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  • Theatrical Version
  • Pre-Release Version
Release: Jan 21, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Pre-Release Version (both available on the UK Blu-ray by Arrow Video)

- 7 additional scenes
- Length difference: 306.6 sec (= 5:07 min)

In 1979, Abel Ferrara shot the shocker The Driller Killer in which he plays an artist fighting to survive. He uses a drill to express his anger in a very certain way. Even though its enacted is not bad at all, it gor famous for becoming one of the infamous "video nasties" in the UK. It took until 1999 that a censored BBFC 18 version was released. In the meantime, the uncensored version is available in the UK as well. The outstanding label Arrow Video took care of it and released a lovely edition in November 2016 (especially the steelbook edition including the scandalous poster looks really nice). Surpringsly enough, that is when it turned out that the available negative was longer than any other previous release of the movie. After consulting Abel Ferrara, he confirmed that this was some kind of Pre-Release Version and that he had removed the footage missing in the Theatrical Version intentionally. But since this is without any doubt an interesting discovery, Arrow also got permission to put add the Pre-Release Version to the bonus section of their Blu-ray release.

Theadditional 5 minutes are almost entirely to find during the first half and dramaturgically, they are kind of superfluous. All in all, the Theatrical Versions is and remains the better version but the "Pre-Release" Version is a nice bonus. Especially Carol has much more screentime resp. her relation both to Reno and submissive Pamela is easier to understand. Furthermore, there is a little more nudity. By the way, the booklet of the Arrow Blu-ray also contains a small comparison on 2 pages and some of the additional is being elaborated.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Pre-Release Version Blu-ray
00:39 / 00:39-01:10

Earlier and less mysterious beginning at the church: Reno and Carol are being taken inside the church and informed that the strange man had a piece of paper with Reno's name and phone number on him. The nun says Reno might be able to ID him.

31 sec

11:30 / 12:01-12:58

After Reno's panic attack, a few exterior shots of the streets follow. Reno is contemplating when Carol shows up to give him a few bucks. She leaves and he remains behind contemplatively.

Described as further example for the main issue of the movie in the Arrow booklet: Money in relationships, art and even the state of mind.

56.6 sec

14:00 / 15:28-16:03

After the conversation with Dalton, Reno is on the rooftop with binoculars (where he also watches some writing in the sky which was also part of an ad campaign for Battlestar Galactica back in the day. Carol shows up and asks who it went. Reno gives her the thumbs up.

35.6 sec

19:55 / 21:58-22:03

A first shot of the zeppelin.

5 sec

20:02 / 22:10-24:36

Instead of the band rehearsal (The Roosters), there is an additional scene at Reno's apartment. Pamela does Carol's nails while Reno argues with her more forgivingly.
In between, there are shots of the band rehearsing which is also being mentioned by the trio because the band is quite loud. Carol mentions the name of the band and claims Pamela knew the lead singer. Reno makes fun of the name. Then a first shot of Pamela and one of the women.

146 sec (= 2:26 min)

29:08 / 33:42-34:00

After Reno falls asleep, an additional shot with Carol and Pamela in the shower follows.

18.3 sec

42:32 / 47:24-47:38

After Reno's little outburst at the apartment, the concert starts earlier: First a shot of the exit sign, followed by a shot of Reno.

14.1 sec

According to the booklet, there is a difference when the movie cuts from Reno on the phone to the shot of him on table at 81:03 / 86:09.
In the Pre-Release Version, this was supposed to be a rough cut - but the version on the disc contains the very same smooth transition as the booklet discribes these scenes for the Theatrical Version.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene