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  • R-Rated / BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 19, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
David Arquette's political backwood slasher The Tripper is a barely entertaining movie with a handful of well-known actors, a quaint killer, and quite a few heavy splatter scenes. Apparently, amateur film makers are not the only ones who go out to the woods with a couple of friends to make a little horror flick - hollywood stars are in for it, too.

In the USA, the movie was only released in a slightly longer Unrated version, while European countries (such as the UK or Germany) had to live with the shorter R-Rated version.

The Unrated version is a little different from the R-Rated version:
- 4 alternate scenes
- 2 additional scenes
UR: 13:21 | R: 12:56
When Samantha gets attacked by her ex-boyfriend during the flashback there's a little difference during the transition back to the gas station: in the Unrated version you can make out the outlines of Samantha's and her ex-boyfriends faces.
No difference in time.


UR: 27:48 | R: 26:48
An additional shot when the hippie falls to the ground because of the trap.
UR +0.75s

UR: 27:50 | R: 26:49
Subsequently the image turns and changes color to red; the following shot shows a solarization-effect for 2 frames.
No difference in time.


UR: 37:26 | R: 36:01
The R-Rated shows Buzz a little longer taking his hat off; the Unrated version shows the corpse on the floor.
UR: 2s | R: 1s


UR: 53:14 | R: 51:10
When Gus pulls the Hillbilly's guts (who is trapped in the bear trap) the Unrated shows this longer and more explicit. In return, the beginning of the following scene is a little longer in the R-Rated version.
UR: 1.5s | R: 0.75s


UR: 53:17 | R: 51:12
During the same sequence, the Unrated version is a little longer when the guts are thrown into the cave.
UR + 4 frames

UR: 54:39 | 52:31
After Linda was killed you in the Unrated version see a shot of guts which probably originate from the murder of the Hillbilly.
UR +2.5s