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Cohen and Tate


  • US TV Version
  • R-Rated
Release: Jan 04, 2015 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB

This is a comparison between the cut TV broadcast on Usthis (05/03/14) and the uncut version (R-Rated).

This thrilling and coldblooded thriller is a great movie for everybody who misses a little more hard-edged movies in times of too frequent "PG-13" ratings.
Unlike other movies that one watches and then forgets about, "Cohen and Tate" is one of those flicks that you will immediately remember when you see it again. I remembered the movie so well that I recently watched a US TV broadcast of it and realized that some scenes were cut.

At first, the movie might not look to good and even have a cheap appeal, however, it is far from that. The movie mostly takes place in one set - a car. However, thanks to the gread cast of Roy Scheider and especially Adam Baldwin who has a certain Terminator-appeal, the movie offers a lot of excitement and is very entertaining. Thus, the flick is highly recommended!

Since the movie was broadcasted at 10 in the morning, some of it had to be censored.
Additionally, any swear words like "Fuck", "Bitch", and "Ass" were deleted from the soundtrack, which means that we can see the actors' lips moving, yet we only hear background noises or music. Since this happens quite often, this will not be listed individually.

There are 6 cuts and 1 alternative scene, resulting in a difference in time of 45 seconds.
Alternative Footage
Uncut: Tate repeatedly says that he wants to shoot the kid with his shotgun.
Cut: They added a shot of Travis.
From the moment when Cohen asks whether or not the shotgun is loaded onwards both versions are in sync again.
15.12 sec.


Tate: "God dammit! God dammit!"
4,.4 sec.

Tate says "Fuck!" several times. Cohen tells him not to panic.
7.64 sec.

7.28 sec.

Tate says that he will kill the boy immediately. Cohen asks him if he is kidding.
4.6 sec.

Cohen: "God dammit!"
1.88 sec.

There is a missing shot of Cohen.
The beginning of the following shot was shortened, too.
4.08 sec.