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Dark Sector


Censored Version
Rating: MA15+
Region: Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: Aug 14, 2013 - Author: The Hitman - Translator: Tony Montana
Hayden Tenno really seems to be jinxed. After his last assignment, he announces his retirement and what happens next? He gets infected with a virus that slowly mutates into a monster. The virus focusses on his right arm which has developed some kind of boomerang. In the game, it's called "Glaive". Forsaken by his employers, Hayden begins to search for the people who did that to him...

Originally, Dark Sector was supposed to be a quasi sequel of the popular Unreal Tournaments with its release in 2001. But somehow, it came to nothing. In 2004, a gameplay video which takes place in space was released. But in 2006, anything looked different. The game looked less futuristic now and presented infected Hayden to the audience. In 2008, the game was finally released for next generation gaming consoles. And in 2009, it was released for computers as well.

In Germany, Dark Sector didn't have it easy. The Uncensored Version was banned 2 months after its release. The publisher refused to release it in Germany, not even a censored version. In 2009, Atari got hold of the rights and they finally released a censored version of Dark Sector. It turns out that the Australian appears to be the very same censored version the Germans got which is why the following is legit for both the German and the Australian Version.

Compared are the Censored German Version (= Australian Version) and the Uncensored US Version


In the Censored Version, it's not possible to sever arms or legs with the glaive.
Screenshots for the Uncensored Version only

When an arm has been severed, blood is leaking out of the wound until the hostile drops.

When a leg has been severed, the hostile jumps up and down for some time until he finally drops to the back. Subsequently, he struggles while lying on the ground. In the process, he holds his blood-leaking stump.

With the power shot of the glaive, beheadings are possible. The Censored Version doesn't allow that.

Finishing Moves

In total, the Censored Version lacks 3 finishing moves.

Hayden lunges out and rams the glaive into the creature's belly. Then he pulls it to the top. In the end, the mutants loses his head (pun intended).
Screenshots for the Uncensored Version only

At first, Hayden breaks the arm. Then he severs it with the glaive. This finishing move can be used on undeads with same result.
Screenshots for the Uncensored Version only

Armed Undead
The hostile loses his arm and the weapon (usually a pipe) of the undead ends up with Hayden. He linges out and hits the hostile in the face with it.
Screenshots for the Uncensored Version only

Finishing Moves for the Undead in the Censored Version
The following finishing move is exclusively in the Censored Version.
Hayden positions the glaive at the hostile's neck. Then Hayden pushes him into it, the head gets severed, finishing move completed.
Screenshots for the Censored Version only


Barrels that get hit or the blast of exploding granades splits a hostile's body in two parts. When someone gets split into two parts with the glaive, the result is the same.
Screenshots for the Uncensored Version only


After loading it up at a fire pit, hostile can be set on fire with the glaive. Their carbonized bodies remain lying on the ground.
Although this is possible in the Censored Version, there's no actually result visible.
Screenshots for the Uncensored Version only

Cutscene Chapter 2

After Hayden called for help on the radio, he gets "interrupted" by one of the soldiers. He gets killed with the glaive in a very bloody way. A second soldier gets know more about the glaive which means he can kiss his head goodbye.
The sequence is almost the same in the Censored Version. Except for the fact that the soldier's head stays attached to his neck-
Uncensored VersionCensored Version