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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


  • UK Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: May 22, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK Theatrical Version on the UK Blu-ray by Paramount and the Unrated Version on the US Blu-ray by Paramount

46 differences, of these
* 19 scenes with footage exclusively in the Unrated Version (= also missing in the US Theatrical Version)
* 24 scenes with alternate footage
* 5 scenes longer in the UK Theatrical Version (2 of them also in the US Theatrical Version)
* 5 scenes with alternate audio track in the UK Theatrica Version (no censoring, just alternate)

Difference: 257.6 sec (= 4:18 min)

(There are further differences < 0.3 seconds which haven't been considered in the following comparison.)


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was shot in 2004. After a rather weak start, it has reached some kind of cult status over the years. In 2013, Paramount gave in and produced the here compared sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. With the same successful team before and behind the camera, the movie reached a much better box office result than the first one. And as all the news in our archive illustrate, the different versions kept us pretty busy even though we hadn't even covered anything worth reporting. Anyways, with the home theater releases, it can finally be confirmed.

The official statements were basically based on comments refering to the US market. In the US, there was a Theatrical Version rated PG-13 for what rumors had been spread that alterations were required. Both the scene with the "50 most magnificent vaginas in history" and a comment about sperm on hotel beds were specifially mentioned.

Furthermore, there were suggestive remarks that the UK Theatrical Version was more revealing than what one got to see on the big screen in the US. In this context, it was safe to assume that a version without the alterations for the US was exported to other countries. As a matter of fact, the UK Blu-ray contains a version with the exact same length as the US Theatrical Version but there are differences nonetheless. It appears that this version was released in Australia as well because the Australian Blu-ray has tthe same specifications.

What got a little lost in the numerous news was the German Theatrical Version. It will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in June and definitive statement can be made at the latest. But it is rather curious that the German Theatrical Version is approximately 6 minutes shorter than the US and UK Theatrical Version (which has also been confirmed by the German rating board entry). Taking a look at the Japanese Blu-ray which will be released at the end of May, Germany doesn't seem to be the only country with another version.

A few months later, there was a second version in movie theaters, the so-called "Super-Sized R-Rated Version". It is approximately 25 minutes longer than the UK/US Theatrical Version. And except for a very few shots, it is an ENTIRELY alternate cut with alternate takes of the mostly improvised dialogs. Correspondingly, this version was advertized with "763 new gags". Due to the massive differences, I would like to point out that there will be no comparison for that.

Moreover, an Unrated Version was announced for home movie theaters. According to the length compared to the UK/US Theatrical Version, the Unrated Version is approximately 5 minutes longer.

Version Overview and the Corresponding Releases

The detailed "background" information can be summarized and matched to the home movie theater releases as follows:

1. US Theatrical Version
With a length of 119 minutes, especially the dialogs have been altered in order to get the PG-13 rating.
Among others, this version is availabe on disc 1 of the US Blu-ray.

2. UK (& Australian) Theatrical Version
Also a length of 119 minutes but many scenes altered for the PG-13 rating are uncensored. Serval other detailed differences to the US Theatrical Version.
Among others, this version is availabe on disc 1 of the UK & Australian Blu-ray.

3. German (& Asian) Theatrical Version
With a length of only 113 minutes, this is the shortest of all Theatrical Versions. Whether particularly edited or based on the UK or US Theatrical Version is still unknown. Details will follow as soon as it has been released for home movie theaters.
Among others, available on the German & Japanese Blu-ray.

4. Super-Sized R-Rated Version
The movie had a second limited theatrical release in the US in which the PG-13 alterations for the US Theatrical Version have NOT been reversed (as the nake implies). Instead, it has a length of 143 minutes, entirely alternate takes have been used for almost any single scene.
Among others, available on disc 2 of the US, UK & Australian Blu-ray.

5. Unrated Version
With a length of 123 minutes, the Unrated Version is some kind of hybrid of the US and UK Theatrical Version. Similar to the UK Theatrical Version, the PG-13 alterations have been reversed, the additional alterations mentioned above are often equal the US Theatrical Version. Furthermore, there are a few extended scenes which are also the reason for the additional running time.
Available on disc 1 of the US Blu-ray - just like the US Theatrical Version.

As one might probably assume by the information about the different releases, the Unrated Version appears to be an exclusive extra to the US Theatrical Version while a further discs has been produced for the releases in the UK (and Australia) and Germany (and Japan) containing the version of the particular country. The British get to see the Super-Sized R-Rated Version as well, other non-English-speaking countries do not (possibly to save money for the audio tracks that would require a translation).

