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Release: Jul 18, 2010 - Author: Bob - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated and Unrated, both included on the US DVD from New Line.

- 7 differences
- Difference: 1:14 min

In the USA, New Line released the sequel to the successful erotic thriller Poison Ivy in two versions together on one DVD in 1999. In addition to the R-rated version, which has been trimmed in a few more or less indecent scenes, an unrated version is also included. Both film versions can be played in a full screen version (1.33:1, cropped on both sides) as well as in a widescreen version (1.85:1).

In Germany, the film has so far only been released by VMP on VHS, it's the R-rated version in full screen. In the UK, Pathe released the film on DVD, but also only in the R-rated version in full screen.
00:46 / 00:46
In the R-Rated, the camera pans through the rooms quite early and does two fades, so that minimal parts of the shot are missing. During the sex scene between Donald and his wife Angela, the R-Rated also fades out soon. In the Unrated, however, the cam pans through the room slowlier. The act between Donald and Angela is much longer, as well.
29.9 sec / 71.04 sec
Difference: 41.1 sec

11:04 / 11:46
While the R-Rated contains a view of Spin, the Unrated also shows Bridgette riding the lying Spin.
3.7 sec / 5.4 sec
Difference: 1.7 sec

11:10 / 11:54
The Unrated features a view of Spin. Shortly after, the camera pans up a notch towards Bridgette.
3.2 sec

63:28 / 64:16
The Unrated is a little longer at this point and shows Lily caressing Gredin's body.
11.7 sec

63:41 / 64:42
The R-Rated contents itself with a harmless and short shot of Gredin. The Unrated shows alternative footage of Lily continuing to satisfy him orally. Then she shortly lifts her and and then carries on.
1.5 sec / 5.7 sec
Difference: 4.2 sec

64:01 / 65:05
The Unrated contains a short sequence of Gredin kissing Lily's derriere.
2.5 sec

64:14 / 65:21
The sex scene between Lily and Gredin is longer in the Unrated. While Lily is pressed against the shower stall, Gredin takes her from behind.
9.9 sec

105:50 / 107:04
The closing credits of the R-Rated are followed by the note, that this version received an R-rating.
+ 6.7 sec