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An American Werewolf In London

Pan's Labyrinth

Boot Hill

original title: La collina degli stivali


  • International Version
  • Integral Version
Release: May 27, 2010 - Author: klepp - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the international version and the integral version, both distributed by Starlight in their Deluxe Special Edition.

As it is stated in the beginning of the integral version, this version has been restored with different masters. Additionally there is a note about quality and sound which may differ. The difference in image quality can be seen here:
Material of the integral version:Material of both versions

The international versions does well here because the integral version does not offer more informational material. Because of the discussed quality of images and sound I would recommend the international version.

Runtime international version: 1:13:20
Runtime integral version: 1:34:28
Just before the movie begins the integral version shows a notice that this version is a restored long version and that there may be differences in image quality as well as sound.

After the credit of director Colizzi the title sequence is aborted and one can see a clown who promotes the circus. The only cowboy who spends him attention seems pretty bored.
45 sec

After someone shot at CAT (Hill) there occurs an intercut to the ‘flying men’.
14 sec

While Cat tries to escape from his chasers the integral version shows additional takes. First there are the ‘flying men’, their audience and afterwards Cat who objects a window, then again the audience and the artists.
11 sec

After Cat escaped with a horse there is an additional take of his chasers. This take can be considered as alternative material because one part of their way is also shown in the upcoming takes. Nevertheless, the integral version shows both takes (the last two pictures are also contained in the international version).
5 sec

While chasing Cat on horses there is a redundant take of the chasers and Cat.
4 sec

Mamy talks to his horses a bit longer:
He tells them that nothing will beat him down easily and that he is going to pay back even though he is going to die.
7 sec

The dialogue between Thomas and Mamy continues:
Mamy asks how long it will take. Thomas tells him until they are ready. Mamy (while he is leaving) tells him that he is fed up because of Thomas marksmanship and is almost losing his mind because of anger.
9 sec

After Mamy played the fortuneteller the take is longer. He puts on the diviner’s hat, takes the orb and mumbles that there is nothing but trouble.
7 sec

The following takes are expanded.
4 sec

An additional close-up of the circus trek. Afterwards Mamy and Arch (Spencer), sitting on a wagon and are talking to each other. Mamy says that it is a miracle that they can act again and they owe it all the Cat and Arch. Arch responses that his liver is tickling, this always brings doom. Mamy responds that he is afraid and do not want to get scared. Arch adds that Mamy should not start crying because he dislikes it.
26 sec

While the parade moves through the streets to propagate the circus the integral versions cuts back to the gathering. The man sitting to the right of the judge announces the name Gearge Bradey. The men to the judges’ left tells him that he is dead. The judge stands up and says that this is disgusting. He moves towards the exit and some people are following him.
24 sec

After both brothers jumped on the roof the international version only shows the landing while the integral shows how they jump onto another roof.
17 sec

After the brothers have beaten down the gangsters to take is expanded. They are shown from behind and make a flip.
4 sec

Another long shot of the gunbattle.
8 sec

The last take runs a bit longer and ends in a freeze frame. The credits appear in Italian language. The international version shows the credits on a black background and in English language.
Duration of the outro in the international version: 2.25 min
Duration of the outro in the integral version: 2.35 min
10 sec
Integrale Fassunginternationale Fassung