Since ANY version contains a bit exclusive footage and since an overlap is unavoidable, finding the right version to compare was quite difficult. At the end of the day, the version with the least number of scenes that needed to be mentioned twice is the one being used for the comparison. For the sake of comparison, the differences to the version not being used in the comparison will be mentioned as well.

The Unrated Version

All of the obviously censored scenes of the US Version are identical in the UK and Unrated Versions. The number of individual differences is also smaller here than between the US and Unrated Version. In order to keep the amount of differences that are mentioned twice as low as possible, this comparison will cover the differences between the British Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version. The other comparison will then cover the UK and US Theatrical Versions in order to put the emphasis on the PG-13 cuts there.

Although the running time difference is only about four minutes, the British Version contains a lot more exclusive footage. This is because several scenes are included in alternative takes (again different than the R-Rated Version, whose main feature are its own takes). Obviously there was a lot of improvisation during filming and the home cinema releases were seen as a good possibility to make use of these quite funny variants. The meal with Linda's family is a good example, because the US and UK Theatrical Versions are identical here and only the Unrated Version features additional and or alternative jokes. Jack Lime only gets his seconds nick name, Dick Phuk, in it as well.

Concerning completely new scenes which are also missing in the US Theatrical Version, mostly more dialog between Ron and his son should be mentioned. Brian aka Paul Rudd can also make a few more jokes, for example he advertises one additional condom. Apart from that there are only many short additional comments here and there.
Concerning the UK, the scene towards the end featuring the word "cunt" should be mentioned. The MPAA, of course, does not like it, but the MPAA also usually does not let it pass under a 15 rating, in malevolent context even under an 18 rating. Despite the harmless context: This was probably one of the reasons why the Unrated was rather improbable for the UK.

There are also some exclusive moments in the British Theatrical Version, although the logic behind them can be seen rather rarely. An additional "Black!" of Ron against Linda, Brick is lying longer on Freddie, Kanye West punches one more time. Not really worth mentioning, but witout apparent reason. The same can be applied to the UK-exclusive audio track alterations, which are all completely unnecessary.

All in all it is hard to say whether the Unrated Version is clearly to be preferred. Every version has its strengths and if a viewer does want to watch the R-Rated after one of the Theatrical Versions, it is only a small step to the Unrated. There are no major and movie-altering differences, but fans will like some of the additional moments.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
British Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Unrated Blu-ray


The screenshots of the Unrated Version were cropped and the black bars removed so the two versions could be told apart more easily.
Alternative Footage / Unrated-exclusive
02:00-02:12 / 02:00-02:11

Different take of Ron and Veronica getting ready. The first sentence with the bishop is the same, but Ron does not cough before in the Unrated. Then a different sentence.

UK Theatrical / US Theatrical: "André the Giant gave a surprisingly nimble foot rub...foot rub."
Unrated: "The garden gnome had a normal-size penis."

UK Theatrical 0,9 sec longer

UK Theatrical / US TheatricalUnrated

Alternative Footage
13:52-13:57 / 13:51-13:59

Ron tells his dog Baxter something else during the car ride. The US Theatrical and the Unrated are identical here.

UK Theatrical: "Last I heard, Champ Kind was fired for showing his wiener to Pat Summerall."
Unrated / US Theatrical: "Last I heard, Champ Kind was fired for being drunk on the air and saying, The only Olympic sport Filipinos are good at is eating cats and dogs."

Unrated 3,6 sec longer

UK TheatricalUnrated / US Theatrical

13:59 / 14:01-14:02

For some reason the following shot with the skyline in the background was shortened in the British Theatrical. The US Theatrical and the Unrated are identical here.

0,5 sec

Alternative Footage
14:07-14:17 / 14:10-14:20

There is an alternative take when Champ lists the things he believes in, number two is different in the UK Theatrical.

UK Theatrical: "...and when the nuclear apocalypse comes, and it will, I'll be a breeder."
Unrated / US Theatrical:: "...and that the census is a way for the U.N. to make your children gay."

UK Theatrical 0,5 sec longer

UK TheatricalUnrated / US Theatrical

16:04 / 16:07-16:18

The discussion about the "chicken of the cave" (bats) is a bit shorter in the UK Theatrical.

