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Ultima VIII - Pagan


US CD Version
Region: USA

US Floppy Version
Region: USA

Release: Oct 05, 2015 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Mr Miau
Ultima VIII - Pagan is - directly after Ultima IX - the probably most controversial part of the series. This part broke with a lot of Ultima's traditions and was even sometimes called "Super Avatar Bros." because of its annoying Jump'n'Run sequences. The actually pretty solid story is suffering because of the untypical game system.

The avatar has been taken prisoner by the guardian and was banned to the world pagan. As the guardian even says himself, nobody in that world knows him. Pagan is controlled by the guardians four servants, the titans of the elements and all in all a pretty dark place. Can the avatar manage to leave Pagan and get back to Britannia.

Comparison between the US Floppy Disk Version and the US CD Version.

Removed Pentagran on the Box Cover

In order to understand this, you have to know the context.

When Ultima VIII was released in 1994 on Floppy Disk, a religious group sued the publishers because of the many pentagrams and other religious symbols in the game because they thought it to be Satanism. The group did not win, but Origin got pretty nervous and added some linges in the manual, in which it condems Satanism.

This info helps to understand the following.

When Origin wanted to release Ultima VIII in 1995 on CD ROM, Origin of course still remembered the problems they had and decided to censor their box cover, which had shown a big pentagram with flamaes. This pentagram was removed, leaving only the flames.
Floppy Disk VersionCD Version

By the way, all other pentagrams in the game were not changed, which makes this one censoring seem rather questionable.