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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Extended Edition
Release: Apr 08, 2008 - Author: Frankie - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between R-Rated on the US-DVD from Sony Pictures, and the Unrated on the other US-DVD from Sony.

Running time R-Rated: 112:59 Min. incl. ending credits
Running time Unrated: 118:31 Min. incl. ending credits

All time indexes in this cut-report are taken from the Theatrical Version and are in NTSC.
Red indexes mark scenes missing in the Unrated.

Superbad is, similar to "Knocked Up", a comedy from director Judd Apatow starring Seth Rogen in one of the leading roles. Together, they are currently forming the most successful couple on this sector. As expected, two different versions of the movie have hit the stores; the Theatrical version, which got an R-Rating in the US, as well as the obligatory Unrated version. Now, of course one is interested what the Unrated has to offer. Beside more bonus features not much.
Really scandalous extensions cannot be expected, due to the R-Rated already containing a lot of sexual references and curse-words. The most time is taken up by scene-extensions often containing not more than one or two sentences with questionable purpose. Some longer shots have been re-integrated, but do not really add up to the value either. Although the film is now about five minutes longer, the rythm and impression of the movie are not destroyed, which is a good thing.
The scene during domestic class has been extended, after Seth has been told that he could work with Jules.
The R-Rated is missing the introducing dialogue before the montage:
Seth, hesitating slightly: "Hey, Jules. Your partner didn't come today?"
Jules: "That's kind of a personal question."
Seth: "What?"
Jules: "Nothing. It's my attempt at humor. I was just..."
Seth: "Oh, like coming."
Seth, making supporting gestures: "Like 'coming' coming."
Jules: "Wow, that was a little too far right there. The gesture."
Seth: "Yeah. It's pretty far. Shit, I do that..."
Jules, laughing: "No, don't worry. I'm actually used to it. My older brother says, like, the nastiest shit. Like he called me 'hymen' until I was 12."
Seth: "That's sick. That's not even clever."
Jules: "I know."
She laughs: "I would've gone with something at least mildly entertaining. You know, like... Like... Like 'family Jules'"
Seth: "Or like 'nuts'. Yeah, that's funny. That's a fucking funny joke. Fucking funny."
Change to a medium long shot; Seth: "I can't believe that."
Jules: "So, all right. We gotta...mix it up."
Now the montage follows in the Unrated.
55 Sec.

Due to the changeover in the Unrated two seconds of Jules pooling more materials are missing.
2 Sec.

The Unrated contains a longer version of the talk between Seth, Jules and Evan in which they talk about Evan and Seth not going to the same school next year. After the chat the Unrated continues with the cafeteria-scene.

Jules: "But you guys have, like, four more years to go so do you wanna get to work?"
Evan: "Well, we got into different schools, so..."
Jules: "So you're cutting the cord? What's gonna happen?"
Seth: "Nothing. Jeez, what does everybody think is gonna happen? The world's gonna explode if we don't spend every second together?"
Evan: "I mean, we're not dependent on each other, you know. We met when we were 8. We were fine before then. I was. I mean, it's like, we don't do everything together. "
Seth: "No. All right, I gotta take a piss. My dick's not gonna shake itself. Come on, babe."
Evan, a little clumsy: "He's a crack-up."
Jules: "I'm just gonna go."
33 Sec.

Due to the changeover a short shot is missing and Seth's: "Not a big thing" has been cut.
3 Sec.

The making of the battle plan on the sports field contains a little extra dialogue as well.

[Even: "She doesn't want your dick."]
Seth: "Of course I thought of that. The first thing that came to my mind. Listen."
"Flashback" into the class.
Jules: "My older brother always says the nastiest shit. Like he called me 'hymen' until I was 12. Seth, I wanna blow you."
Evan: "She didn't say that. Come on."
Seth: "She didn't say the second part, the first..."

After that both versions are even again.
16 Sec.

More dialogue again:

Seth: "I'm flexing nuts. Just fucking come with me on this voyage and stop being a pussy for once and we can fucking fuck some girls already."
8 Sec.

Again, a bit more dialogue; this time during handicrafts class.

Seth: "What are you making?"
Close-up of the driller, Evan from the Off: "I'm just drilling holes. The last two weeks. Fuck it."
8 Sec.

More dialogue in front of the liquor store. While Fogell has to buy the liquor, Seth and Evan continue to talk about the lubricant.

Evan: "Don't make me feel like that. I thought it was cool. This is a nice kind."
Seth: "Let me see that for a second."
Evan: "An impressive kind."
Seth: "It is kind of cool." He throws the tube onto the parking lot.
Evan: "That's cool."
Seth: "Fucking dumbass. Lube?"
Evan: "That's funny."
Seth: "You brought lube?"
Evan: "You owe me six bucks because I'm not walking over to get it and it exploded."
Cut to Fogell in the store; both versions are running synchronous again.
15 Sec.