Ron: "Who's they, by the way?"
Champ: "There's a guy I met named Paco, sells bikers speed at the pier."
Ron: "So that guy calls them chicken of the cave. Yeah. That's not they."

11,1 sec

Audio Track Alteration
20:01-20:03 / 20:15-20:17

The "He's not gone!" during Brick's speech at the grave was shifted a bit on the audio track and can be heard a moment earlier during the basically identical shot from the side in the British Version. The other two versions are identical.

Picture for Orientation

Alternative Footage / Unrated-exclusive
22:02-22:21 / 22:16-22:36

In the Unrated, Brick mentions one additional event that does not really fit the context.

UK Theatrical / US Theatrical:

Brick: "Remember 10 years from now, when we were all in jet packs flying around the Earth?"
Brian: "How can we remember that? That's 10 years in the future."
Brick meint zu Brian: And you... Did that... You had a thing with the jet pack."
Brian schaut verwirrt und Ron erklärt: "Apparently, in the future you have a thing with the jet pack."
Brian: "That's awesome."


Brick: "Or how about the time when I was born and I came out of the vagina? I was screaming, Here I come! Oh! Here I come, Mom!"
Ron: "First off, Brick, I highly doubt you remember your own birth. And, once again, we weren't there."

Unrated 1,1 sec longer

Alternative Footage
26:37-26:40 / 26:52-26:56

In the Unrated (and US Theatrical) Freddie says "That's vintage Jack Lime" onscreen, the British Theatrical cuts to an additional shot of Ron.

Unrated 1,3 sec longer

UK TheatricalUnrated / US Theatrical

UK Theatrical longer
27:27-27:28 / 27:43

A first "Black!" by Ron at the beginning of the shot can be seen and heard in the UK Theatrial only.

+ 1,6 sec

Audio Track Alteration
35:16-35:23 / 35:31-35:38

When Walter plays the super hero with the present for Veronica (lingerie) on his head, his joyful "I'm Lace Man!" was slightly shifted on the audio track. The UK Theatrical uses it during the close-up of Walter, the other two versions shortly afterwards when Walter walks beside Ron.

Pictures for Orientation

UK TheatricalUnrated / US Theatrical

z.T. Unrated-exclusive
35:49 / 36:04-36:31

Ron talks a bit longer with his son, one expression there is also a bit longer harder than in the otherwise identical US Theatrical (it says "angel hair pasta" there instead of "muffellita").

Ron: "My little man. You promise to do good in school, okay?"
Veronica: "Okay..."
Ron: "And stay away from the he-shes.
Veronica: "Ron!"
Ron: "...down in the Bowery.
Gary: "Ron, I don't think that's appropriate."
Ron: "I'll tell you, those fellas, they got the looks, they got the curves, they got the chi-chi's, and then at some point during the evening, you reach down below the belt looking to get a little muffellita, and you get a handful of the Battle of the Bulge. You hear what I'm saying, Walter?"
Walter: "Yes, I do."

27,6 sec

Alternative Footage / Unrated-exclusive
37:17-37:21 / 37:59-38:08

Alternative shot of Jack, in the Unrated he says: "Yeah. Mr. Butt–Vagina's got some fight in him."

Unrated 4,6 sec longer

UK Theatrical / US TheatricalUnrated

38:24 / 39:11-39:23

One additional confrontation at the end was removed from the British Theatrical. US Theatrical and Unrated are identical.

Jack calls out after her: "Hey, guy!"
Ron: "Ah!"
Jack: "This ain't local news anymore. We shit standing up here."
Ron: "What?"
Brian: "It's a huge mess, but damn, is it cool!"

12,2 sec

Alternative Footage / Unrated-exclusive
40:59-41:01 / 41:58-42:36

The Unrated offers some more of Ron's absurd ideas which annoy Freddie and confuse the rest.

Ron: "I know. What if we get one of those wildlife handlers? We have him bring in, oh, big game cats. You know, wild, dangerous tigers and lions and leopards and the such. We let them loose inside the studio with about a dozen chickens. We play rock music. And we just call it Let Her Rip."
Brian: "I'd watch that. I'd watch that."
Freddie: "Let Her Rip? You're describing the end of civilization. That's not news!"
Ron: "If that's the end of times, I'm... I got a front-row seat with a big tub of buttered popcorn and a greasy half-live chicken leg."
Freddie wants to get up: "Okay, so obviously this is a waste of time. I'm done."

The British Theatrical (and the US Theatrical) only shows the previous shot of Freddie insignificantly longer and Ron can be seen earlier in one go.

