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New York Ripper, The

Night Killer

War and Peace



original title: Ji ji


  • Japanese Version (Blu-ray-Reissue)
  • Hong Kong Version
Release: Oct 17, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut Japanese version (included on the new Japanese Blu-ray from 2014) and the uncut regular Hong Kong Version (included on the German Blu-ray by Splendid).

- 6 differences, including 2 re-cuts
- Difference in time: 521.8 sec (= 8:42 min)

As is the case with many other Jackie Chan movies, the regular Hong Kong version of this flick from 1989 was released on Blu-ray based on one single master by Fortune Star. Even though it was put out on Blu-ray, the footage is actually an SD-upscale. Again, Japan thankfully makes an exception here since 2014. Here, the master was redone from scratch and turned into the only available HD-master of the movie. The problem with this version - which appears on most Japanese Blu-rays - is the fact that there are unavoidable Japanese subtitles and all soundtracks are in Asian languages (only Wheels on Meals and The Young Master include the English soundtrack and thus seem to be the exception for the latter issue).

Additionally, this version does not include any exclusive material within the movie or the outtakes - which often is the case with other Japanese versions (or in this case the Chinese DVD). On the other hand, this version misses out on roughly 9 minutes. At least it is not as heavily cut as the export version, yet it is simply not complete. Similar (yet not identical) to other versions, the Japanese version misses out on a few sideplots and comedy scenes.

Here you can find a few uncompressed screenshots of the Japanese HD-master. The Japanese Blu-ray has the image format 2,40:1 and thus offers some more image details on the left and the right side.

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Japanese Blu-ray-Reissue / German Blu-ray (regular version)
Logos / Credits

Before the identical Golden Harvest logo, the German Blu-ray includes a few additional logos. The new Japanese Blu-ray instead shows a notice.

A few seconds later, the movie title is different.

German Blu-ray 34.4 sec longer

New Japanese Blu-rayRegular Version (German Blu-ray)

63:36 / 64:10-64:46

At this point there is a short missing scene with Richard Ng at the police station: Ng gets into trouble with his boss, among other things because of the reporter who is missing and has not yet reappeared.

35.5 sec

66:35 / 67:44-67:55

Wong joins them, yet Bill Tung immediately leads him away.

10.8 sec

73:59 / 75:19-76:22

Bill Tung and Richard Ng talk a little longer and they go to the police station. Tung passes himself off as Wong and skilfully offers some business.

62.9 sec

Partially Re-Cut
83:51 bzw 84:04-87:11 / 86:14-89:54

The beginning of the prostitute and the criminal getting ready for their role is missing.

Jackie's two short speeches would actually follow immediately after this scene, however, they appear a few seconds later in the Japanese version, just after Richard Ng handed the money over to Bill Tung.

32.4 sec [There is only exclusive material towards the beginning of this block of scenes]

87:11 / 90:07-92:42

While the Japanese version solely shows the handover of the money, the uncut bersion at first actually shows a police officer noticing a few unusual conditions in Jackie's establishment and sees the real Wong in the lobby.

After that, the scene with Tung and Ng starts much earlier. The latter again is mislead in terms of the supposed value of the stocks. Tung actually wants to leave, yet is able to get even more money from Ng by making a smart demand: He writes down a much too high value on a police club check. As a result, Ng reaily pays the spread cash.

155 sec (= 2:35 min)

Partially Re-Cut
87:34 bzw 87:54-88:33 / 93:05-97:28

Tung leaves the police office and is almost held back by an officer in the yard who moments earlier saw Jackie with the real Wong. He tries to tell Ng about the faked situation, yet he does not want to listen partially because Ng just had some trouble with his superior and thus has other problems to think about. In the end the officer lets Tung go and swears after him.

When Mars at the end goes to Ng and tells him about the assembly of gangsters, the Japanese version shows this soon after the meeting with the gangsterboss.

225.2 sec (= 3:45 min) [There is only exclusive material towards the beginning of this block of scenes]