The scene of the two cops interrogating Mindy is longer as well.

Mindy: "No, you don't. No. That's not what I said. Is that what you heard me say? I said he looked like you. Do you look like an African Jew?"
Michaels: "No, I look like a cop."
Slater: "Yeah."
Mindy: "He was Caucasian."
Michaels: "Caucasian?"
Slater: "Ah, all right."
Michaels: "Okay."
Slater: "Well touché."
Mindy: "Kind of looked like Eminem. Does that help you?"
Michaels and Slater: "An M&M."
Slater: "So he was circular...?"
Mindy: "Marshall Mathers, Eminem? The rapper, Eminem."
Michaels shows her a sketch of an M&M: "Did he look like this? I'm an amateur. I kind of..."
Slater: "That looks like an M&M."
Michaels: "Longer face? Bigger nose? Would you say his mouth was wider? Open? A gap?"
Mindy: "Is there another squad car in the area that could be of further assistance? I don't seem to be getting any."
Slater: "Okay, so just walk me through again what this guy did. He.. He.. He came in, he's wielding... He's wielding something. He hits the small gentleman in the slacks. And then he jumps over you, he feels you up, violates you."
Mindy. "I did not say that."
Slater: "No, he doesn't."
Both versions synchronize again.
59 Sec.

After Seth got hit by a car, the dialogue between him and the driver is longer.

Driver: "Because I'll do anything. Please, okay? Anything. Like, literally fucking anything. Name anything. Name it. Name it. All right, look. Hey, man. All right. Listen, you can trust me, okay?"
14 Sec.

After Seth tries to blackmail the driver and takes his money, the actual handing over is different in both versions

In the R-Rated the driver says: "Just take it. Just take it. Okay?"
In the Unrated: "We're working together. It's like Let's Make a Deal. Here we go."
No time difference

Similar situation:

Seth in the R-Rated: "Seven dollars?"
Seth in the Unrated: "Seven bucks?"
No time difference

The following dialogues between Seth, Evan and the driver have been changed in both versions.


Seth: "What the fuck? This isn't enough. What are you, 6 years old?"
Driver: "It's all I have, man. It's all I have."
Seth: "You better think of something quickly. My back! My back. Cops, my back."
Driver: "No, no, no. Wait, don't do that. You want booze? I can get you alcohol, okay? Bro, I'm on my way to a party right now, okay? There's, like, tons of liquor there, all right? And I can definitely get you, like, tons of liquor, like so much liquor, so..."
Evan: "Give me one sec to talk to him."
Seth: "Stay right here."
Driver: "Just talk it out. Hey, I'm a nice guy."
Evan: "I don't like this idea. This guy's fucking creepy, man. Look at him."
Seth: "What? He looks like a guy. That's what guys look like. What is your problem?"
Driver: "You guys know a guy named Jimmy? You totally look like his brother. You totally look like his brother, man. You do."
Seth: "You promised Becca you'd get her alcohol. If you don't she's gonna have a shitty night. That's all I'm saying. Come on."

Now for the same scene in the Unrated:

Seth: "Are you fucking serious? This isn't enough. What are you, a 6-year-old?"
Driver: "It's all I have, man. It's all I have."
Seth: "You better think of something quickly. My back! My back. Cops, my back."
Driver: "No, no, no. Wait, don't do that. All right, listen. I can get you alcohol. I'm going over to this party right now, bro. Okay? It's got booze, it's got girls. Booze and girl equals... I don't know. Do you? I don't know. Do you? I think you do. Do you?"
Seth: "Yes. That's a definite yes."
Driver: "Definite yes then."
Evan: "Give me one sec to talk to him."
Seth: "Stay right here."
Driver: "Yeah, yeah. Do what you gotta do. Mix it over. I'll be over by the car. Just talk it out. Hey, I'm a nice guy."
Seth: "Come on, it's great."
Evan: "What are you thinking? What are you doing?"
Seth: "What? I lost Jules' money. Fogell's dead to us now we don't have any choice. Let's go."
Evan: "I don't like this idea. This guy's fucking creepy, man. Look at him."
Seth: "What? He looks like a guy. That's what guys look like. What is your problem?"
Driver: "You guys know a guy named Jimmy? You totally look like his brother. You totally look like his brother, man. You do."
Seth: "You promised Becca you'd get her alcohol. If you don't she's gonna have a shitty night. That's all I'm saying. Come on."
Driver: "We bingo, bango, ready to go, go?"

