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Madhouse (aka There was a Little Girl)

original title: There was a Little Girl


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 04, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened R-Rated VHS from VCL / Media Home Entertainment and the uncut US-DVD from Dark Sky Films (= unrated).

There are 4 differences with a total length of 1 minute and 4 seconds.

Besides a shortened R-Rated Version, the uncut Unrated Version has also been released in the US (available on VHS & DVD). In Germany, the movie is only available on VHS. This taoe got banned plus one plot scene has been cut out. An uncut version is available in Austria. The R-Rated Version is also available in NL for instance.
21 Min
The dog bites the guy's hand off. Subsequently, he bites the throat.
11 sec

55 Min
Extended shot of Helen being attacked by the dog. Se gets heavily wounded.
15 sec

84 Min
Sam also drills in the dog's head. The R-Rated Version lacks several shots of that. When the dig dies, he extracts the driller and tosses it on the table. Then he reaches for a hatchet.
27 sec

87 Min
Julia hits Father James' back more often with the hatchet.
11 sec