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Family Guy Vol. 5 (Season 5, Part 1)

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Family Guy

5.12 Airport '07


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Mar 14, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (both available on thd DVD Box "Volume 5").

* 5 new / extended scenes, 2 of them with alternate footage
* 1 blur effect
* 2 audio modifications

Difference: 91.7 sec

Family Guy is a huge success on FOX. But some modifications need to be made to get permission to air it on FOX because some gags are too rude for TV. Other gags have only been removed to reach the appropiate length for an episode on TV, which means not all the differences were made due to censorship. Nevertheless there are still enough hilarious, outrages gags in it so that fans are gonna have lots of fun with watching the TV Version on FOX. (I'm speaking from experience.)

BTW It airs every sunday evening on FOX. That's really nice because you can also watch the new American Dad episode and new episode of The Cleveland Show. So you've got a terrific triple feature. And when you're watching FOX anyway, you can also watch the latest Simpsons episode. I can really imagine worse evening than watching the latest episodes of the series by Seth MacFarlane plus some new adventures of Homer & Co.

The DVD Version of episode 5x12 "Airport '07" is much longer than the TV Version. Almost any modification in the TV Version has been made due to censorship. The words "penis" and "vagina" for instance were too rude in the context.
According to some pages in the net, especially Peter's comment at the end had to be removed. He mentions they'd been raped in jail. But the available TV Version doesn't contain that modification.

Time index refers to the TV Version.
Alternate footage

Further simulation of the plane crash. This time, the plane crashes into a school for bunnies and the only surviving passenger vents his frustration on his wife. In the TV Version, he hits her twice. But in the DVD Version, she has to take four hits.

Basically, the first two hits have been removed for TV. The first frames are slightly different in the TV Version. In the DVD Version, she already looks messed up.

DVD Version 0.9 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternate footage

And another alternate animation at the end of the shit: two hits in the TV Version, four faster hits on DVD.

DVD Version 0.2 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version


The following modification doesn't surprise at all. When Peter gets out of the car "Paris Hilton style", the picture of Peter's wiener has been blurred for TV.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternate footage

Extended shot of the boys in the DVD Version.
Joe says: "Yeah, you did a terrible job as my nurse."
Then a shot of Quagmire changing diapers and talking to a baby: "You make your doo-doos, Joe?"
Joe: "Shut up."
This action repeats once again and Joe adds: "There's no doo-doo today."
But Quagmire isn't impressed at all: "I'm pretty sure I smell doo-doos. What's that in there? Doo-doos! They're stinky!"
Joe asks: "Quagmire, how would you like to help me commit suicide?"
Then a shot of Quagmire (same angle as before) coming up with Star Trek.

According to the audio commentary, that scene has been removed because FOX does have some problems with crap jokes.

In the TV Version, Quagmire only comes up with Star Trek in another angle.

DVD Version 22.2 sec longer

Audio modification

After Quagmire nailed the flight attendant, he says: "Please exercise caution when standing up, as the contents of your vagina may have shifted during coitus."

For the TV Version, the word "vagina" has been replaced by the more harmless word "panties".
(But in opposite to similar differences in other episodes, the animations remain unchanged.)

no difference
screen for orientation

Alternate footage

Then another cutaway gag. This time it's kind of a teaser for Quagmire's own TV series.

Someone comments: "Who else but Quagmire?"
Quagmire grimaces to a song sung by a woman ("He's Quagmire, never really know what he's gonna do next"). Then he steps forward from the center of the picture and says: "Giggitygiggity, let's have sex!" Then a shot of a funeral, the Priest says: "Let us forever remember this beautiful young woman, taken from us in the bloom of youth, yet as unspoiled as when she was born." Then Quagmire jumps out of the coffin, he's half-naked: "Giggity Giggity Giggity Goo." And the title sequence from the beginning again.

According to the audio commentary, that scene needed to be removed because of the fact that Quagmire was banging a (dead) virgin.

In the TV Version, the scene at the airport isn't interrupted. There are a couple of frames more when Quagmire lowers his hand before he asks about his flight.

DVD Version 32.1 sec longer


After the live shot of Peter from the cockpit, only the DVD Version goes on with the Griffins' reactions. Stewie's vision of a better TV appearance follows.

Chris: "Mom, Dad's crashing a plane on television!"
Lois: "Oh, my God! What the hell is your father doing on a plane?"
Stewie: "I don't know, but I can think of 100 better things he could be doing on television."
A reference to the Lawrence Welk Show follows. Shot of Peter as a conductor with a strong accent: "Hiya, kids, it's Peter Griffin's champagne dance party. And, oh, we got a hot one today."
The band starts playing and the people in the ball room are dancing. At the end of the scene, he turns around to the camera and says: "Holy shit, we are fucking smoking now."

36.3 sec

Audio modification

When Hugh Heffner quotes John Holmes, the text in the TV Version is milder. On DVD, he says "You know, I've got a 13-inch penis...". For TV, the last word has been replaced by "member".

no difference
screen for orientation