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original title: Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jun 01, 2012 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut, both included on the Korean Blu-Ray/DVD released by Art Service.

Just as you would expect it from the name " Extended Cut", this version of the movie is a little longer, however, does not really add anything tremendously new to the movie, nor does it alter the course of action too much. Due to the limited number of extensions the high pacing of the movie stays intact.

What is noticeable is that some violence was added to the movie due to which one might assume that some scenes had to be cut out for the theatrical release in order to receive a lower rating: The EC's rating is higher (18) than the rating of the theatrical version (15).

The Korean Blu-Ray special edition includes both versions, however, only the theatrical version is included in HD. As is often the case with Korean movie releases, the main feature includes English subtitles, however, the bonus material doesn't.

The dialogue and the names were taken from the subtitles of the Extended Cut.
Theatrical Version: 00:00:39
Extended Cut: 00:00:39

The first few title cards have a few more characters.

Theatrical Version:
Extended Cut:

Theatrical Version: 00:09:37
Extended Cut: 00:09:40

On the first night inside Kim Mu-seon's housing a conversation between Kim and Nam-yi was added. Nam yi wants to return to bury his father.

Kim Mu-seon: „You wish to go back and give your father a proper burial?“
Nam-yi: „Yes, sir.“
Kim Mu-seon: „You could get yourself killed before you get there.“
Nam-yi: „It's my duty as a son.“
Kim Mu-seon: „What will you do about your sister? Didn't he leave her in your care?“
Nam-yi: „But...He was killed unjustly...“
Kim Mu-seon: „It's late. Get some rest, child.“

Subsequently, Mu-seon goes to his rooms and Nam-yi remembers his fahter's last words.

„You're her father. Look after her to the end.“

In the process he's being watched by Kim's son.

Overall runtime of the extension: 97 sec

Theatrical Version: 00:10:21
Extended Cut: 00:12:01

Due to the scene which was just added, the father's words in Nam-yi's memory was shortened after he blanketed his sister.

Theatrical Version:
„From now on, you're her father. Look after her to the end.“

Extended Cut:
„Look after her to the end.“

After the following leap in time the Extended Cut starts slightly earlier(1 Sec.).

Theatrical Version:
18 sec
Extended Cut:
13.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 00:12:42
Extended Cut: 00:14:17

After the successful hunt both versions use different footage. In the Theatrical Version we see Nam-yi, Gang-du, and Gab-yong from a distance, while the Extended Cut shows a close-up shot.

Theatrical Version:
6.5 sec
Extended Cut:
8.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 00:38:06
Extended Cut: 00:39:43

During Lady Kim's death scene a shot of er son was cut out and some blood was edited back in.

Theatrical Version:
2.5 sec
Extended Cut:
1.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 00:40:15
Extended Cut: 00:41:51

The spear in Kim Mu-seon's body is shown from behind after it hit him.

1 sec

Theatrical Version: 00:52:22
Extended Cut: 00:53:59

Towards the beginning of the second attack a child snatched from its mother. This happens shortly before Jiusinta gets to know that somebody chases after the royal flag.

5.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:01:49
Extended Cut: 01:03:32

The course of the scenes after Nam-yi destroyed the commander's sinew is different in both versions.
In the Theatrical Version we first see the other soldier's flabbergasted look while the prisoners stand up. Then Seo-goon looks around.
In the Extended Cut the soldier was cut out and thus Seo-goon immediately turns his head.

Theatrical Version:
22 sec
Extended Cut:
14.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:03:00
Extended Cut: 01:04:36

During the jailbreak, both versions are slightly different from each other.

Theatrical Version:
2.5 sec
Extended Cut:
3.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:03:52
Extended Cut: 01:05:29

The scene where the crowd cheers at the end of the successful resistance starts slightly earlier.

2 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:24:06
Extended Cut: 01:25:44

Gang-du's death was slightly re-edited and extended. In the longer version you now see the arrow hitting him. He falls to the side.

Theatrical Version:
3 sec
Extended Cut:
8.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:26:00
Extended Cut: 01:27:43

Gap-yong's decapitation by Jiusinta was slightly extended and thus is a little more explicit.