Unrated 36,2 sec longer

Audio Track Alteration
45:57-46:02 / 47:32-47:37

The identical sentence "Little did they know they were changing the course of broadcast history forever" of the off commentary was rerecorded for the British Version.

Picture for Orientation

UK Theatrical Version longer
49:54-49:55 / 51:29

In the UK Theatrical Version, Brick and Freddie are shown on the ground a little longer. The latter says: "Get off me!"

+ 1 sec

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
57:44-57:52 / 59:18-59:26

A different suggestion for Jack's new name.

UK Theatrical Version ( / US Theatrical Version)
Ron: "Lyle Tit or Steve Anus."
Freddie pronounces the latter name with a French accent: "Steve An use."
Ron corrects him: "No, you've got to say Anus."
Freddie: "Got to say Anus."

Unrated Version
Ron: "How about this one? You can call yourself Dick Fuck."
Freddie: "Spell it P–H–U–C."
Ron: "You'll be huge in the Vietnamese community."

UK Theatrical Version 0.3 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

Unrated Version Exclusive
60:22 / 61:56-62:10

Only in the Unrated Version Brian promotes another condom, followed by a short discussion.

Brian: "Po' Boy Condom. It's a terrific condom. Although it does burn a bit because it's covered in Cajun spices."
Champ: "It'll put a blister on your po' boy."
Ron: "Brian, what's the nickname for your penis whenever you wear a Po' Boy?"
Brian: "Fat Tuesday. Wait a minute..."

14.3 sec

Alternative Scene
61:37-62:08 / 63:25-63:36

Alternative discussion about London. Only in the UK Theatrical Version Ron bluffs it out a little longer.

UK Theatrical Version

Ron: "Arguably one of my favourite cities in the entire world. I'd put it in my top 90."
Linda: "So tell me, what are some of your favourite haunts?"
Ron: "Well, I love it all. Big Ben. The Tower of London. Naughty Hill. The Wailing Wall. Grabbing a sherbet and walking along the TH-ames."
Linda: "It's pronounced Tames. You don't pronounce the T-H."
Ron: "You got me. I've never been there. I couldn't even find it on a map."

Unrated Version / US Theatrical Version

Ron: "You're so impressive, and I've... I've only been out of the United States twice. A handful of times in Mexico, and then the second time I left the country, we went to Salem, Oregon."

UK Theatrical Version 19.8 sec longer

Alternative Scene
63:54-63:57 / 65:22-65:26

Brick reacts differently to Chanis' statement about the soda machine.

UK Theatrical Version: "It received five stars."
Unrated Version / US Theatrical Version: "The beauty of this soda machine pales in comparison to your beauty."

Unrated Version 0.6 sec longer

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version / US Theatrical Version

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
66:47-66:53 / 68:16-68:19

A different answer by Ron to Linda's relatives' confused question at the dinner table.

UK Theatrical Version/ US Theatrical Version: "We been rockin' that headboard every night. Am I right? Say what?"
Unrated Version: "Let's put it this way, I be busting nuts like a squirrel."

UK Theatrical Version 2.6 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

UK Theatrical Version longer / Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
66:56-67:05 / 68:22-68:23

Linda's question "What are you doing?" is shown from a different perspective.

Prior to this, there's another embarassing scene with Ron in the UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version).
Ron puts his hand up: "I'm just saying I'm knocking those boots 24/7, my man. Give it to me."
One of the older women replies: "Put your hand down."
Linda: "Ron, what are you doing?"

UK Theatrical Version 7.8 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

UK Theatrical Version longer / Unrated Version Exclusive
67:15-67:35 / 68:33

Some more dialog in the UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version).

Mother: "I understand you're making quite an impact at the station."
Ron: "All I've done is tried my best. I walk around that office, I'm lookin' fly, and the first thing I did, I walk through those doors, and I walk right up to that white devil boss and say, Hey, boss man! Hey, boss man! I'm talkin' to you! You gots to pay me! Where's my paper? You gots to pay me in paper!"

+ 20.5 sec

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
67:46-67:51 / 68:44-68:55

Again, some alternative footage until Linda's mother says "Oh my goodness!":

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical Version: "Sittin' at my table, eatin' all my food. Drinking my Ripple! What?"
Unrated Version: "In my house? Touching my daughter? I have. I have touched your daughter. Honey! We have done things, Papa. You ain't gonna like. You ain't gonna like it none!"

