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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Oct 09, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the PG-13 version (=Theatrical version) and the Unrated version, both released by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

10 points where the unrated version is longer.
8 points where the unrated version offers alternative material that is longer than the PG-13 scene.
2 points where the unrated version offers alternative material without causing any difference in time.
= 366.7 sec. resp. 6 min. 7 sek.
Index of time designations: PG-13 / Unrated

In the unrated version there's an additional scene where Kevin and Marcus talk to their much-hated colleagues.
Kevin: "Let me ask you guys a question. When the Chief goes to the bathroom, which one of you guys holds his balls and which one wipes?"
Marcus: "That's the ball holder there." He points at the guy with the red banded tie.
Kevin: "Yep. You can tell by the cup in his hand."
Harper: "See, that is exactly the attitude that's going to keep you guys working the shit detail while we're working the socialite kidnapping case."
Marcus: "You guys got the socialite kidnapping case?"
Gomez: "That's right. What's that? Oh, I think I hear the Chief flushing. We'd better get going. Whose turn is it to wipe? Yours?"
Harper: "I think it's your turn to wipe and I'll hold the balls."
Then, the two colleagues leave.
43.28 sec.

When Marcus shouts at the boy, he in the unrated version also says:
Marcus: "I got this for you. Kiss my black ass!" Then he turns around, pulls up his skirt and begins to pull down his panties, but Kevin can stop him.
During the following conversation between the two of them, both versions offer slightly different takes. This won't be mentioned any further, since the differences are almost unnoticeable.
3.5 sec.

After Kevin clapped Denise Porter on the shoulder, the following sentence differs in both versions.
PG-13: "Sorry, honey. Only beef."
Unrated: "Sorry, honey. I don't eat sushi. Strictly beef."
1.27 sec.


When Latrell talks to Marcus he says: "Once you go black, you're going to need a wheelchair." Then in both versions follows a different short scene:
In the PG-13 version, a woman in a wheelchair passes by and says "Hey Latrell."
In the Unrated version, the scene was shot from a different angle and the woman says "Hey Latrell. I had a great time last night."
2.34 sec.


Kevin and Marcus arrive at the fashion boutique along with the women. When they enter the store, they are closely monitored by two boys who then follow them. They stand around underneath the stairs and peek under the women's skirts. One of them says "Bush" and then they give each other high five. When Marcus walks up the stairs, they turn around in disgust and shout "Balls". One of the boys says "I'm going to throw up".
26.6 sec.

When the saleswoman helps Marcus to get dressed while Marcus is on the phone with his wife Gina, Gina in both versions says something slightly different:
PG-13: "What is she holding?"
Unrated: "What is she holding open?"
1.43 sec.


The agents Jake Harper (he's seriously called like that) and Vincent Gomez sit in their car. In the unrated version, Gomez says an additional sentence:
PG-13: "Janet Reno oder Rosie O'Donnell?"
Unrated: "Janet Reno oder Rosie O'Donnell? You've got to kiss and go down on them."
2.2 sec.


During the slumber party, the party guests in the unrated version watch a commercial starring Megan Vandergeld.
Megan: "I won't let genital herpes slow me down. That's why I use Valtrum."
Mann: "Hey. You want to play with me?"
Megan: "Sure."
Lisa fumes at the fact that she didn't get casted for the commercial. "I so could have done that part. She doesn't even have herpes."
Marcus and Kevin look at each other with disgust.
25.33 sec.

