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Walking Dead, The

6.10 The New World


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Sep 03, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV broadcast on AMC (02/28/2016) and the uncensored version on the US Blu-ray

- 1 different scene
- no length difference

It is no news that there were a few Extended Versions for previous episodes of The Walking Dead. As for season 6, this is also the case: Negan's speech in the final episode was shot twice because F-bombs and nudity are a problem for shows on basic cable and the US Blu-ray contains both the regular TV Version (aka the version that aired on AMC) and the uncensored Extended Version.

Curiously enough, there are further alterations that had not been announced - probably because they are rather unspectacular but that does not change the fact that it is worth mentioning just like the additional 23 F-bombs Negan uses in the season finale. Those further alterations are the reason why the Extended Version is longer in the first place because the speech Negan gave on AMC only contains alternate footage with the same length or altered audio.

As for season 6 itself, there is another surprise: The Blu-ray also contains an alternate version of episode 10. The reason is simple: Rick's choice of words. The result is an alternate take on Blu-ray.

Time index refers to
TV Version US Blu-ray / Extended Version US Blu-ray
The AMC Version starts with a recap. Also, the Blu-ray contains a black screen resulting from the commercial break on AMC.
That explains the length difference but those alterations have not been considered for this comparison.

19:18-19:22 / 18:51-18:55

After Rick makes it clear that he intends to keep taking new people in and Daryl replies with "What, like this guy?" with regard to Jesus, there is an alternate take of Rick's reaction.

The AMC Version contains a closer shot of Rick saying "No, not this guy" rather calmly.
The Blu-ray shows Rick from a further distance and he says rather aggressively "No, fuck this guy!". Then he steps aside here as well.

no difference

TV VersionBlu-ray