On the whole, the scene is longer in the Unrated:
The pictures are taken only from the Unrated.
13 Sec.

More dialogue about the problem with the semen on the scene of the crime during the ride in the police car:

Michaels: "I often go to sleep and dream of waking up in a world where everything's covered in semen."
Slater: "I mean, who doesn't?"
7 Sec.

A few more impressions of the party before the clique raises glasses in the kitchen.
Seth, to a couple coming out of the kitchen: "Hey, where the party at? Right."
Cut to the kitchen. Drinks are poured into glasses. Guest 1: "You got those shots, bro?"
Guy pouring drinks: "It's coming."
Cut to Seth stalking his prey.
Back into the kitchen: "Come on, let's party."
9 Sec.


The changeover is different in the R-Rated due to the continuity. First Seth and Evan are standing in the door, then the paty people from the kitchen.
1 Sek.

The driver gets caught while phoning.

Mark: "What do you think you're doing?"
Driver: "Hang up. Nothing. What... What... What's wrong, Mark?"
4 Sec.

Same procedure as every difference: The argument between mark and the driver is longer in the Unrated.

Driver from the Off, while other guests are shown, who are watching the argument: "No. I mean, yes. But I mean I'll... Come on, man, just relax. Mark, please."
The argument does not show Mark putting the phone receiver away. Instead, Seth and Evan are shown.
5 Sec.

Minor changes and extensions. When Seth comes back from the basement after stealing the beer and washing his pants, the changeover is different in both versions.
A dialogue between two party guests is missing in the R-Rated.

Guest 1: "There's a lot of reasons why I like you. I mean, you're handsome and you're a good friend.
Guest 2, as he sees Seth: "Dude, there he is. That's the guy. Hey, Mark, right there."
7 Sec.

The R-Rated contains a different comment.
The shot is shown earlier.
Guest 2, as he sees Seth: "Mark. Mark, that's him. Johnny Cash."
3 Sek.

A bit more dialogue between Seth and Mark.

Mark: "You're in my house, you answer my questions. What were you doing dancing with Jacinda?"
Seth: "I don't even dance. I just... I don't even dance ever, so... I've never even tried it."
Mark: "Then where the hell did this come from, asshole?"
Seth: "Maybe you and I rubbed up against each other at some point. I don't remember. Maybe it was some ricochet scenario. I don't know. How am I supposed to know?
Scarlett: "Kick his ass, Mark!"
Mark: "Shut the fuck up, Scarlett! Where do you get off dancing with my fiancée?"
Cut to Evan singing.
30 Sec.

The situation is solved differently in the R-Rated:

Mark: "Where do you get off dancing with my fiancée?"
Seth: "No, I wasn't dancing. I don't even dance. That's the thing. I've never tried it. So it's weird that you'd think that.
Cut to Evan.
9 Sec.

After Slater and Michaels hit Seth with their car, some more accusations are exchanged in the Unrated:

Slater: "You shined the light in my face."
Michaels: "You did too."
Slater: "I'm driving."
Michaels: "We were playing Lightsabers. Excuse me."
5 Sec.

Slater and Michaels are discussing their further tactics. In the R-Rated we just see them talking from afar:

Slater: "You gotta fucking take care of this."
Michaels: "No. Look, I am not fixing your mistakes again, okay? Fuck that shit."
Slater: "I don't wanna get shitcanned. I like this job."
Michaels: "Me too. I get free haircuts. I'm not taking the fall."
Slater: "Okay, okay! We're gonna arrest these two little dipshits, okay? And we're gonna pin it on them."
Cut to McLovin in the car.
17 Sec.

The shot from afar og Michaels and Slater is missing in the Unrated.
3 Sec.

More dialogue while shopping:

Evan: "There's not enough pants where there should be. More pants."
Seth: "Yeah, but... I mean, does it look weird?"
Evan: "Looks like you're standing funny. You wouldn't stand like that. Like a duck."
Seth: "Yeah, but I'm doing like... I'm doing the college poses like..."
Evan: "I don't know if you are. You might just be doing..."
Seth: "Hi, prof."
Evan: "Okay."
Seth: "That test was... Hey Susan. Are you gonna party tonight or no?"
Evan: "Yeah, but that's just... It's like I wish there were more pants where... You know, where there aren't."
27 Sec.

More jeans shopping dialogue.

Seth: "Making my ass look weird?"
Evan: "It makes a lot of stuff look weird. No, those are way too tight."
6 Sec.

A sentence from Evan was removed in the Unrated:
Evan: "You know, I just wish you would take these off."
2 Sek.