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  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 18, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Edition, both taken from the UK Blu-ray by Universal.

"Monogamy simply doesn’t work" is a lesson Amy learned from her father in her childhood. All grown up, she works as an editor for the men’s magazine S'nuff, is addicted to alcohol and cannabis and has one affair after the other. When her boyfriend finds out, he leaves her. However, she does not really mind. Despite her distaste for sports, her boss tells her to write an article about the sports physician Aaron Conners, M.D. The following relationship starts off as one more thing but actually turns into love – however, can Aaron cope with Amy’s lifestyle?

"Trainwreck" ist a One-Woman-Show by Amy Schumer, who also wrote the script. The movie was directed by Judd Apatow, whose role in “Bridesmaids” is also advertised on the Box cover. What starts rather interesting develops into a tedious act for the viewers. The movie basically is a standard romantic comedy with the addition of some crude sexistic humor, which was blown up to be more than two hours long. It already takes 30 minutes before Amy and Conners even meet. However, the biggest problem is that there seems to be no chemistry between Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, the two main actors. There are some good gags (for example Amy’s friends involuntary homosexual insults in the cinema), but too much seems rather forced. Considering the amount of comedy talent which was involved in the making of this movie, this seems rather disappointing.

For the Extended Edition, the already way too long movie was further inflated. Unfortunately, the new scenes are not really interesting and mostly offer a few additional limp gags.

Running times:

Theatrical Version: 124:45 min.
Extended: 128:46 min.

Theatrical Version:

Amy falls back into her bed.


Amy wants to flee, but her one night stand stops her in the garden. He wants to meet her again and go to his aunt’s wedding together. Amy answers that there will be no relationship between them and that she will leave now. The guy seems not to have understood and is looking forward to their next meeting.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec.
Extended: 1:09 min.


The two sisters find more snow globes – of Hamburg and Auschwitz.

Extended: 11 sec.


Theatrical Version:

Amy orders two mimosas.


Amy tells the waiter that he looks like Bruce Willis, then she orders two mimosas.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec.
Extended: 14 sec.


LeBron wants to know 11 details about Aaron’s sex life. He says that the sex is wild and that they even use a safeword already. LeBron is amazed, but Aaron still misses his shot.

Extended: 59 sec.


Theatrical Version:

Aaron hands over the present.


Amy and Aaron meet Wendy and Kyle, then Kim’s son greets them in Portuguese. He says that he learned the language from Wendy’s adopted son. Wendy talks about life with her son, wo seems to be intimidating her. Then Steve leads the two outside.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec.
Extended: 1:07 min.


Theatrical Version:

Aaron can be seen, then the shot of the group starts earlier.


Aaron says that his life is rather complicated and that not everyone could marry one of the stars of Sex and the City. Matthew replies that he did exactly that, Le Bron states that this is not helpful at that moment.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec.
Extended: 25 sec.


Matthew wants Aaron having a look at his knee before he leaves.

Extended: 14 sec.