes motifs from the Frankenstein story with gothic horror and has Rosalba Neri as Tania Frankenstein, an emancipated leading actress. As the film progresses, the story becomes more and more abstruse, which only slightly clouds the film's enjoyment. In addition to the enchanting Rosalba Neri, who was seen in numerous Italian productions at the time, Joseph Cotten (Citizen Kane) and the Austrian Herbert Fux can be seen. In the English dubbing, Herbert Fux's role is spoken by Mel Welles.

Lady Frankenstein has a curious publishing history. Roger Corman, who was also involved in the financing of the film, has created a version shortened by about 15 minutes for the US market. Most of the sex and violence scenes have remained intact, the main plot was edited. This version appeared on VHS and various Public Domain DVDs and was quite widespread. In Sweden, a VHS was published with a complete version of the plot in which three scenes of violence were shortened. Things changed when a broadcast was announced on German Free TV. Originally the film was supposed to be shown on 29.06.07 as a free TV premiere in a restored version on WDR. Since the film was still indexed at that time, a worried cinefacts user asked WDR in which version the film would run due to the indexing. Since WDR apparently was not informed about the existing indexing, the film was removed from the program at short notice and replaced by Sade. A deletion from the list followed, WDR lost its right to a first broadcast and on 04.08.07 the restored version of the film was finally shown on 3sat.

The documentary Die Wahrheit über Lady Frankenstein, in which director Mel Wells, leading actress Rosalba Neri and Herbert Fux remembered the film, was produced especially for this purpose and broadcast beforehand. In terms of quality, 3sat was the best and most complete release of the film. Nevertheless this version knows many film ruptures which were concealed as good as possible. In comparison to the uncut version some scenes are still missing. One of them, in which Zack talks to Harris and suggests that the anger of the citizens about the murders is concentrated on Frankenstein, is quite significant. In an earlier scene where Peter talks to the citizens, he manages to calm them down and expose them as inactive. When they storm raging the Frankenstein castle with torches towards the end, this seems a bit strange without the scene between Zack and Harris.

In the following years, various patch-work releases, like the US DVD from Shout Factory followed. Basis was a very good transfer of the US version into the scenes from the 3sat broadcast and even the Swedish VHS were reintegrated. It looks similar with the German DVDs of '84 Entertainment. As part of the Edition Hände weg! edition, Anolis released the uncut version in Germany, but only in a small edition and relatively expensive. On September 3rd, the film was released in England by Nucleus Films on Blu-ray. Included is both the uncut restored version and the US version, as well as extensive bonus material.

You can legally download the film at Of course only the US version, but the US synchro is pretty good.


Swedish VHS: 93:59 Min.
Uncut: 99:00 Min.


The Swedish VHS version has the English opening credits, while the uncut version contains the Italian captions.

No time difference


There is a cut missing on Charles, who thinks that Tania will be a good surgeon. The next shot starts a little earlier.

UC: 4 sec.


Charles and Tania are to be seen longer.

Then, the complete scene is missing in which the monster kills Lynch when he is having fun with a prostitute.

UC: 28 sec.


The monster kills the farmer's wife and drops her to the ground.

UC: 5 sec.


The end of the scene in which Thomas is suffocated by Charles with the pillow is missing. Tania enjoys the moment.

UC: 28 sec.


Alternative end fade-ins.

SW: 6 sec.
UC: 6 sec.