Theatrical Version:
0.5 sec
Extended Cut:
1.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:26:01
Extended Cut: 01:27:46

Subsequent to the hit, the shot of Jiusinta's sword is different in both versions.

Theatrical Version:
1 sec
Extended Cut:
1 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:26:05
Extended Cut: 01:27:50

Before Jiusinta and his cousin walk on, we can see Gap-yong's decapitated head.

1 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:36:27
Extended Cut: 01:38:13

The pursuit of Nam-yi was slightly extended.

4 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:36:32
Extended Cut: 01:38:22

Mandschu's group walks around a corner and suddenly faces Nam-yi. Jiusinta and Nam-yi stare at each other.

Nogami lays his sword down and sneaks up at Nam-yi from the side while the rest of the group slowly advances.

Before Nogami is able to fire a shot, Nam-Yi flees and the pursuit continues.

Overall runtime of the extension: 47 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:40:22
Extended Cut: 01:42:59

After the tiger's death follows an entirely new scene where Ja-in and Seo-goon try to cross the river.
On the other side of the river they face an official and his guards.

Official: „Who wishes to cross this border?“
Seo-goon: „We're from Joseon.“
Official: „Did you escape from Qing Manchuria?“
Seo-goon: „That's right.“
Official: „Turn back.“

The guards make a step towards the boat and Seo-goon asks what this is all about.

Seo-goon: „Why are you doing this?“
Official: „Once you cross over you're no longer our people.“
Ja-in: „What are we, then?“
Official: „Don't you know?“
Ja-in: „I don't.“
Official: „You're Qing's slaves. That's the law.“
Seo-goon: „What if we cross anyhow?“
Official: „You'll be sent back to Qing.“
Seo-goon: „The law can't do that. A country cannot abandon it's people like that.“

The official doesn't seem tot be impressed by Seo-goon's last words and tells the guards to arrest the strangers. The soldiers draw closer to them again. Seo grabs one of their swords and strikes it at a guard. He warns the soldiers not to touch his wife.

Official: „Arrest them.“
Seo-Goon: „Stop.If you touch so much as a hair on this woman, I shall have your heads.“

The official doesn't care and again tells his guards to arrest them.
Seo-goon attacks his enemies and is able to disarm the official, however, before a real fight breaks out, Ja-in intervenes. She wants to return to see how his brother is feeling.

Official: „Arrest them.“
Ja-in: „No! Let's turn back. It's already past mid-day. Something must have happened to him.“

Seo-goon moves very slowly towards the boat with the official and addresses a warning to him.

„We barely escaped alive. A country can never turn its back on its people. Do not speak of the law.“

After he let go of the official, the soldiers want to intervene, however, their leader stops them.

„Stop there!“

The married couple go back to the side of the river they came from.

Overall runtime: 2 min 10 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:48:08
Extended Cut: 01:52:55

After Nam-yi left the raided campground we see a shot of Jiusinta who is coming closer.

24.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:54:29
Extended Cut: 01:59:42

We see a close-up shot of Nam-yi's arrow entering Jiusinta's neck.

1 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:54:32
Extended Cut: 01:59:45

Subsequently - druing the shot from the front - the position of the arrow was altered. Blood splashes out of the wound (which unfortunately can't really be seen on the images below).

Theatrical Version:
Extended Cut:

Theatrical Version: 01:57:24
Extended Cut: 02:02:38

During the following crossing of the river the journey is slightly different. In the Theatrical Versions the guards come to the riverbank, while in the Extended Cut they are already there.

Theatrical Version:
6.5 sec
Extended Cut:
5.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:57:36
Extended Cut: 02:02:48

At the end we see the official again who just issues some instructions to his subordinates. Suddenly, one of the soldiers spots the boat.

Official: „Put them on the roof to keep the fire wood dry.“
Soldier: „Yes, Master.“
Soldier: „Sir...“

The soldiers produce their swords, however, the official holds them back.

„Leave it alone.“

20 sec