Unrated Version 6.1 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
67:52-67:56 / 68:56-69:16

Some more alternative footage before the mother talks to Linda.

In the UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version) you only shortly see Ron talking with Linda's father's voice: "I'm gonna sic that pit bull on him. Hey, Cujo, get in here!"
In the Unrated Version he instead says: "I mean, I'm just a guy from Terre Haute, Indiana with a big ol' dick and a fat wallet and a spleef the size of a baby arm. Just looking for someone who wants to smoke it. Let's get some smoke going in this place, right?"
One of the men puts his hand up: "This ain't no Super Fly. What is your problem, man?"
Ron raises his fist.

Unrated Version 15.5 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

Unrated Version Exclusive
68:07 / 69:27-69:33

Only in the Unrated Version Ron also says: "In the back, cooking up chitlins. Big ol' titties. Big ol' titties."
Mother (indignantly): "Excuse me?"

6.4 sec

Unrated Version Exclusive
68:08 / 69:34-69:39

Another Unrated extension before Linda says "Please don't do this!":
Ron (while moving his hands): "Wave your hands in the air. Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care."

5 sec

69:13 / 70:44-71:42

Only in the Unrated Version Ron talks to his son a little longer.

Ron: "Oh! This is hard. Things you say to a 6-year-old... Oh! Guess what? I slept with a black woman."
Walter: "What?"
Ron: "Nothing."
Walter: "Dad, do you like Spider–Man?"
Ron: "Nope. Don't care for him. Never have. Don't like the mask, the costume, the get-up, the webs. Uh-uh. He comes off like a real dickhead. Real poser."
Walter: "What's a poser?"
Ron: "A poser is Gary. That's what a poser is. By the way, how is that shitheel?"
Walter: "What's a shitheel?"
Ron: "A shitheel is a real fun term that you should call Gary every time you see him. When he wakes you up for breakfast, say, Good morning, shitheel. He'll probably give you $5 or some candy. Does that sound good?"
Walter: "Yeah. You're a shitheel, Dad."
Ron: "You should just call Gary that. 'Cause it makes him really happy. It makes me sort of happy, but it makes him really happy.

58.7 sec

Alternative Scene
69:18-69:21 / 71:47-71:49

In the UK Theatrical Version, Walter finishes his sentence on screen. The Unrated Version (& US Theatrical Version) cuts to a long shot.

UK Theatrical Version 1.6 sec longer

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version / US Theatrical Version

Alternative Scene
69:53-69:56/ 72:21-72:24

At this point, the Unrated Version (& US Theatrical Version) show the long shot a little earlier, while the UK Theatrical Version offers an additional close-up shot of Ron.

No difference in time.

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version / US Theatrical Version

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
70:58-71:06 / 73:26-73:39

Jack's news segment ends differently.

In the UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version) Brian at first calms Ron down: "Pay him no mind, Ron."
Then, Jack says goodbye while using the name Jack Lame.
Ron curses: "Tony Danza's scrotum!"
The Unrated Version Version instead shows the "Tony Danza's scrotum!" curse first, followed by Jack making an alternative and longer final sentence, using the name Dick Phuc. Brian grins.

Unrated Version 5 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

Audio Alteration
71:16-71:18 / 73:49-73:51

When Freddie says "You better ask Ron about that", this was – for whatever reason – redubbed for the UK Theatrical Version.

Audio Alteration
74:30-74:32 / 77:03-77:05

In the American Version, the time designation is a little more explicit when the narrator comments that live footage of pursuits used to be a normal thing.

UK Theatrical Version: "...but 30 years ago, it was unheard of."
Unrated Version / US Theatrical Version: "...but in 1980, it was unheard of."

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
76:12-76:13 / 78:45-78:47

In the Unrated Version, Veronica talks a little longer on screen and then makes a short pause before the word "interview".
The UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version) cuts to the following shot a little earlier and she says the exact same entence without the pause.

Unrated Version 0.8 sec longer

UK Theatrical Version / US Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

85:07-85:08 / 87:41-87:45

In the UK Theatrical Version you see Ron's hand resting on Veronica's face a little longer (this will not be illustrated, since we do not consider it to be alternative footage).

In the Unrated Version (& US Theatrical Version) he instead talks about another weird person since he apparently still did not recognize Veronica: "Jan–Michael Vincent?"
Veronica: "Really?"

