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  • German / Italian Version
  • International Version
Release: Sep 07, 2011 - Author: Fitzcarraldo - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German / Italian Version and the International Version, both represented by the German DVD from AL!VE/cmv Laservision (FSK 16).

The longer alternate version on the DVD equals the international version, available on the US DVD by Synapse Films for instance. The older VCI DVD presumably contains the shorter version which was released in Italy as well. Like the German DVD, the Italian DVD also contains both versions.

Director René Cardona Jr. created with Cyclone (1978) one of many B-movies in the disaster movie genre of the '70s. Although lots of more or less well-known actors are on board (Lionel Stander, who played Max the butler in Hart to Hart, Olga Karlatos and Stefania D'Amariodie, who was also in Lucio Fulci's zombie classic Island of the Living Dead aka Zombi 2), the movie needs getting used to. One need to have passion for trashy entertainment and unintentionally funny dialogs to enjoy that exploitation flick. But then again it has a consistent atmosphere and can be considered suspenseful. Besides the original version, there's also a longer alternate version which contains extended plot scenes plus some more violence, despite the equal rating. The longer version focusses more on the cannibalism topic.
It repeatedly happens that the order of single frames or entire scenes has been changed in either of the versions. Due to the irrelevance of this aspect with regard to the running time because the scenes are still congruent, these alterations are not going to be mentioned to avoid complexity in the comparison. The reason for the difference in running time apart from the length of the cut footage has to do with the speed (fps) of either of the versions. The time index refers to the longer alternate version.

Running time Original Version: 1:37:58
Running time Alternate Version: 1:53:47
There are 17 differences with a length of 665 seconds / 11.08 minutes.
Comparison of the images
The image of the alternate version isn't as green-tinged as the image of the original version. Furthermore the colors are brighter plus acuity and brilliance have been improved.
Here are comparison between the original version (on the left) and the alternate version (on the right).

Different credits
The opening credits are different. The credits of the shorter version are in Italian but the credits of the alternate version are in English.
(no difference)

Moreover the order of the single credits is different. The movie title Cyclone for instance is being displayed at 00:58 in the original version but not before 02:37 in the alternate version.
(no difference)

The alternate version lacks the information about time and place.
(no difference)

The scene on the boat during the storm is different. One of the passengers attaches the ropes on the bow and moves hand over hand to the back while another one is throwing up. The following conversation with the Captain about the critical situation is also slightly longer.
53 sec

Shot of the Captain during the storm.
1 sec

Missing close-up of the warning light in the cockpit of the plane.
8 sec

Parts of the crew can save themselves on a rescue vessel. The Captain lets a crewmember's body down to the water.
Captain: "My God. Another one is dead. Everything is lost – everything. Thousands of dollars at the bottom of the sea. Thousands of dollars at the bottom of the sea. Thousands of dollars."
18 sec

A young woman fights the storm.
4 sec

The passengers get sth. to drink.
Boy: "Daddy, I'm thirsty."
The father stands up and gets her sth. to drink. To do that, he has to pass by others passengers: "Excuse me."
Another passenger wakes up: "Good morning. Good morning everyone. Beautiful morning."
45 sec

Alternate shot
The original version contains a close-up of the navel vessel in profile, the alternate version a distance shot from the front.
(no difference)

Alternate shot
Different angles of the recon aircraft.
(no difference)

A group of islanders talks about the dramatic impact the tornado has while looking at the destroyed ship.
35 sec

Alternate footage
The shark attacks are more detailed and bloody which is emphasized by the more colorful images of the alternate version.
(no difference)

Te government official puts a memo at the bulletin board. Then he goes outside for a smoke. The original version is back on the field when he offers a smoke to his associate.
16 sec

Pan shot of the passengers, most of them are sleeping.
107 sec

When one of the man kills the dog for the purpose of getting food, only the alternate version contains a shot of him slicing the dog's throat.
6 sec

One of the passengers gets up to give water to the wounded. While Sheila is still complaining that her dog got killed, further attenees are shocked about the dead dog as well.
56 sec

Amanda takes care of sick fellow travelers. Then they talk to the doc.
Amanda: "She got the fever, Dr. Reeves."
Dr. Reeves: "I know Amanda, I know. Time is not as critical as Carmelo."
69 sec

Destinctly extended scene after the babies were born. The men come down from the roof to congratulate.
17 sec

The baby gets passed around among the attendants.
71 sec

One of the passengers explains cannibalism could save lifes.
Passenger: "Some time ago I read something about the young men in the Andes who were forced to eat human flesh to survive."
Another passenger: "We're gonna cut a piece."
15 sec

Another day gone by gets carved in wood.
3 sec

The Captain gets on top of the roof to get a piece of flesh. Then he summons the others to help themselves. They have mixed feelings about that.
141 sec

Alternate credits
The final credits are different as well. The alternate version mentions the name of the film crew while the original version delivers background information plus movie characters. Moreover the credits start earlier in the the original version
Auch der Abspann des Films unterscheidet sich in .
(no difference)