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[u][b]Uncut US DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Set[/u][/b]

Emmanuelle and the Deadly Black Cobra


D.O.A.: A Right of Passage

Raw Deal

Bloodsucking Freaks

original title: The Incredible Torture Show


  • Director's Cut
  • Sardu Extended Version
Release: Sep 12, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Director's Cut Version and the Sardu Extended Version. Both versions are included in the US DVD/Blu-Ray Combo released by Troma.

The diabolical Sardu and his minion Ralphus run a stage show that shows women getting tortured to death, while the audience thinks it's all just an act. When Sardu kidnaps a ballerina and makes her partake in his show, her boyfriend tries everything to free her from Sardu and his insane show.

Joel M. Reed's sociocritic movie "Bloodsucking Freaks" argues for more female rights and can definitively be read from a feminist position. There are many disturbing sequences where women are portrayed as suppressed beings who are dominated by lusty and perverted male fantasies that are brought to extremes in the character of Sardu. However, the chains of suppression are finally broken and the exciting climax shows the woman getting back at her tormentors. Thanks to this brisance, the movie became a favorite amongst female rights activists all over the globe.

When Troma went back to the original master tapes in order to release the mobie on Blu-Ray, they came across the alternate Sardu title sequence as well as a missing scene. Both were reincluded in the movie and put on the new US Blu-Ray by Troma. While the original version was already hard to surpass in terms of tastelessness, the bonus sequences actually give the movie even more edge and include some more grotesque details about Sardu's and Raplphus' relationship. Fans of the movie will not be let down.

Even though the new Troma release is a Blu-Ray/DVD combo package, the DVD only includes the original movie of the movie in a fullscreen aspect ratio. The entire bonus material is also solely included on the Blu-Ray. Additionally, the DVD seems to run in PAL speed. The Sardu version has a widescreen aspect ratio and as you can see it lost some details here and there in comparison to the Open-Mate DVD Version.

Comparison of the Image Quality:




DVD: 84:47 min.
Blu-Ray: 89:24 min.

The Blu-Ray Version carries the movie's original title "Sardu - Master of the screaming virgins".



DVD: 6 sec.
Blu-Ray: 7 sec.


When Sardu gets whipped, the scene goes on a little longer. Ralphus asks Sardu if he loves him. The latter says that he does and tells Ralphus that he will bring Mr. Silo to him.

Ralphus gets a small stool which he puts in front of Sardu. He gets up on the stool and opens his pants, which Sardu seems to be happy about.

Blu-Ray: 43 sec.


Ralphus is shown a little longer, followed by the woman being shown a little earlier.

Blu-Ray: 5 sec.

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