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Bad Street Brawler


Censored NES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored C64 Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Sep 11, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: DaxRider123
For Bop' N Rumble - programmed by Beam Software in 1987 - there's only one expression to describe it: politically incorrect. How else would you describe a beat'em'up game where you play a thug who wanders through the streets and beats up blind people, old women, basketball players and fat people? Nevertheless, the game is great fun and you can really enjoy all the political incorrectness.

The game was accorded with the questionable honor of being one of the two games specially designed for the "Power Glove", an NES accessory made by Mattel Electronics in form of (what else) a glove (the other game was "Super Gloveball"). The Power Glove was a commercial failure and what Mattel did to the game could almost be described as rape. The graphics (especially the colors) are awful for NES standards, the music was completely spoiled, and the game itself is too fast, making it way too challenging. The awful controls - thanks to the Power Glove - only enhance the challenge of the game. The censorship (which was a sure thing to happen) finally gives the NES version its quietus.

Comparison between the original C64 version and the censored NES Version which was re-titled to "Bad Street Brawler".

C64 VersionNES Version

Altered Enemies

Most of the enemies from the original game were changed in their appearance to take away all the political incorrectness. This makes up for some weird effects in the NES version (one enemy swings an iron orb on a chain around so fast that he uses it as an improvised helicopter - in the original version it was a handbag).

The Blind Man
The first enemy you run into in the C64 version is a blind pensioner (so actually there are breaches of taboo if you beat him up). These quirky old men try to hit you with their razor-sharp blindman's sticks. On the NES version you instead see a regular thug carrying a machete and wearing black trousers and a tank top.

C64 VersionNES Version

The Old Lady
Next there's the old lady. She's pretty aggressive and throws her purse at you (which obviously is filled with plummet). On the NES version we now have - you're gonna love this - a runtish Italian with a thick mustache wearing circus-costume. As a weapon he swings around an iron ball on a chain! Seriously, who comes up with something like this?!

The Basketball Player
The basketball player still is a basketball player, however, you no longer beat up a black guy but instead a white man who apparently seems to be a more acceptable target.

The Bomb
Even the bomb (which is dropped every now and then by a runtish drug dealer) was altered: On the C64 there's a skull on the bomb. On the NES it's just plain black.