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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 29, 2011 - Author: Buster - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Recently, it was not a rare thing when the longer versions of movies (Director's Cut, Extended Cut…) were released on Blu-ray only. This is also how Warned proceeded with the comic adaptation of Green Lantern.

The Theatrical Version had the problem, that it seemed as if the producers tried to squeeze too many scenes in a not very long movie. The story switches from the Earth to space and back and forth and so on with a lot of new plot strings in between. The switch from humor to serious scenes also was not always perfect.

When it was announced in August that a fourteen minutes longer Extended Cut was to be released fans hoped that it could improve the movie. Unfortunately, the result is rather disappointing. The comparison showed that the difference is only 9 minutes and 33 seconds (without credits). The additional scenes are also only plot scenes that do not improve the movie, its story or main characters. There is no more action, relevant new story elements or a deeper insight in Hal Jordan and his problems.

This is a comparison between the US PG-13 DVD and the US PG-13 Blu-ray.

Running times:
R-Rated: 104:30 min. NTSC (w/o ending credits)
Unrated: 114:03 min. NTSC (w/o ending credits)
Flashback into the year 1993.
8 min.

The young Hal cannot sleep because he is going to watch his dad, Martin, testing a new plane the next day. When he hears voices, he gets up and goes down the stairs. He hears a conversation between his parents.

Martin: "I mean, we go into this every time."
Mom: "It's not every time."
Martin: "No, honey. Think back. Think back. Think back."
Mom: "I was fine the last time. I'm usually fine. I'm fine with your work. Can I just tell you something?"
Martin: "Of course you can."
Mom: "I'm scared, honey."
Martin: "Shh, shh.."

Martin visits his son at his bed.

Hal: "Is everything okay?"
Martin: "Oh, you know how Mom gets before a test flight."
Hal: "But you're not scared, are you, Dad?"
Martin: "Let's just say it's my job not to be. Good night, son."

The next morning, Hal is being woken up by planes flying lowly over the house. He grabs his breakfast and runs to the air field.

Mom: "Hal, you're gonna be late."
Hal: "Good morning, Mom. Gotta go."

Hal meets his dad during the last preparations. He also sees Carl Ferris, whose daughter Carol is on the air field as well.

Hal: "You think she'll break mach 3?"
Martin: "We'll find out soon enough. Hey, shouldn't you be in school?"
Hal: "Mr. Ferris raised the rear stabilizer."
Martin: "Yes, he did."
Ingenieur: "The yaw rate gyros are calibrated, but the pitch is off 2 degrees."
Martin: "I can live with that. How about the INS?"
Ingenieur: "Good to go."
Martin: "Okay."
Carl: "Be sure to check the ignition sequences."
Martin: "No problem. We did, Carl, twice."
Carl: "Right. And, uh, the gyros? Did we do the gyro calibrations?"
Martin: "Hey, Carl. Maybe Hal would like to join Carol up in your office. The two of them can watch together."
Carl: "Come on, young man. Let's go find Carol."
Martin: "Hal. Keep it warm for me."

Carol waits for Hal in Carl's office. Hector Hammond is there as well and talks to her when his father, the senator, enters and greets Hal like his own son.

Hector: "Hi."
Carol: "Oh, hey, Hector."
Hector: "Hey. So, um, I have this book. It's about the possibility of life on other planets."
Carol: "Cool."
Hector: "Well, it almost has to exist, but ..."
Carol: "Hal!"
Hal: "Hey Carol. Hector. You still wanna trade Hot Wheels?"
Hector: "Sure."
Bob Hammond: "Well, look who's here. Our future test pilot. Jacket suits you, son."
Hector: "Hi, Dad."
Bob Hammond: "Hey. I keep telling Hector, books are fun, but every once in a while it's not such a bad idea to get out in the world, right, Hal?"
Carl: "Hey, Bob."
Bob Hammond: "The man of the hour. Nothing like a first flight to get the blood boiling, eh, Carl?"
Carol: "Dad, can we watch from down in the field?"
Carl: "Sure."
Hal: "Yes!"
Carl: "You kids be careful. Stay with the engineers."
Bob Hammond: "Come on, son. See it up close."
Hector: "That's okay, Dad. I'll be fine."

When Martin checks with the tower, Carol and Hal approach in order not to miss the start. There is an accident and the plane starts burning shortly after take-off. Martin cannot get the plane under control, almost flies into the tower and then crashes. Hal has to watch as his dad dies in the debris of the test plane.

Martin: "Ferris Tower, Sabre One, ready for take-off. Request unrestricted climb, flight level 450."
Hal: "Yes! Yes!"
Tower: "Sabre One, unrestricted clim approved. On passing 10.000 feet, contact Ferris Departure. You're cleared for take-off. Good luck, Sabre."

Alternative Text Overlay
The overlay was changed for continuity reasons.
No difference in time

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Hal, who has just survived the crash of his plane, talks to his brother Jack. The Theatrical Version lacks the shot of their mother.
2 sec.

His mother, who overheard the conversation, sadly turns away.
5 sec.

Hal, who almost was too later for his birthday because of problems with the new F-35, talks longer to the little Jason.
1 min. und 26 sec.

Hal: "You know, I used to know this kid. Was a funny-looking bastard. One day, he's standing on the mound, and throws a perfect game."
Jason: "That... That was me."
Hal: "That was you? Thought you looked familiar. You where totally in the zone that day. Remember?"
Jason: "I still dream about it."
Hal: "I bet. Take it. Close your eyes. Go on. Now, can you remember exactly how you felt that day? That's how I feel when I'm flying. Like that plane is a part of me. No, it's like, no matter how bad things get there's something good out there just over the horizon."
Jason: "I could really feel it."
Hal: "Yeah. Me too."