At this point, the unrated version offers an additional scene.
Tori sits on the floor and grabs a dildo out of her pocket. She says "Enough of this girl's talk, ladies. It's time for some real fun." Lisa says to Kevin and Marcus "Show us some of your skills." Marcus also asks Kevin to do so. Tori throws the dildo to Kevin. Marcus sits down next to the girls and they cheer for Kevin to show them how he would handle a penis. He hesitantly starts to do so.
Kevin: "The first thing you do is you gotta grab the thing here. Not too tight or you'll get calluses. Then you want to look that little sucker in the eye an go: 'Come here, little guy. Come here, you little earthworm. You like that?' I learned that from my Eskimo porn." Thereby he rubs the dildo on his nose. "And then I'm going to teach you guys 'The Deep Throat.' You want to make shure the passage is clear all the way from your throat to your chin and you want to place the thing here." He hits the dildo at his throat.
Tori: "Guys like that?"
Kevin: "They love it. And another thing they love is this." Kevin repetedly strikes the dildo at his head. "I call that 'The Headbanger.'"
Karen: "Don't you ever put it in your mouth?"
Kevin schreit: "Never. Never put it in the mouth. That's '80s. You might as well go and buy a TransAm."
Tori: "I'm ready. I think I can do it."
Kevin throws the dildo to Tori and she immediately starts to repeat all his "lessons".
Her friends applaud.
137.17 sec.

PG-13 version

When Megan sees the group of women (including Marcus and Kevin) she says to Heather "Skank alert."

Unrated version

Megan shows an article of the magazine to Heather. "Would you look at these starving kids in Africa. When I see them I just want to cry. I mean, why can't I be that skinny?"
Heather: "It's okay, Megan. Just think. They can't wear belly rings with those bloated tummies of theirs."
Meagan: "That's true. I feel so much better."
They laugh and then Megan says "Skank alert."
27.63 sec.

In the unrated version, the women (including Marcus) talk about their pubic hair.
Tori: "I'm so glad I got waxed today."
Karen: "Me, too. What did you get?"
Tori: "The Bald Eagle."
Karen: "I got the Bermuda Triangle."
Lisa: "The Landing Strip."
Marcus: "I got the Buckwheat."
Karen: "Disgusting."
14.52 sec.

In the unrated version, Latrell stands around a little longer and glances down at Marcus.
1.67 sec.

In the PG-13 version, Marcus says "I don't see why I got to go out with Mandingo."
However, in the unrated version he says "I don't see why I got to go out with Mandingo and his anaconda."
1.06 sec.


Another alteration of the dialogue.
When Kevin leaves the room, he in the PG-13 version says "And if you need to use protection tell Latrell there's an extra shower curtain in the bathroom."
In the unrated version he says "Tell Latrell if he needs a condom there's an extra shower curtain in the bathroom."
No difference in time.


In the PG-13 version, Harper takes the pair of panties, first looks and then smells at it. He breathes in deeply.
In the unrated version, he smells at the underwear and then starts to lick it. Then he takes a deep breath.
3.77 sec.


In the unrated version there's an additional scene before the PG-13 version starts.
You see the dancing crowd, then a guy addresses himself to the group of women and wants to buy them a drink. Marcus rebuffs him.
Karen: "I so don't get it. Guys think if they buy you a drink, it's a free ticket into your pants. Well it's not."
A waiter comes and asks what they want. The women order their drinks and then the waiter looks at Marcus.
Marcus: "A blue balls on the rocks."
Karen: "I've had that before. That's a good drink."
Marcus: "Don't drink too many."
31.36 sec.

In both version, Russ (off-camera) says something different about Tiffany Wilson.
PG-13: "She puts the "E" in easy."
Unrated: "The ex queen?"
No difference in time-


When both versions fade to the next scene, the panning shot begins a little earlier in the unrated version. You can see the nightstand and all the stuff that's lying on it.
6 sec.

When Latrell (who thinks that he's lying next to Tiffany [=Marcus]) strokes Russ' hair, both versions use different footage. Additionally, the scene is a little longer in the unrated version.
In the PG-13 version you see Russ' face and Latrell's hand in his hair. Then Russ wakes up.
In the unrated version, you see Latrell. He kisses Russ and plays with his hair. When Latrell wishes him good morning, Russ wakes up.
7.57 sec.


Russ drives through the hotel lobby with a wheelchair. Heath comes down the stairs with his friends and meets Russ. Heath asks what has happened. Then, Latrell comes and lays his hand on Russ' shoulder. Russ anxiously looks at Latrell and says "I fell." Latrell nods and slowly walks away.
30.7 sec.