Unrated Version 2.9 sec longer

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
87:09-87:16 / 89:46-90:46

The discussion about the shark's name is different and much longer in the Unrated Version.

In the UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version) Walter only shortly asks: "What about Doby?"
Ron agrees: "Yes. Our little Doby."

In the Unrated Version Walter instead says: "What about Crackers?"
Ron: "Give me a goddamned break. Seriously, you've got one of the most vicious predators in the ocean, you're gonna name him Crackers?"
Walter: "In the future when you say I can name something, don't be a dick about it."
Ron: "Why don't we do this? Let's name him Doby."
Walter: "You talk all that smack and that's the best name you come up with?"
Ron: "Well, we're not gonna get any better than that. I mean, you obviously can't name him anything that sounds good."
Walter: "How about we forget about this whole name thing and you go straight to hell?"
Ron: "Well, I don't know what to do. We might as well poison the water and let him die."
Walter: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's just go with Doby."
Ron: "Fine, then it's settled. It's Doby. We'll call him Doby even though no one likes it."
Walter: "All right, I can live with that."
Noch kurz zum Hund; "Don't worry, Baxter. We won't feed him your dog food."

Unrated Version 53.6 sec longer

Alternative Scene
91:47-91:49 / 95:17-95:18

The Unrated Version (& US Theatrical Version) shows Ron all the time, while the doctor says off screen "Well?"
The UK Theatrical Version instead cuts to the docotr.

UK Theatrical Version 1.3 sec longer

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version

Alternative Scene / Unrated Version Exclusive
98:00-98:04 / 101:29-101:44

In the UK Theatrical Version (& US Theatrical Version) Champ says: "Ron, we're a team. We need you."

In the Unrated Version Brian at first reacts: "So that's it, huh? You're sorry? You know what, Burgundy? Apologies are like assholes. Everyone's got one and everyone's got a shoebox full of Polaroids of them under the bed."
After that, Champ says the same lines, however, during the first sentence they used a different take. From "We need you" onwards, the versions are in sync again.

Unrated Version 11.8 sec longer

Unrated Version Exclusive
101:41 / 105:21-105:29

Before Jim Carrey's Canadian news team arrives, only the Unrated Version shows a short discussion with the girls.

Brian: "I like the way they're put together."
Champ: "I like fighting girls."
One of the girls: "I like to cunt punt cowboys."
Another one: "You eat pussy?"
The first again: "You're gonna..."

7.4 sec

UK Theatrical Version longer
105:32-105:33 / 109:20

For whatever reason, Kanye West's punch is only shown in the UK Theatrical Version.

+ 1.2 sec

105:37 / 109:24-109:40

The UK Theatrical Version misses out on a sequence with John C. Reilly as Stonewall Jackson's ghost. Both the US Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version include this scene.

Ghost: "Fall upon your swords! Life has no meaning!"
Meanwhile, two guys try to attack him, however, only hit the air and fall to the ground.
The ghost turns to one of them and pulls the guy's soul out of his body: "There will be a mint julep waiting on the other side, son. Release your soul to me."

16.7 sec

Alternative Scene
105:40-105:41 / 109:43-109:44

In accordance with the different music (due to the previous extension) there is a shot of Walter's fingers on the piano. In the UK Theatrical Version they move much quicker.

No difference in time.

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version / US Theatrical Version

Alternative Scene
106:20-106:22 / 110:23-110:41

Again, there is alternative footage during the following scene.

In the Unrated Version (& US Theatrical Version) the following scene on the battleground starts a little earlier. Ron runs into the ghost.
Ron: "It's the ghost of Stonewall Jackson! Everyone, it's the ghost of Stonewall Jackson! Why do we have to fight? There's so much I could learn from you."
Meanwhile, the ghost sucks parts of Ron's soul out and then pushes him towards the UK news team.

Unrated Version 16.5 sec longer

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version / US Theatrical Version

Alternative Scene / UK Theatrical Version partially longer
110:59-111:05 / 115:18-115:22

While Brick talks, the camera in the UK Theatrical Version stays with him much longer, while the Unrated Version cuts to a different perspective twice.
At this point, a comparison to the US Theatrical Version is a little more complicated since it uses an alternative take where Brick tells an entirely different story. The UK Theatrical Version sticks closer to the Unrated Version, however, the short "Uh-oh, Spaghetti-O" at the beginning of Brick's sentence is only included in the UK Theatrical Version.

UK Theatrical Version 2.1 sec longer

UK Theatrical VersionUnrated Version